Poll 51: Disc golf clothing

After a few serious poll questions the past few weeks, we’ve decided to slow it down a little and get into something a little more fun.

And, honestly, one that I think may be interesting.

weekly_pollIt’s about all that disc golf clothing (hats included) that you own. See, one thing many may have noticed is how often disc golfers wear the clothing even when not playing.

That’s a good thing.

At the same time, there are people who don’t own anything. And that’s fine, too. Choosing what people wear is not part of the game, especially at the casual level!

Think of all the hats and shirts and sweatshirts and more you see out there. This could turn into quite the interesting poll.

But before that, let’s head back to last week when we asked you about booze on the course. In the two polls preceding this one, we had close results and some really fun conversations about dogs on the course and smoking on the course.

This one wasn’t close.

We asked: “Should people be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during a tournament round”

The answer was a resounding no.

Of the 154 people who took part in this poll, 126 (82 percent) said no. There were 28 (18 percent) who said yes.

This was a landslide from the beginning. So much so that we didn’t even get the deep conversation we often get on our polls.

Let’s see what a few people had to say, though.

J. Green said:

Like the smoking poll, I voted “yes” on this…but I know we’ve all seen the guy out on the course who started drinking way too early and by the end of the first round they just become obnoxious. I don’t think that should ruin it for the guys who can enjoy a few (I don’t drink at all) and act like a normal human being. I’ve played in softball leagues where beer is allowed in the dugouts so I don’t see much of a difference.

It’s one thing to have a beer during a casual round with friends. But in a tournament? If somebody was ever going to be like the person you mentioned at a tournament, hopefully he’d be disqualified immediately.

Kelly K said:

A recreational round of disc with beer doesn’t sound so bad. My call has always been “If you choose to drink during a round, choose to clean up after yourself.”

For a tournament, however, I should think one would want to perform at one’s best. I don’t know that drinking during the tourney would help. Drinking after the big game, I can see; drinking before? Ennnnh, maybe. During … drinking while throwing disc only make me *feel* like I’m doing better.

This seems like a rational way to look at things. It seems odd that beer might make people play better, too.

Kent said:

I am a non-drinker, but I have no problem with people that do. I think it all comes down to “respect,” again, if you can control yourself, and pick up your trash so others don’t have to, then have at it.

The littering would be a big thing for sure. It’s awful to go to a course and see beer bottles and cans all over.

Nyles J said:

I played in a non-PDGA tourney and a player in my group had a large McDonald’s cup and was sipping it with a straw. I didn’t think to much of it until he started having trouble finding his disc after each drive. He told the group he was sorry, and that he was “wasted.” One of the members questioned him, “how could you be wasted on diet coke”, he said, “this ain’t no diet coke.” So…. we were having trouble finding one of his discs and asked him what color it was. He said “I don’t know, I’m color blind.” It was a tough conclusion to the round for everyone.

That seems like something where the tournament director should be informed and something should have happened immediately. It shouldn’t matter what side of the fence one is on this question, this is wrong no matter how one looks at it.


That seems like a good place to move on, too.

This week it’s all about the clothing. And we want to know — how many pieces of disc golf-related clothing do you own? Hats, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets — whatever. How many?

And after you select it, drop us a comment and tell us why you own so much or so little and maybe what your favorite piece of clothing is.

[poll id=”56″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!



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11 thoughts on “Poll 51: Disc golf clothing

  1. I voted in the 1-10 range. If I have an extra $15 to spare, I tend to spend it on plastic over clothing, but I do have a few shirts that I wear out in public that promote the sport a bit. Dynamic Discs makes some sweet shirts that I like, plus I have the odd league dri-fit shirt or Collegiate team shirt in my closet.


  2. The few pieces of clothing I have come from tournaments I have played in. I was recognized by a fellow DGer last summer when my wife and I were out looking at houses because of the shirt I was wearing. I hadn’t played with this person but he knew the tournament and the sport.

    As for going out to buy a shirt/hat/jacket, most places don’t carry it in my size. I tried to find a hat that I would wear every day but didn’t find anything that I would buy instead of a disc or two.


  3. I don’t own any name brand disc golf clothing, but I do have some specialized clothing that I only wear out on the course.

    I have a huge wide brim hunting hat that I wear to keep the sun off my face and neck. I also have some sleeveless shirts for playing disc golf. Since I’ve gone sleeveless, my arms move more freely, and my throw is a little smoother.

    I also buy cheap athletic shoes for disc golf. I got tired of messing up my expensive shoes throwing on concrete pads. My backhand wears the soles evenly, but when I throw a forehand or a thumber, I drag my right toe.


  4. 1-10. I have a few tournament T-shirts, a Tournament volunteer polo, 1-2 “World’s Biggest” T-shirts, and one other. I have not found too many designs that I liked enough to buy at the price offered.


  5. I have a couple of dri-fit shirts (Innova, DD) and a couple of DG related shirts that are great for keeping me cool in the heat of the spring/summer/fall (Texas). I’m not a logo guy so I never wear them anywhere other than the course and even then I feel awkward walking onto a course with a huge logo on my chest. The shirts are top notch, look good, fit good and keep me cool but I just can’t help but to feel like a douche-bag when geared up.

    With that said, I have and maintain a standard uniform when playing Disc Golf… All terrain shoes, compression leg sleeves, Dri-fit running shorts, dri-fit shirt and generic single-color trucker-cap.
    With a dedicated standard-issue, I know I have consistent attire that’s suitable for the course, weather and my body. Plus, it’s always nice to be the dry guy at the end of the round, when everyone else’s shirts are a darker shade of their original color due to perspiration.


  6. I said 11-20. Almost all of the disc golf clothing that I own is from my college team. I don’t often spend my extra money on disc golf clothing because I’d rather have discs.


  7. 11-20, I have 5 Dynamic Disc shirts and a sweatshirt, and 12 tournament t-shirts,(so far anyway, I am playing another tournament in 2 weeks).


  8. I’ve got the usual hats, sunglasses and one t-shirt that came with various player packs at some tournaments but that’s about it. I have clothing that I specifically wear playing disc golf and not for anything else but not sure if they fit into this polls theme.


  9. I had to vote none because there wasn’t a “none, yet” option. I think clothing is a great way to promote the sport. People are curious and ask questions, hopefully, we have answers.


  10. My favorite would have to be the green/white horizontal striped “disc golf” beanie. Got it from a tourny at Riverpark Disc Golf Course in Riverdale, Ut.


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