Celebrate the holidays with a Rattling Chains giveaway

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and that the holidays are treating everybody well.

And despite the Rattling Chains staff being on vacation this week and giving the site a break, something needed to be done…

giveaway… such as a major giveaway!

Since before we officially launched this blog, we’ve had many people donate stuff to be used for giveaways. Therefore, the pile is growing. With that in mind, I thought it would be good to make some packages up and have a giveaway where we’d give more than one thing away.

There are three groups of items we are going to be giving away. For each, there are specific things you need to do. If you don’t do exactly what is required, your entry will not count without notification. Any entries that require you to post comments below need to be separate. In other words, if you are entering two of the contests and they each require a comment, you need to comment twice and do it as required.

So make sure you read this fully before just entering or your entry might not count!

Also, though you can (and I would encourage you to do so) enter each contest, you can win only one. It would be smart to enter each, though, giving yourself better odds to win something!

Read on to see what you have to do to enter each contest.

The Signature Giveaway

Autographs are collectibles that go over many sports or other things in life. From actors to politicians to professional athletes and more, autographs have been collected for many years.

Yes, you can win all of this!

Yes, you can win all of this!

The same can be said for signature discs. Some of them are worth some serious coin, it seems.

This set is quite loaded with goodies. The discs are either signed or a signature edition of sorts.

This group of items includes:

  • Innova Champion Super Stingray (176) signed by Ricky Wysocki
  • Signature edition Ken Climo (12X world champion) Star Wraith (170) — lightly used (only thrown a handful of times)
  • Avery Jenkins signed 2010 Allen and Ginter  sportscard
  • Rattling Chains mini signed by Eric McCabe
  • Ugly Donnie mini — signature edition Zing mini of Donnie Brooks, one of the founding members of the Mini Disc Golf Federation
  • A new Rattling Chains mini and a Rattling Chains waterproof scorecard

Rules for entry: You can gain two entries for this one. The first is to post a response on this post and tell us a story about an autograph you have gotten/received or one you want to try and get. This doesn’t have to be just disc golf — it can be any autograph. At the top of the response, you MUST put “Signature Giveaway” so we know which it is for etc.

For a second entry, you must have already left a comment. If you did, go to our Facebook page where there will be a topic with “Signature Giveaway” as the response. In there, post a photo to your favorite autograph — one YOU PERSONALLY OWN. Do not point to an autograph you want, rather one you already have.

The Vibram Package

Vibram has been a friend to Rattling Chains since its inception and Steve Dodge has graciously given us items to give away. So, we’re going to be giving away a really nice package here.

Look at all these awesome Vibram items!

Look at all these awesome Vibram items!

The items are:

  • Vibram VP (177)
  • Vibram footprint mini
  • Vibram keychain
  • Vibram A4 DriFit shirt (XL)
  • A new Rattling Chains mini and a Rattling Chains waterproof scorecard

Rules for entry: Steve Dodge is one of the best minds in disc golf and always is thinking of ways to give back and improve the sport at all levels.

With that in mind, we want to know the best thing you’ve ever done to give back to the sport. I’d be willing to bet everybody has done something. Maybe it’s returning a cherished disc to somebody. Or organizing a tournament. A fundraiser. Bringing discs to the less fortunate. Teaching the game. Running a league. Cleaning a course. Building a course. SO many things can work for this giveaway.

So, below, in the comments, tell us about the best thing(s) you’ve ever done to help improve disc golf or spread the world. At the top of the post make sure to write the “Vibram Package.”

You want a second entry? Sure, why not? You must have already posted in the comments. Then, go to Facebook and find the “Vibram Package” thread and post a photo showing what you did as a good deed.

The Social Media Package

There’s always a lot of extra things bouncing around, so of course we need the potpourri package and we’ll give this one away socially!

These are some awesome items in this package, too!

These are some awesome items in this package, too!

This group of disc golf items has a bunch of different things we’ve picked up over the year or so of working on getting this blog going.

This is also the social media giveaway as both entries are based on social media.

The items in this group are:

  • Hyzer Flip t-shirt (XL)
  • Nite Ize FlashFlight mini
  • Nite Ize Spot Lit
  • Innova X-Out Star Roadrunner (171)
  • A new Rattling Chains mini and a Rattling Chains waterproof scorecard

Rules for entry: You can get two entries for this contest — the first is to tweet the following item. For your entry to count, it must be copied and pasted and re-tweeted exactly as it’s written. That will help us keep track of all the entries.

