Rattling Chains plastic giveaway No. 1: Think spring!

Do you want this disc? See details below!

Being we are still new here at Rattling Chains, we’d like to see if we could build our readership a bit more.

What better than giving away some plastic, eh? Especially with the first “official” day of spring coming March 20!

We won’t make you do too much for this one. But you can gain more than one entry!

However, to get the secondary entries, you must do the first one! Keep that in mind.

First, just post in the comments section telling us what your favorite disc is and why. Simple enough, right?

After that, you can gain up to two more entries:

1. Like our page on Facebook. (If you’ve already liked our page on Facebook, please mention it in your comment below, but the names will have to match up so I know who is who!)

2. Tweet the following (copy and paste the following exactly as is and we’ll know you did it and give you an entry. Please do it exactly as written or we might not be able to know you posted it)!

@RattlingChains is a new disc golf blog giving away some plastic to spread the word. Visit https://rattlingchains.com/?p=32 to enter!

I know all of you will be digging the idea of free plastic. So get at it. Enter! Tell your friends! Spread the word!

If this proves to be a successful giveaway, we’ll be giving more plastic away as we move forward!

This contest runs through 11:59 p.m. March 21.


Disc info: Innova Star Lycan, a mid-range disc. Weight is 176. The disc is white with a red stamp.

Innova’s website says this about the Lycan:

A predictably straight flyer with a stable finish. Easy to grip rim feels great in the hand. Choose your line and attack it.

Transform your game. Attack your Mid-Range drives with this birdie-thirsty relative of the Mako. The Lycan has a beefy rim that releases clean. The higher dome produces excellent glide, while the blunt profile provides a trustworthy finish. This disc is designed not to flip, but will hold a line nicely.

Innova says the Lycan is best used for:

  • Straight shots in the wind
  • Long approaches
  • Fading drives that won’t skip

The ratings for the Lycan are: 4 (speed), 5 (glide), 0 (turn), 1 (fade).

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Rattling Chains plastic giveaway No. 1: Think spring!

  1. Innova kc pro rancho roc hands down, if you can understand how to throw this disc good, it will let your game grow immensely! Not to mention it can be used for almost any shot


  2. My favorite disc is the buzzz ss because I got my first ace with it, I can bomb it, and its a very versatile disc. I also have already liked your FB page


  3. Do you want our favorite disc that we own (which is rather limited for us) or a favorite disc that we wish we had? Being a newb, I don’t really have a lot of knowledge about the discs and their relative merits.


  4. My favorite disc would have to be my champion Eagle. I can’t imagine playing a round without it. The versatility is unmatched. It can be used for almost any shot, regardless of direction or distance. Definitely my #1 go-to disc. Thank you guys for starting this blogsite. It has quickly become my favorite DG blog. I have liked you guys on FaceBook, followed you on twitter, and told my fellow club members to do the same. Keep up the good work.


  5. DGA SP Squall. Extremely versatile and reliable disc for all shots up to 280′ for me. Aced hole 21 at De Laveaga with it two weekends ago during monthly singles so gotta love it even more now. This blog is excellent. I follow you on both Twitter and Facebook. RattlingChains rocks!


  6. My favorite disc is my dx buzz. It was the first disc I ever got, (1 1/2yrs.) and it is the disc I choose any time I’m not sure what to use. It is beat in and will hold any line for short approaches.I like you on facebook and follow posts there over to the blog. Facebook reminds me that there is a new post up to look at.


  7. Discmania C-line PD2. Bummed that the C-line is going out of production, but I stocked up and I’m excited to try the S-line PD2s. I “Like” you guys on Facebook, and I’m Tweeting this too.


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  9. Right now the disc I could not live without is my NukeOS. This is my bread and butter for tricky shots, mostly for my thumber. I can park this disc 270ft with the thumber with great precision. Love it! Can’t wait to get it in ESP!


  10. My Star Boss its definitely my favorite/go to disc. It brought me my very first ace and I can make it go anywhere I want it to with precision. Its also the disc I can throw farthest.
    And I just liked the Facebook page


  11. Whichever one’s sitting in the basket!!!!

    Other than that, prob my pink JK Aviar…it’s one of the few pieces of plastic I’m willing to get really wet to retrieve.


  12. If I had to play with one disc it would have to be my beat up 1st run kc pro roc. It does everything you want and more. A close 2nd would be my star tl; straight as possible, especially in the woods.


  13. I love my Lat 64 Opto Flows – I can draw the lines I want, hit the windows I need and get plenty of distance off the tee.

    (I already Like the Facebook page.)


  14. My favorite disc has been my favorite since I began playing in 1986. It’s my Innova Classic Flat Top ROC. It has been my go to putter since day 1. If you want to hit that graceful flowing anny approach shot nothing comes close to the original ROC. If will always be in my bag. There’s a reason that disc is still available after all these years. Because it’s still the best ROC out there.


  15. My favorite disc right now is my MVP Vector. I have made a lot more long birdies since I put this in my bag.

    (already “Like” the Facebook page)


  16. 167 gram Champion Archon. Cause that’s what I’ve been throwing every day for the past week, and I can get it to hold a straight line with a smooooth, butter-like throw.


  17. Valkyrie!!! Its been around the block and it holds the long distance record…you can do whatever you want with this flyer. They have always been my favorite next to my KC Pro Aviar!!! Thanks!


  18. My new favourite disc is the lat 64 gold line fuse, I just smashed an ace with it today. Its just on that point of being understable but not too much and floats just like a buzzz.


  19. I already like you guys on facebook, Im Tommy Edwin Leonard, and my favorite disc is probably my Innova Goblin midrange, it NEVER loses its line… all I have to do is throw it where I want it (sometimes harder said than done)


  20. Champ TeeBird for sure. I have a variety of these and this is my go to disc for most situations. I love this disc for FH and BH!


  21. buzzz is my favorite disc (have two of them ;)) love the way it flys and have hit basket numberous times on my (feels like forever) ace hunt. already liked you on FB.


  22. My favorite disc is the ESP Buzzz. I got my first ace with it, but it’s also a great utility disc that helps me get through rounds every time I play. Liked you on Facebook under John Synco and tweeted message under HubRat.


  23. My favorite disc is the Innova dart. I have two a DX and a R-pro, I love them both, I couldn’t see myself playing with out them. In addition, I have liked your facebook page.


  24. Favorite disc these days is my star Valkyrie because I can get it to go left, right or straight! Also, I liked your page on Facebook, and would love to try out the new Lycan, so feel free to pick me!!!


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