Poll 55: Ranking where disc golf is in your world

As spring continues to grow in many parts of the disc golf universe (though we realize Mother Nature has decided to keep her snow season in parts of the United States and elsewhere), the sport becomes bigger in many people’s lives.

For those who skip playing in the winter or snow, this is probably the time of year where the itch to get out on the course is really big.


So we’re going to find out where disc golf ranks in your life.

But, first, we want to go back to last week’s poll and check out the results and see what some readers had to say.

Last week, we wanted to know where you thought your game stood. Were you still improving and getting better? Maybe you’ve already peaked? Or, maybe your on the way down?

It was a poll we hoped would bring out some good thoughts, comments and explanations. But one thing is for sure — not many people think they are at the top of the mountain yet. And that’s a good thing.

Of the 116 people who voted in our poll, 93 percent (108 votes) said they were still getting better, followed by on my way down the hill, which gathered 4 percent of the vote (5 votes). Finally, 3 percent (3 votes) said they were at their peak.

We appreciate the honesty, that’s for sure.

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