@RattlingChains is having a massive holiday giveaway. Check it out and enter to win a bunch of great things! https://rattlingchains.com/?p=2524 #discgolf

For your second entry, head over to Facebook. First, make sure you like the page (so we can track everything). Once there, find the post linking to this contest page. When you find it, like the post (one entry), leave a comment (another entry) and share it (a third entry).

You read correctly — if you do everything in this, you will receive FOUR entries to this contest!

Fine print

The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. (EST) Dec. 31, 2012. The winners will be announced Jan. 1, 2013. Winners will need to send an address via e-mail to claim their prize. A package with delivery confirmation (for those in the U.S.) will be sent out shortly after you get me the info needed to send things out.

Staff members of Rattling Chains are not eligible to win.


If you have any other questions, please contact us via the e-mail below.

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


73 thoughts on “Celebrate the holidays with a Rattling Chains giveaway

  1. Well as far as giving back to the sport I believe making it possible and making disc golf better for more people is the first step in my community. I have started 2 organizations one for running events, promoting the sport, running leagues and course development. and the other is a 501c3 that is used to develop and maintain public courses. I also give away a lot of my discs… Wether it be to a new player that’s friend told him or let him borrow a NUKE OS cause it’s “sweet” for back hand or their friend or someone else got them to use a Archangel for flicks both with horrid results to get to the point I see these poor beginners and try to give them something that works with their throw. I also have donated over 30 discs to the Disc for Kids thing in traverse city


  2. Signature Giveaway:

    I am not much for collecting autographs, but one of the few that I have is a ticket stub signed by Larry Bird at a Pacers game. A friend had gotten us tickets 10 rows or so off the court against the Bulls, so I just yelled crap at Joakim Noah the entire game. It felt great, and I got to get Larry Legend’s sig. Fun time.


  3. Vibram package

    I bought several 3-disc golf sets and am giving them away to kids and adults (friends, co-workers, people I meet at the park who ask what kind of game I’m playing) to help grow the game that I love.


  4. Signature Giveaway

    Tony Hawk!
    1989 Tony and some of his Powell Peralta teammates came to the Vancouver area on a tour. I was 11, and it was the first ever autograph I ever got. I asked him to sign my Hawk t-shirt, which I hung onto for at least 15 years.


  5. Vibram Package

    Being newer to disc golf, I’m still figuring out new opportunities to give back and help grow the sport in my area. Most recently I was able to convince my wife to get up early on a Saturday morning in December to help with registration at my club’s annual tourney. Trust me, this was a major accomplishment, and I’ll be paying her back for months as there’s no doubt she’ll be milking this 🙂


  6. Vibram Package.

    I enjoy taking new members out to show them how to play. It has been a lot of fun to introduce three friends to the sport this year. I look forward to having more buddies to play the courses in 2013.


  7. Signature Giveaway

    I work at NASA in Houston. I went to a talk at the local art museum by former astronaut Alan Bean… Who walked on the moon. Afterwards I had the chance to talk to him and get his signature. Very cool.

    – Ben


  8. Signature Giveaway:

    One of my favorite memories came in 2007 when I met Dwayne Roloson, a year after he almost led the Edmonton Oilers to the Stanley Cup. I was only 11 so imagine how excited I was to have him sign my hat, jersey, picture and take a photo with me! He was my favorite player because he wasn’t only a great player but a great person.


  9. I would love to get a signature from Avery Jenkins. He’s taken time to message me and reply back to my messages and questions throughout this year..he’s been a great help to


  10. Signature giveaway
    I would love to get a signature from Avery Jenkins. He’s taken time to message me and reply back to my messages and questions throughout this year..he’s been a great help to



    Calling the number on the back of a found disc is not only good karma but hearing the excitement in someones voice when you tell them you have their favorite disc is the best. Ive even returned a couple CE discs.


  12. Signature Giveaway:

    The one signature that I’ll always remember getting was from Barry Sanders (Detroit Lions). I got to go out onto the field at the Pontiac Silverdome with my dad and Barry signed a football for me. Unfortunately I have no clue where that football is. It’s probably buried in a storage locker 😦


  13. Vibram Package:

    Best thing I ever did for the sport was donate a big box of plastic to Trent Solomon to take on his mission trip to Haiti. He set up a course there and taught the locals how to play. I’m glad to have given discs to them.


  14. “Vibram Package”
    This year I ran a charity tourney to benefit a local family struggling to battle cancer. On top of it being such a wonderful event it also gave me a chance to introduce the sport to many new people in the community. I hope to see the local courses with more players this next year!


  15. “Signature Giveaway”
    Only two of my discs have signatures, one was a birthday gift from one of my best friends, so I had him sign it. This means a lot to me, I’ll never get rid f this disc on purpose!


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