Disc golf news and notes: June 12

It’s been a bit since we did a news and notes post, and there’s been many things happening.

First, some quick news from Vibram. The company recently announced that the Obex mid-range disc will be released June 28 at Pinnacle retailers and July 26 at all retailers.

The Obex is the over-stable compliment to the Ibex, Vibram’s stable mid-range. RattlingChains.com recently did a review on the Obex.

Vibram also announced that June 16 is the deadline for those who cashed in the 2011 Vibram Open to register by. The Vibram Open is the final stop for the PDGA National Tour. The event is Aug. 16-19 at Maple Hill course in Leicester, Mass.


The Kansas City Wide Open was held June 1-3 and was the third stop on the six-event National Tour.

Dave Feldberg shot a 45-under 266 to earn the $2,000 paycheck and the tournament title. It’s the first NT event this year not won by Paul McBeth, who tied Jeremy Koling for fifth with a 29-under 254.

Will Schusterick placed second with a 42-under 269.

On the women’s side, Val Jenkins won her second NT event of the year by shooting a 4-over-par 315 to beat out Paige Pierce by five strokes.

Through three events, McBeth leads the men’s standings with 283.5 points. Schusterick is in second with 281, followed by Feldberg 264). Nate Doss (254) and Steve Rico (232.5) fill out the top five.

In the women’s race, Jenkins is on top with 293 points, followed by Catrina Allen with 279. Liz Lopez is in third with 261. Pierce (186) and Sarah Hokom (185) round out the top five.

Coming up: The next National Tour event is this weekend, June 15-17, at the Beaver State Fling in Estacada, Oregon.

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Weekly disc golf wrap: News and notes; Discraft to release new discs

All sorts of things are happening in the disc golf world.

Sorry for the late weekly news wrap on this but shoddy internet hookups while away this past weekend made for a tough time to get all the links together!

Before getting to the weekly links, there’s some news to announce from Discraft.

The company is announcing Monday a new plastic — and, according to Discraft, the new name in premium plastic is Titanium.

The plastic is very durable and grippable. On top of that, Discraft says Ti is nothing disc golfers have seen before.

Starting with an enhanced engineered base polymer for superior performance, Discraft says it then combines it with special additives to boost the appearance to a new level.

On top of it all — there’s a three-dimensional World Champion signature stamp on each model. The signature, instead of being embedded into the disc, is slightly raised from the surface, which, according to the company, provides and additional  grip assists those players who want a more tactile throwing experience.

The initial releases are the Buzzz, a mid-range driver with the signature of three-time World Champion Nate Doss. The second is the Stalker, an extra long range driver, with the signature of 2011 World Champion Paige Pierce.

Doss will, in the future, also have signature discs of the Ti Force and Nuke.

Discraft also noted that 2010 World Champion Eric McCabe will eventually endorse a Ti disc as well.

The rest of the weekly wraps of links is below!

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Disc golf in the media: March 5-11

Looking to get your fix with disc golf news?

Here’s a roundup of some disc golf items that were in the media over the past week. This will be a regular feature on Rattling Chains, appearing each Sunday in the late morning.

During the course of the week, if you see some disc golf-related stories in mainstream media, please send the links along to us. We’ll consider putting the links here. Traditional news media, blogs and online news sources/releases will be considered!

March 11

March 9

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March 5:

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