Celebrate the holidays with a Rattling Chains giveaway

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and that the holidays are treating everybody well.

And despite the Rattling Chains staff being on vacation this week and giving the site a break, something needed to be done…

giveaway… such as a major giveaway!

Since before we officially launched this blog, we’ve had many people donate stuff to be used for giveaways. Therefore, the pile is growing. With that in mind, I thought it would be good to make some packages up and have a giveaway where we’d give more than one thing away.

There are three groups of items we are going to be giving away. For each, there are specific things you need to do. If you don’t do exactly what is required, your entry will not count without notification. Any entries that require you to post comments below need to be separate. In other words, if you are entering two of the contests and they each require a comment, you need to comment twice and do it as required.

So make sure you read this fully before just entering or your entry might not count!

Also, though you can (and I would encourage you to do so) enter each contest, you can win only one. It would be smart to enter each, though, giving yourself better odds to win something!

Read on to see what you have to do to enter each contest.

The Signature Giveaway

Autographs are collectibles that go over many sports or other things in life. From actors to politicians to professional athletes and more, autographs have been collected for many years.

Yes, you can win all of this!

Yes, you can win all of this!

The same can be said for signature discs. Some of them are worth some serious coin, it seems.

This set is quite loaded with goodies. The discs are either signed or a signature edition of sorts.

This group of items includes:

  • Innova Champion Super Stingray (176) signed by Ricky Wysocki
  • Signature edition Ken Climo (12X world champion) Star Wraith (170) — lightly used (only thrown a handful of times)
  • Avery Jenkins signed 2010 Allen and Ginter  sportscard
  • Rattling Chains mini signed by Eric McCabe
  • Ugly Donnie mini — signature edition Zing mini of Donnie Brooks, one of the founding members of the Mini Disc Golf Federation
  • A new Rattling Chains mini and a Rattling Chains waterproof scorecard

Rules for entry: You can gain two entries for this one. The first is to post a response on this post and tell us a story about an autograph you have gotten/received or one you want to try and get. This doesn’t have to be just disc golf — it can be any autograph. At the top of the response, you MUST put “Signature Giveaway” so we know which it is for etc.

For a second entry, you must have already left a comment. If you did, go to our Facebook page where there will be a topic with “Signature Giveaway” as the response. In there, post a photo to your favorite autograph — one YOU PERSONALLY OWN. Do not point to an autograph you want, rather one you already have.

The Vibram Package

Vibram has been a friend to Rattling Chains since its inception and Steve Dodge has graciously given us items to give away. So, we’re going to be giving away a really nice package here.

Look at all these awesome Vibram items!

Look at all these awesome Vibram items!

The items are:

  • Vibram VP (177)
  • Vibram footprint mini
  • Vibram keychain
  • Vibram A4 DriFit shirt (XL)
  • A new Rattling Chains mini and a Rattling Chains waterproof scorecard

Rules for entry: Steve Dodge is one of the best minds in disc golf and always is thinking of ways to give back and improve the sport at all levels.

With that in mind, we want to know the best thing you’ve ever done to give back to the sport. I’d be willing to bet everybody has done something. Maybe it’s returning a cherished disc to somebody. Or organizing a tournament. A fundraiser. Bringing discs to the less fortunate. Teaching the game. Running a league. Cleaning a course. Building a course. SO many things can work for this giveaway.

So, below, in the comments, tell us about the best thing(s) you’ve ever done to help improve disc golf or spread the world. At the top of the post make sure to write the “Vibram Package.”

You want a second entry? Sure, why not? You must have already posted in the comments. Then, go to Facebook and find the “Vibram Package” thread and post a photo showing what you did as a good deed.

The Social Media Package

There’s always a lot of extra things bouncing around, so of course we need the potpourri package and we’ll give this one away socially!

These are some awesome items in this package, too!

These are some awesome items in this package, too!

This group of disc golf items has a bunch of different things we’ve picked up over the year or so of working on getting this blog going.

This is also the social media giveaway as both entries are based on social media.

The items in this group are:

  • Hyzer Flip t-shirt (XL)
  • Nite Ize FlashFlight mini
  • Nite Ize Spot Lit
  • Innova X-Out Star Roadrunner (171)
  • A new Rattling Chains mini and a Rattling Chains waterproof scorecard

Rules for entry: You can get two entries for this contest — the first is to tweet the following item. For your entry to count, it must be copied and pasted and re-tweeted exactly as it’s written. That will help us keep track of all the entries.

