Poll 55: Ranking where disc golf is in your world

As spring continues to grow in many parts of the disc golf universe (though we realize Mother Nature has decided to keep her snow season in parts of the United States and elsewhere), the sport becomes bigger in many people’s lives.

For those who skip playing in the winter or snow, this is probably the time of year where the itch to get out on the course is really big.


So we’re going to find out where disc golf ranks in your life.

But, first, we want to go back to last week’s poll and check out the results and see what some readers had to say.

Last week, we wanted to know where you thought your game stood. Were you still improving and getting better? Maybe you’ve already peaked? Or, maybe your on the way down?

It was a poll we hoped would bring out some good thoughts, comments and explanations. But one thing is for sure — not many people think they are at the top of the mountain yet. And that’s a good thing.

Of the 116 people who voted in our poll, 93 percent (108 votes) said they were still getting better, followed by on my way down the hill, which gathered 4 percent of the vote (5 votes). Finally, 3 percent (3 votes) said they were at their peak.

We appreciate the honesty, that’s for sure.

Let’s see what a few people had to say.

Andy P said:

I am absolutely still learning things every month to better my game. Here in Kansas City, we are lucky enough to have some higher level players who are happy to sacrifice some of their time to do one-on-one instruction and a wide range of players and courses that bring their own flavor to help me learn. Just over the weekend I gained tons of experience from playing in the 40-plus mph winds of the GBO and learned how to avoid “the wind putt.”

It definitely helps when high-level players will donate their time and help people get better.

Morgan Kelly noted:

I am still improving, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before I peak. It’s OK though. I play because I enjoy it, not because I’m bringing home hundreds of dollars from winnings.

That’s a great outlook on things. Often, the key with things like this, is knowing when you reached a plateau and if you’ll keep going up or stay on that same level.

Ross said:

I’m a little older and have been playing for over 15 years now. I play once or twice week in the summer and occasionally during the winter. I peaked years ago. I’m not getting much better, BUT, I’m not getting any worse. I still like to think that if I could get out there 5-6 times a week and really practice I could still improve. In other words, its not a lack of skill, but a lack a time to hone that skill. Whether or not that’s true its my theory and I’m sticking to it!

That’s often true in many sports for people. Once you get to that peak, you stay on the same level. It doesn’t always mean going down. And, it’s likely true that if you had a ton of time you’d still be going up. But at least it’s good you’re holding the same level!

Nick N. says:

I just started playing again in July 2012, so it’s going on a year soon. I am almost a senior grandmaster, and have had shoulder surgery, both. I was a disc golfer in the late 70?s, but stopped around 1982. So, my issue was with injuries, new plastic, and holes much longer. I could barely throw 200 feet, but now I’m starting to get the discs out there near 300 … on good throws! So, I see a change, and hopefully it will continue.

Another great look at this sport is right here — one can always improve over time! It’s excellent you are back in the game and keep it up. At 300 feet, there are younger guys who will be jealous of your drives!

Kevin King said:

I think that I’m probably at my peak right now. I set new records for myself at my home course last season, but I doubt that I’ll be able to repeat them. Aside from getting relatively older (I’m pushing 30, which I know isn’t too old, but it’s also not the same as 22), my wife and I recently welcomed our first kid into the world which I know will reduce/limit the time I spend on the course this year (and years going forward).

I think it’s time for me to realize that my years as an aspiring pro are going to make way for my years as a future women’s world champion’s coach (with any luck).

It’s hard to think someone nearing 30 is peaking, but again, a peak can last for a long time. It wouldn’t be surprising, though, that when you are out on the course years from now with your daughter, that you’ll be better because you’ll have a new playing partner. Just remember the funny stories, so you can remind her of things when she becomes world champion!

Ed Wood Sr. said:

I’m still in my first year of playing, and, being retired, I can play most every day the weather permits; hence my learning curve is steep. The last two months have seem my average score decrease about 2.5 throws, and I can now play on equal footing with some of the regulars. Feels good, and thanks to various on-line resources (mostly DGCR & YouTube) I’m getting a better understanding of how to get better.

That’s a great little story and here’s to hoping you continue your improvement and watch your score get lower and lower.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts about where your game is. Now it’s time to get back to this weeks poll.

Basically, as the spring comes and the courses start to fill with players of all skill levels, we want to know where this sport ranks in your lives. Or, maybe it’s not a sport. Maybe it’s something so much bigger to you.

Let us know on this one. Vote away and drop a comment below telling us what you think and why you chose the selection you did.

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If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter andlike us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 55: Ranking where disc golf is in your world

  1. Honestly it was tough not to say obsessed, and some would argue that perhaps I am. But easily its my favorite outdoor activity. I love to fish, bike, I even love to bolf. But spending time with my family comes first.

    Now when I play with my family, I have the best of all worlds.


  2. By far my favorite outdoor activity. Before I started playing in 2012, my favorite outdoor activity was sitting in the cool water of local green-belts for hours at time while enjoying the views and cold beverages.

    Disc golf was just what I needed after my ruptured Achilles. I got off my ass, got on the course and worked on my game… I wanted to improve so much that added putting practice, a weekly solo round and weight training to my weekly regimen.

    Disc Golf quickly changed my life, how can it not be my favorite?


  3. My wife, and neighbors would say obsessed! I played all winter, in the snow, and ice. It really got me into shape for snowboarding, of which I spent a total of 4 days on the slopes, which made me soft for winter golf! Trying to keep your balance on the ice while playing…like a ballerina…engages ALL the muscles!!
    …maybe I am obsessed…


  4. Obsessed was my choice, but Favorite was my vote. It is the one thing I will have THE most trouble giving up when I’m too old to play outside, but just doesn’t hold a candle to relationships with people. Now, when you can combine the two like last Saturday when 4 of us journeyed 200 miles in 16 hours and played 84 holes of golf on 5 new courses…well, maybe I should have marked obsessed!


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  6. Like a few of those before me, I’ve almost gone the obsessed option and I think my wife and some friends would agree. However, the “nothing ranks higher” bit on the end puts it a little beyond my wife! Wife aside though, I can’t think of anything else in my life that I take leave from work for, spend 2-4 days at a time in a car traveling to and from events or generally schedule my free time around. I think that definitely puts it into obsession territory!


  7. I’m a work-obsessed musician; that’s the most important discipline in my life, and it takes up a lot of my time. Beyond that, I’ve been practicing yoga in one form or another for eight or nine years. All of that is great, but all of that takes place indoors. Disc golf has given me a great reason to get outside and enjoy the Louisiana greenery. I’ve been glad to find a sport I can practice on my own but still share with others, and something that gets me out of doors! It’s definitely my outdoor activity of choice, and that attraction of it has helped me share it with other family and friends.


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