Poll 51: Disc golf clothing

After a few serious poll questions the past few weeks, we’ve decided to slow it down a little and get into something a little more fun.

And, honestly, one that I think may be interesting.

weekly_pollIt’s about all that disc golf clothing (hats included) that you own. See, one thing many may have noticed is how often disc golfers wear the clothing even when not playing.

That’s a good thing.

At the same time, there are people who don’t own anything. And that’s fine, too. Choosing what people wear is not part of the game, especially at the casual level!

Think of all the hats and shirts and sweatshirts and more you see out there. This could turn into quite the interesting poll.

But before that, let’s head back to last week when we asked you about booze on the course. In the two polls preceding this one, we had close results and some really fun conversations about dogs on the course and smoking on the course.

This one wasn’t close.

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