Happy New Year! And the winners are …


I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve.

Remember — lots of water will help you with many issues from a night like that!

giveawayAnd like that, 2012 is behind us. With 2013 now in the picture, may your year be full of birdies, aces and, of course, chains rattling. We’ll continue to grow as well and hopefully do it with all of you!

For about the past week, we’ve also been holding a series of large giveaways. The prize packages, I think, are truly awesome. We had many entries for each contest, which is always good to see.

We have more things to give away and plan on doing it soon.

For now, let me announce the winners. For those who won, please e-mail me (address is below) with your full name (if not used for the entries), and address so I can get this stuff sent out to you!

Let’s get to the winners!

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Celebrate the holidays with a Rattling Chains giveaway

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and that the holidays are treating everybody well.

And despite the Rattling Chains staff being on vacation this week and giving the site a break, something needed to be done…

giveaway… such as a major giveaway!

Since before we officially launched this blog, we’ve had many people donate stuff to be used for giveaways. Therefore, the pile is growing. With that in mind, I thought it would be good to make some packages up and have a giveaway where we’d give more than one thing away.

There are three groups of items we are going to be giving away. For each, there are specific things you need to do. If you don’t do exactly what is required, your entry will not count without notification. Any entries that require you to post comments below need to be separate. In other words, if you are entering two of the contests and they each require a comment, you need to comment twice and do it as required.

So make sure you read this fully before just entering or your entry might not count!

Also, though you can (and I would encourage you to do so) enter each contest, you can win only one. It would be smart to enter each, though, giving yourself better odds to win something!

Read on to see what you have to do to enter each contest.

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The winner of the autographed disc is…

For the past week, we’ve been running a contest in conjunction with Avery Jenkins.

His last story for Rattling Chains covered the story behind and creating his trick-shot video with ultimate star Brodie Smith.

The disc being given away.

The two, who are each leaders in their respective sports, came up with quite the video of incredible trick shots — inside and outside.

At the end of Jenkins’ story, a contest was held to give away an autographed disc — signed by Jenkins and Smith.

We tried to make it as easy as possible to enter — by commenting on the story, liking the post on the Rattling Chains Facebook page, liking the post on Avery’s Facebook page and re-tweeting.

In the end, we received nearly 170 entries!

The winner was picked via Random.org‘s list randomizer.

Now, let’s give that disc away!

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The stories were great — now let’s give away the plastic!

Oh how sweet it is to win a shiny new disc, eh?

For the past two weeks, we’ve run a contest where disc golfers could share their favorite stories and have a chance to win a new disc.

I thought we’d gather more entries than we did. After all, free plastic is free plastic, eh?

Instead, we only received 16 entries, which is slightly disappointing. Especially when free plastic is involved.

Still, we received some good stories. And for the 16 who entered, it’s much easier to have a chance to win via the Random.org randomizer!

All of the stories were quite fun to read. They differed in tone and substance, which really shows the versatility of the game and how different things can happen.

Take for example, Luke. It seems our reader was playing in a not-so-nice neighborhood, loaned a disc to a shady character for some holes and… well, I’ll let Luke take it from here…

So we are playing and he starts telling me how he used to play there all the time but he hadn’t for a while because he had been in jail and just got out a few weeks before. He didn’t say what he’d been in for, but then he goes on to say, “Yeah, and I’m probably going back as soon as I go home today. The cops are probably waiting for me. I got drunk and beat the hell out of my ex-girl’s old man.”


How about Kevin, who suffered a broken ankle and when he was on the mend, he went out for a round with some friends and his brother. He then decided — on a hole not known for aces — to call a skip ace.

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Did it rattle or did it not? That is the question. Here is the answer

I’ve had more questions about this contest than any other we’ve done thus far.

It seemed to draw some interest.

I received a few e-mails and other messages. And I’m glad that people were thinking about it. Because if we’re giving away prizes, I need to make you think a little sometimes, don’t I?

It all started with this image...

So the big question was based around the photo posted last week and we asked — did the disc rattle the chains?

There were a lot of different answers and theories. I will be doing this again. I have ideas for it and different ways  I hope to capture the disc to really make you think.

Such as this one.

What I loved about this photo is that it can really make you wonder. You can obviously tell which side it’s coming from. And the flight path makes it look like it’s heading downward.

But does it rattle those chains?

I’ve missed — and witnessed others miss — shots like this. They look perfect. Heading right in.

And nothing.

Of course, we’ve all been on the other end, too. You know, it looks ugly only to rattle the chains like it was destiny.

And that sound is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Of course a grown that comes after missing a putt can be humorous, too.

I know, I know — get to the point, right? OK, OK, OK… here’s the results. Peek below to see what the disc did as it headed toward the basket…

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