@RattlingChains is having a massive holiday giveaway. Check it out and enter to win a bunch of great things! https://rattlingchains.com/?p=2524 #discgolf

For your second entry, head over to Facebook. First, make sure you like the page (so we can track everything). Once there, find the post linking to this contest page. When you find it, like the post (one entry), leave a comment (another entry) and share it (a third entry).

You read correctly — if you do everything in this, you will receive FOUR entries to this contest!

Fine print

The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. (EST) Dec. 31, 2012. The winners will be announced Jan. 1, 2013. Winners will need to send an address via e-mail to claim their prize. A package with delivery confirmation (for those in the U.S.) will be sent out shortly after you get me the info needed to send things out.

Staff members of Rattling Chains are not eligible to win.


If you have any other questions, please contact us via the e-mail below.

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


73 thoughts on “Celebrate the holidays with a Rattling Chains giveaway

  1. Vibram Package:

    I would say just returning disc’s that I have found on courses to people who they belong to. Calling a number on a disc is an easy way to make someones day brighter.


  2. I’ve mentioned this before but I got to meet a lot of pros at the G&L Challenge in Des Moines this year. It was a great tournament, and I think my favorite part was getting to meet Avery Jenkins. This is a guy whose career I had followed since I first started disc golfing in 2006. This super-human who had a Howitzer for an arm, and had recently been the star in the Deep In The Game series of videos. I knew he was going to be there because I followed him on Twitter. I woke up the morning of the tournament and drove two and a half hours to get there just to watch the top names compete, but my main focus was getting an autograph. We pulled into the parking lot of the first course for the Open flight. I had never been to anything larger than a C-Tier before that day, so I tried to play it cool when I saw Paul and Catrina, McBeth, Wysocki, Sprague, Olsen all walking around and warming up. I spotted Lars at the LSDiscs mobile store and made a bee-line for it as my buddies stopped to talk to Justin Bunnell. We played a couple warm up holes with Bunnell after I spent half of my walking cash at the store, and ended up following his card for the first round. He shot lights out that round and ended up on the lead card going to the second park. After the round I kinda hovered between LSDiscs and Big Blue (Doss and Val’s van) I had to get a signature from Avery. It’s what I came here to do! I bought a Star Destroyer from Lars and set out to accomplish my mission. Avery was hanging out in the massive van talking to Doss and I walked up cautiously. I didn’t want to disturb him or bother him! He greeted me, “Sup G?” I forgot words… nothing clever to say, no conversation starter… I held up my discs and a sharpie and reached deep into my vocabulary to come up with “heeey Avery… can I get an autograph?” I’m a grown-ass man asking another man for his autograph, lets try not to make this awkward!! He was more than happy to oblidge and signed my disc and chatted me up. I can’t remember what I said, nothing clever came out of my mouth. I passed my disc to Val and she was happy to sign it too, and Doss signed my Titanium Buzzz. Second round we continued to follow Bunnell as my buddy was caddying for him, and Avery, Wysocki, and Tanner Duncan were also on that card. What an great round to watch! It was an amazing day, even though I don’t think I threw more than a couple practice shots. When all was said and done we were gathered around the back of my subaru and Avery came over chatted with us a little bit before we took off. So that’s my favorite autograph I have personally collected.


  3. Vibram Package — I waded into the cool, murky waters of a swamp to retrieve a hole marker some vandals had tossed in at my most frequented local course.


  4. Signature Giveaway — I’m somewhat of an autograph nerd, but by far my most memorable experience was meeting Joel Hodgson, creator and original host of “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” back in November in Minneapolis. I had him sign my “Gamera” mini-poster. What an awesome experience!


  5. “Signature Giveaway”
    I dont have any discs signed yet but did get a autograph of my fav. pitcher before he left the team. mark buehrle when he was still with the white sox.


