Rattling Chains plastic giveaway No. 1: Think spring!

Do you want this disc? See details below!

Being we are still new here at Rattling Chains, we’d like to see if we could build our readership a bit more.

What better than giving away some plastic, eh? Especially with the first “official” day of spring coming March 20!

We won’t make you do too much for this one. But you can gain more than one entry!

However, to get the secondary entries, you must do the first one! Keep that in mind.

First, just post in the comments section telling us what your favorite disc is and why. Simple enough, right?

After that, you can gain up to two more entries:

1. Like our page on Facebook. (If you’ve already liked our page on Facebook, please mention it in your comment below, but the names will have to match up so I know who is who!)

2. Tweet the following (copy and paste the following exactly as is and we’ll know you did it and give you an entry. Please do it exactly as written or we might not be able to know you posted it)!

@RattlingChains is a new disc golf blog giving away some plastic to spread the word. Visit https://rattlingchains.com/?p=32 to enter!

I know all of you will be digging the idea of free plastic. So get at it. Enter! Tell your friends! Spread the word!

If this proves to be a successful giveaway, we’ll be giving more plastic away as we move forward!

This contest runs through 11:59 p.m. March 21.


Disc info: Innova Star Lycan, a mid-range disc. Weight is 176. The disc is white with a red stamp.

Innova’s website says this about the Lycan:

A predictably straight flyer with a stable finish. Easy to grip rim feels great in the hand. Choose your line and attack it.

Transform your game. Attack your Mid-Range drives with this birdie-thirsty relative of the Mako. The Lycan has a beefy rim that releases clean. The higher dome produces excellent glide, while the blunt profile provides a trustworthy finish. This disc is designed not to flip, but will hold a line nicely.

Innova says the Lycan is best used for:

  • Straight shots in the wind
  • Long approaches
  • Fading drives that won’t skip

The ratings for the Lycan are: 4 (speed), 5 (glide), 0 (turn), 1 (fade).

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Rattling Chains plastic giveaway No. 1: Think spring!

  1. My favorite disc right now is my crystal z buzz it just rocks on anything I need it to and I liked you on facebook and I don’t tweet so only 2 entrees for me please.


  2. My favorite disc would be an 11 year old Innova Wolf. Not because it does all things I need disc to do, but because it was the first disc I ever purchased. It is the one disc I would NEVER call a search off for!


  3. My favorite disc is a #2 driver from Lightning. It is the first disc I ever bought. It is my go to anhyzer disc.

    Liked on Facebook and tweeted. Also posted link on my club’s Facebook page.


  4. my fav’s gotta be my Katana! it was my first driver and i love that it flies for days! oh and i like the facebook page but i dont have twitter.. THANKS for the entries!
    troy yost


  5. My favorite disc is my 7yr old, tye dyed, Z plastic Discraft Crush. I has become my go to driver in difficult situations. I can turn it over when I need, flip it with a slow snap release or stall it. It is beat in perfect.


  6. My favorite disk is Innova’s Pro Leopard. It is my go-to disc for long straight shots, whether off the drive, or from the fairway. I throw it nearly every hole I play.


    • My favorite disk is Innova’s Pro Leopard. It is my go-to disc for long straight shots, whether off the drive, or from the fairway. I throw it nearly every hole I play.

      Forgot to mention, I also tweeted and liked the page on Facebook!


  7. Even though I don’t carry one anymore, the Orc completely changed my game, hell that disc changed my life! Liked and tweeted.


  8. Z Avenger SS 170g is my favorite disc. One of my first discs that has stayed in the bag and grown with my game from being my first driver, to anhyzer shots, hyzer flips, and now a roller after 5 years.


  9. My favorite disc is my Wolverine driver by Daredevil Discs. Flys straight right or left. The graphic makes me smile: chomp & the chains are rattling!


  10. My Favorite disc is the Buzzz. It is my most versatile disc and that what I expect it to do. I currently carry three with me at the same time. (Star Spider come in close second!)

    I have already liked the facebook page and I have tweeted the message!


  11. My favorite disc naturally changes as my game does, but right now it would have to be the Z Force. I’ve only had it in my bag for about 6 months now, but I have no idea what I was doing before I started throwing it. It is my go to distance driver, and I can slam it over 450 when needed. My bread and butter for predictable distance off the tee.

    Like on Facebook and Tweeted.


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