  6. Signature Giveaway……I met one of the Frisbee Worlds well know, Historic players many years ago. He shares the same last name as me. I acquired his autograph on a Disc golf Disc. His name is Crazy John Brooks. On the disc he wrote “Babbling Brooks'” Too funny since we were just babbling away. Fun Memory and a great Signature. Nice to see the “Ugly Donnie” up in this contest. Looking forward to bringing it home again. lol


  7. Vibram Package. I usually do not boast about the good things done. I feel that it messes with the Karma of doing good. But since it is a requirement I will throw a couple out there. I have spawned the sport of Mini Disc Golf and have personally promoted it in many countries. Japan, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, and the UK to name a few. I have literally given away hundreds of discs in Costa Rica alone. I have brought the sport (with the help of the MDGF members) to the World Stage. Also we have done many charitable events to benefit local food banks, families in our area,and area Disc Golf Courses. Enough said. 😉


  8. Signature Giveaway

    I live somewhat close to Brent Hambrick in Columbus, Ohio and I plan to get Will Schusterick and Paige Pierce’s autographs in 2013.


  9. “Signature Giveaway”
    I have never had the urge to stand in long lines, fight crowds, or invade a celebrity’s privacy for an autograph. I do however own an autographed disc, given to me as a gift from a friend, Hall of Famer Gregg Hosfeld, who possesses an extensive list of titles and accomplishments in disc golf and in the world of disc sports.

    I am proud to have been involved with Gregg on the installation of 2 disc golf courses, and several instructional clinics in the state of Florida, and proud to have his autographed “One Grand Disc Golf Tour Disc” as my “one and only” autographed anything.



    I’m a huge Tom Clancy fan, as is my brother. Years ago, when “Red Rabbit” was published, Tom Clancy went on a publicity tour. I waited in line for hours to get a few books signed. That was pretty neat, but the real thrill was giving one of those books to my brother: imagine his surprise in receiving the new hardback for his birthday, and then seeing the look on his face when he turned to the title page!

    I have another story about trying to get Henry Rollins’ autograph, but that one did not end well. 😉



    I’ve done a few things to help disc golf grow, although they are rather simple (I guess that means anyone can do them). I placed a sign-up sheet in the break room at work (approx. 80 employees at the time) to generate interest in a disc golf group. I targeted those with experience, those with general interest, and those who may have never eveb heard of our amazing sport. During “open topic time” during a morning staff meeting, I passed around some of my discs and briefly described the sport [as I knew it] and encouraged general interest. Then I got as many people out to play as I could. There is a beginner-friendly 9-hole course four miles from work and an excellent 18-hole course eight miles away.

    On a simpler note, I have always called phone numbers on discs that I have found – no matter what. It’s so simple. No matter how cool a disc looks, no matter what I may have read about it, it belongs to someone else. If there’s a phone number or email address, I will always try to contact the owner. Once I fished a disc out of a pond with my Golden Retriever (http://www.discdiver.com/) that had a name but no contact information. Later on I realized there was a PDGA number on it, too. I contacted the membership manager at the PDGA, who was able to contact the owner on my behalf, even though he had not been an active member for a number of years. It did not take much effort on my part, but it was worth it to me.



    I LOVE THE SPORT OF DISC GOLF! As soon as I was introduced to the sport, I was instrumental in raising the funds for the 1st disc golf course in SW Florida at The Bonita Recreation Center (1997). The course is still,there and thriving with a very active club. That course became a springboard for the 2nd course in our area at the North Ft Myers Community Park.

    My next adventure was the development of a course on Ft Myers Beach @ the Bay Oaks Rec. Center. My enthusiasm for Our great sport then rubbed off on the director of a youth camp in Central Florida, Camp Kulaqua, where he had a professionally insttalled awesome 9 holer, by World Champion Disc Golf Design. I am especially proud of my next project, Indigo Disc Golf Course (another design by WCDGD). A beauty of a technical course in the Florida Everglades on The Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation.

    This year I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a beautiful, challenging course at The Estero Recreation Center in SW Florida. Here we have had the opportunity to introduce the sport to hundreds of kids in the Rec Center’s After School and Summer Camp Programs.

    Currently I am passing on my passion, and teaching the sport to my 8 year daughter. She was very excited that Santa brought her, her 1st disc golf bag and set of discs. She can’t wait to break them in this weekend! Man, I LOVE DISC GOLF!!

    All the courses mentioned above ( except Kulaqua ) can be found on Disc Golf Course Review. Be sure to check them out if your ever in SW Florida.



  13. vibram package:

    i returned some guys favorite disc that he has had for a while and had like 7 aces on in tons of different courses across the U.S. it was a champion boss that was really broken in.


  14. “Signature Giveaway”

    Long time ago, when backpacking in Australia, I got to see Ben Harper play at the Corner hotel in Melbourne. After the gig I waited near the small tourvan to get this cd single autographed by Ben. After a long long wait a roady came out with some stuff. I asked him what was goin on and if Ben was about to come out anytime soon. He told me he did not know and went back in. Few minutes later Ben walked out with a guitarcase in his hand. He came over and said, hi i am ben. Wow, we talked for a while and he did signed my cd single. He asked me if I had the album as well, and gave me one when he found out i could not afford it at the time, signed that one too.
    This is what he wrote on the sleeve,
    Dear mark,
    Thanks for coming to the show in Melbourne
    Eternal positive vibration,
    Ben harper


  15. Vibram Package

    I have returned many found discs from my local courses. I have also volunteered to help clean and work on winter layouts for local courses.


  16. “Vibram Package”

    As a discgolf pioneer in the middle of the Netherlands I am looking for ways to promote the sport so I get to play with others!
    I play for 1 year now, looking back on a succesfully hosted ace race and foreward to hosting a national tour event in februari.
    Next step will be a leage and hopefully a local club.

    I also made a disc retriever. It is basically a rake but the pole is a telescope wich slides out to 4 meters long! Made many disc golfers happy! Light weighed and easy to carry too.

    But enough about me,


  17. Signature Giveaway

    As a wedding gift, one of the guys in my party got me an signed copy of “Rum Punch” by Elmore Leonard. He signed it in somewhat of one of his character’s voices saying: “You know what you’re doing?” as it turned out I didn’t.


  18. Vibram package

    At the course i play at, theres a water trap that me and some friends have pulled over 400 discs out of, we always call and return every disc whos owner asks for the disc back. When i fond doscs that i already have or dont want, i like to try and get other people into the sport. I gave my cousin a big package of dx an beginner discs, an when playing, if i see someone with only a couple discs, i offer them one that i have with me that i dont need. I try to get people attache to the sport as best i can!


  19. Autograph story:

    While living in northern LA working for a slimy company, before I was introduced to disc golf, I was pretty freaking lonely. My now-wife had driven up from San Diego to break up with me, so I realized she was confused. She was on break from school and was having family issues, so I bought her a plane ticket home for the next day. Out of a girlfriend and out of lots of cash for the ticket, I was even lonelier. My roommate invited me out to a UCLA Bruins baseball game and I went just to have something to do. Right before leaving there was a pop fly that went behind homeplate. I caught the ball and whooped! As we were walking out, a guy said, “Nice catch.” And after walking passed him, I realized it was Luke Wilson. I asked if he’d sign the ball, which he did, and truthfully told him he is one of my favorite actors. I left the company, moved down to San Diego, and married my wife. That autographed foul ball was the turning point for me.

    Vibram Giveaway:
    In my 6 months of playing, I’ve introduced over one hundred people to disc golf. No joke! It started on my wedding day. I brought all the discs I owned to the picturesque location of my wedding and our entire wedding party and families joined in on some casual throwing games (picking a natural market and throwing to it). Fifteen minutes before the ceremony, we did the same thing for a photo op and guests took part, too. Can’t wait to throw the Summits I just got for Christmas!


  20. Signature Giveaway

    Not even a sports autograph, but a comedian. Back in high school I got two tickets to a Jim Gaffigan show for my birthday. The venue was near Chicago, so I ended up taking two trains with a buddy to see the show. It was his Sexy Tour and he was hilarious. After the show I got to meet him and I had brought the front to a Hot Pockets box. He signed it “Erik Pocket” and signed his name. It now is framed somewhere, I moved awhile ago and I’m waiting for it to turn up.

    On a side note, I’m collecting as many unique wraiths as I can. Even though I started mid summer this past year I have 5 wraiths. I have them in DX, Glow Champion, Champion, 12x Star, and echo star. I also got an ESP FLX Surge just to see how similar it was. To have a disc autographed by Ken Climo himself would be the holy grail to my collection.


  21. I always return discs at all possible. I had to track a guy down by his PDGA number one time but i got it back to him. But i think the best thing i do is that i take a trashbag with me when i play and i pickup the trash as i am playing the course.


  22. Signature Giveaway

    I had recently moved to the Twin Cities area and was thrilled to learn that around the time of the Minnesota Majestic, a local shop (Fairway Flyerz) had a “Pro Day” where they’d have several pros to talk and sign autographs. As it turns out, I was a little star-struck, so my wife collected the autographs for me.

    As my brother (who lives far away) loves disc golf, too, I was going to fill up one disc of signatures for me, and another for him. After I realized that I wouldn’t want either of us throwing our signature discs, I had to pick up another pair of discs (I’d wanted a Wraith and wanted him to try an Avenger).

    So, after gathering the signatures and sending him his pair of discs (a signed Wraith and an unsigned Avenger), I glanced at mine and laughed. I had my unsigned Wraith to throw, and I had an Avenger (a Nate Doss signature disc), signed by Ken Climo, Dave Feldberg, and Des and Jay Reading. I felt a little guilty about that, but maybe someday I can fill up a Wraith with autographs of a bunch of Discraft players…


  23. Vibram Package

    The biggest thing I’ve done to help the sport is donating $500 to the local leadership council to get a course installed in our town (we’re near the Twin Cities, but it was about a 30 minute drive to the closest course). My wife said that it had to count as my birthday and Christmas presents that year, but our names got to be on the sign at the beginning of the course!

    Of course, they misspelled my name (Phillip instead of Philip), but that happens a lot, anyway.

    Granted, this was somewhat self-serving (why wouldn’t I want a course here in town?), but it was still nice to think that we helped make it happen a little bit.



    Back in the 1980s I got an autograph of 1983 Baseball American League Rookie of the Year Ron Kittle (who?). It was a big deal because he was from my own hometown in Indiana.


  25. Signature Giveaway —
    Summer 1991.
    I had just finished a round at my home course, Gordon Bennett Park in Orlando, Florida. I’m sitting at the covered table next to the basket at 18 and Ken Climo & Nick Sartori pull in for a round. Nick opens up the back of his van and I buy a yellow DX XD with Ken’s 2 Time World Champion stamp for $5. Since Ken was standing there I get him to sign it for me, I put it in my bag and then Ken, Bob Lewis and I go play a round. That disc has never been thrown and is hanging on my wall today.

    It was the only autographed golf disc I owned until last summer and going to the 2012 World’s in Charlotte.



    One day someone’s floating disc was in the pond, just out of reach. He was trying to throw rocks so that the ripples would bring the disc to shore. I took my belt off, tied one of his shoelaces to the belt, tied a golf towel to the shoelace, and “fished” it back to shore.


    • You could have entered these contests in other ways besides Facebook. Using the Facebook option was only for extra entries. Two of the contests didn’t require anything more than sharing a story here.



    When I was eleven years old, my uncle took me to a Texas Rangers VS Kansas City Royals game. He took me several hours early so that we could catch the Royals walk from their hotel to the ballpark. (Visiting team players use to have to walk across the street from their hotel to get to the ballpark. This use to be the case back when the old stadium was still standing)

    Well, to my excitement, here comes Mr. GEORGE BRETT walking across the parking lot alone. I quickly approached him with my George Brett baseball card, sharpie in hand and timidly asked him for his autograph. At first, he just flat out ignored me. So I asked him again, “Mr. Brett, can I have your autograph please?” I will never forget that he just looked at me and said “No.”

    To this day I still remember that afternoon clearly. I have come to terms that maybe he was having a bad day, or maybe he was running late. But I will never forget almost getting his autograph.

    I got several other players autograph and I admit, it’s sad that I don’t remember who they were, but I will never forget that day with Mr. Brett.


  28. Vibram package:

    One thing I try to encourage everyone is that when we are on the course, I try to do at least one thing to help the course out. To be more specific, I will move broken branches out of the fairway, spot clean up trash that people leave behind or was blown out of the trashcans, rebuild paving stone walls if they get knocked down, things of that sort. I always try to lead by example and when my friends ask what I am doing, I then use that as an opportunity to try to get them on board with me. There must be 100’s of players that play a course everyday. If everyone just does ONE thing, think of how much better the course will look. So far I have seen good results, but I am still watching the seedling grow…


  29. “Vibram Package.”

    I first played disc golf in 2003 on a short pole-hole course my buddy set up at a Boyscout camp. He had been playing in Missoula while at grad school and realized the Boyscouts needed a discgolf program. 9 holes with permanent pins, but countless hours of entertainment. Of course, I had to find the closest course to me when I got home. I got all my Ultimate friends hooked too. And it wasn’t long when we are out there every weekend throwing plastic that was too fast for us and having a great time.

    One of these ultimate pals approached me with an awesome request. His family had a bunch of property, and it was just begging for a course. So he and I head up there and throw down a pretty little 9 hole course with pole targets. A couple of months go by, and we’re getting questions about those weird white poles popping up everywhere. So my friend buys a huge stack of x-outs on e-bay and we head up to show everyone how to have some real fun. Well, 9 holes turned into 18, and then 27. And now people I’ve never met are telling me about this great course they played out in the middle of nowhere. His family members are entering tournaments in there hometowns and having a blast. It feels really good, watching this sport grow like that. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get out to the course in a long while. I still play my local courses, but they aren’t MY course. I have dreams about hole 20, with it’s tight fairway that opens up into a long downhill fade. Or short #2 that is 100ft long upshot island that you do not want to fall off of (so many discs roll into the lake!)

    Well, I got a portable basket for christmas. And there is a really large, and fairly unused park right next to the airport out here. I’ve been checking it out on google maps, and walking around it. And I think I can fit 18 holes in there. At the very least, I can set up a temporary course with some friends. I’ve found that the best way to get new people hooked, is to have them throw putters. With my portable basket and love of the sport, I can spread the game even more. This is why I would really like the vibram package.


  30. Signature Giveaway

    I was lucky enough to win an Avery Jenkins/Brodie Smith autographed Destroyer disc in a recent RC giveaway. It now hangs on the wall above my computer for anyone (but mostly me) to see.


  31. Signature Giveaway

    About 25 years ago I was on a sales call at the home of a retired Oakland Athletic. My four sons were collecting baseball cards at the time and I had a card of this guy. The next day I called him and told him my boys collected cards and they would be thrilled to have his signature on one.

    The guy flipped out on me and proceeded to let me know how unprofessional this was and he couldn’t believe I called him at home to ask him this. I tore up the card and never spoke to him again. No – I didn’t make the sale.



  32. Vibram Package

    On December 16 of this month a fellow disc golfer from our Club lost his 9-year old daughter unexpectedly to bacterial meningitis. It happened within a 24-hour period.

    Our Club rallied to put on a Memorial DG Tournament to raise money to help out Johnny Blue. I contacted disc golf companies and resellers asking for donations for the post-tourney raffle. The response was great for all who reached out. The word spread and a few other Clubs held a last minute Tournament Dec. 24th also. Over $4500.00 was raised to help with the costs of the service and burial. I was grateful for the opportunity to reach out to my resources to help out Johnny Blue.


  33. Vibram Package

    Over the summer while playing I found worn roc on the course. It clearly had found some loving with the trees as there were nicks all over it. I flipped if over and lo and behold there was a name and number. I called the guy up and the amount of joy in his voice told me that this was clearly one of his most beloved discs. He had already left, but asked if I didn’t mind waiting for him to come back to get it. Apparently he lived on the other side of the country and if he didn’t get his disc now, he would never see it again. I told him no problem and less that a half hour later he showed up and we high fived.

    it was a good day


  34. Signature Giveaway

    Back in 2009 I volunteered for the Vibram open at Maple HIll in Massachusetts. At the end of the tourney all the volunteers were given black summits for all their efforts. I knew we were getting and disc and couldn’t resist the idea of getting some signatures on it. I brought with me a couple of silver sharpies so that I people could sign the disc. I was able to get Barry Schultz, The Readings, Paul Ulibarri and a few others. It’s one of my favorite discs and will always have a place on my wall


  35. Signature Giveaway

    I once got autographs from a number of players on the 1997 Iowa Barnstormers for my 8th birthday. My “party” was attending a home game at the stadium. I got to meet the players during warm-ups, and ride around on the field at halftime as they put my name on the video board. I must say it was a pretty exciting birthday.

    P.S. thanks for having me think back for an autograph memory. Because its possible that I have Kurt Warner’s autograph from the previously mentioned 8th bday.


  36. Vibram Package

    I have done a few things to help grow the sport. I have introduced a number of my friends to the game buy getting them a disc (or three) as a gift for birthdays or holidays. I also have a 3/3, 100% return rate on discs I’ve found with names or contact info listed, in an effort to earn what I call “DG karma”. On top of that I have also donated a number of my discs to my local course’s surrounding wooded areas.


  37. Signature Giveaway: My favorite disc golf signature that I own has to be the first one that I got which happened to be an earlier Rattling Chains giveaway where I got a signed Avery Jenkins Allen and Ginter sportscard. It has solidified is place on my mantle. I also have signed discs from Val Jenkins, Will Shoestring, and Dave Feldburg. What I really want is a Climo signature!


  38. Vibram Package:

    I have been working with the Board of Directors of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club to create youth leagues, youth clinics, and am working with the local school boards to introduce disc golf to gym classes from grades 8 and below.


  39. “Signature Giveaway”

    While in college at Iowa State, my wife took a basketball to Hilton Coliseum for the team to autograph for my birthday. Signatures on the ball include Johnny Orr (his last year coaching basketball) and then player Fred Hoiberg who went on to play in the NBA, became VP of Minnesota Timberwolves, and came back to ISU as the now current basketball coach.


  40. “Vibram Package”
    I organized a Centennial Park Cleanup (Lawrence, KS disc golf course). We named the event ‘Keep It Clean’. We collected a ton of trash, recycled what we could, and gave away t-shirts and food (which was donated) to those that helped.


  41. “Signature Giveaway”

    While in college at Iowa State, my wife took a basketball to Hilton Coliseum for the team to autograph for my birthday. Signatures on the ball include Johnny Orr (his last year coaching basketball) and then player Fred Hoiberg who went on to play in the NBA, became VP of Minnesota Timberwolves, and came back to ISU as the now current basketball coach.


  42. “Vibram Package”

    I organized a Centennial Park Cleanup (Lawrence, KS disc golf course). We collected a ton of trash, recycled what we could, and gave away t-shirts and food (which was donated) to those that helped.


  43. “Vibram Package.” I have volunteered on more than one occasion at one of my local courses for maintenance/course improvements. I have found many a disc and called the owner or turned the disc into the course pro shop. I am currently a Doubles League TD and I have even contributed to the Photo Focus on this very website, but for me, introducing others to Disc Golf has been the most rewarding. When someone approaches me on the course during a round, I always take the time to answer their questions. The people you introduce Disc Golf to today, could be the future players of tomorrow.


  44. Signature Giveaway

    My favorite signature(s) are on a Roc from the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA. I went there for the grand opening of the IDGC in 2007 – we played the Hall of Fame Classic that weekend. I now live in California, but I started playing disc golf back in the 1970’s, growing up in Florida. I had stopped playing for several years but had just gotten back to playing, and I used that trip as a reward. I reconnected with dozens of old friends, and got their signatures (with 2, 3 and 4-digit PDGA numbers) on the disc. That was one of my favorite disc golf weekends of all time.


  45. “Signature Giveaway”

    The LA Kings were playing an exhibition hockey game in San Diego. I attended the game with my wife, a friend of my wife’s from work and her young son. I had brought a couple of Wayne Gretzky hockey cards and a couple of Sharpies just in case. After the game ended, we went into the parking lot and were hanging out by the exit tunnel in front of the players bus. Eventually Wayne Gretzky made his way toward the bus and began signing autographs for some of the fans. The demand was too great and he didn’t have time to sign them all, but he certainly signed quite a few. My wife’s friends son got his autograph and I did not, even though we were standing side by side. He offered me the hockey card that Wayne Gretzky had signed since he had not brought his own with him, but I told him to keep it because I had given the card to him as a gift. It was hard to not accept the autographed card because I was such a huge Wayne Gretzky fan, but I felt it was the right thing to do.


  46. My first autographed disc was an mrv from the 1998 discraft great lakes open it was a disc joel kelly had got from the event and climo signed it while there. joel then dyed it and i bought it from him in the mid 2000s. my friend owns it now. I also buy a disc off Avery every once in awhile to support him and i have him sign them I usually give these away at event or to friends


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