Poll 29: Out watching events

Several of us often talk about bigger events — you know, the ones you might not be willing or can’t play in? Ones like A-Tier or National Tour events.

As normal the conversation will shift to whether or not people have been to one, how entertaining it is etc.

So, of course, I needed to figure out a poll about it. But we’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s take a peek back at last week’s poll. We were curious where you all got your plastic (or rubber, if you’re a Vibram thrower).

Only 18 of you voted in this one, but the results were quite overwhelmingly online. That choice garnered 56 percent of the vote — 48 votes! Following that was other (14 votes/16 percent), Mom-and-pop sporting good stores (12 votes/14 percent), big-box stores (5 votes/6 percent), clubs (3 votes/4 percent) and tournaments/leagues (3 votes/4 percent).

I think the one that shocks me the most is the tournaments/leagues one. I guess, because it was listed as where you buy most of your discs, maybe not. But I played in an Ace Race on Sunday and the line of people sifting through the local club’s discs at the tournament was quite large. It seemed like quite a few bought, too. But looking at it, I imagine not many people run out and purchase a dozen discs at a tournament.

Let’s see what some people had to say:

Thomas Branham said:

I voted for Mom and Pop although I am not sure this is the correct response. I am lucky enough to live about 15 minutes away from Gotta Go Gotta Throw. They are a big online retailer, but I go into the retail store (which is outstanding, by the way).

It’s pretty open in regard to this. While they are an online retailer, they also have the real store. I wouldn’t consider them big box, so I don’t think you can go wrong. On that note, it must be quite awesome to have a retailer that close!

Kevin King says:

I buy most of my discs off of a friend who gets them from a guy he knows in another province. I have a close-knit group of about 8 guys who tell this other buddy what we want, and when there are about 10 discs needed, he places an order with his buddy and we get a solid deal on them.

I had to post this quote just because I love the beginning. “A friend who gets them from a guy he knows…” Awesome. But hey, if it’s cheaper, it’s the way to go!

Luke F. says:

I used to buy mostly from discgolfcenter.com because they always have low prices and a good selection, but now I generally use the marketplace forum on dgcoursereview.com. Good prices, new and used discs, and mostly the possibility of trading away some of that surplus plastic makes it a winner.

This seems like a good way to go. Our writer, Steve Hill, covered the topic of selling discs at dgcoursereview.com not too long back and it does seem like the way to get discs lately. In this economy, sometimes trading might be the way to go — or buying and selling from fellow disc golfers.

Jeff Hoots says:

Our local club, though small, has a good pro who can help buyers select the right discs. They have both new and used, and worthwhile to support.

That seems even better as you support the local and get some good help, when needed, on picking discs.

Tim J. says:

Marshall St rules. I like real weights. I like the large selection. I wish I didn’t have to order 50 bucks worth to avoid shipping. I end up buying too many discs! Trent is awesome at helping with questions about discs as well. And the descriptions are just funny.

Several people noted Marshall St. as the place to buy. And I know many people, personally, who have purchased there.

So there you have it. It seems like people definitely go different ways in regard to purchasing discs. It’s also nice to know people do their best to support the local spots as that’s always a good thing.

Now, back to this week’s poll question.

We want to know — how many events do you attend per year just as a spectator?

And when commenting, let us know what events do you attend. Only National Tour events? Big events close by that you couldn’t or didn’t play in? Maybe in support of the Women’s Global event this past year?

Or, do you not ever go to an event just to watch it. If not, why not?

People who are in the camp of wanting to see the sport explode, get on TV and really expand often wonder why this doesn’t happen. Part of it is the crowds. Look how many people hit up even the lower pro golf tour events.

So let us know how many events you do — or don’t — attend and drop a comment as to why or why not.

[poll id=”34″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 29: Out watching events

  1. Here in Alberta, there aren’t any high-tier events that roll through town. The province has a series of C-tier events, but if I’m going to attend, it’ll be as a participant.


  2. My interest in DG started in January, so I have yet to enter a tournament and haven’t gone to event as a spectator… Yet. I’d definitely like to attend an event first, before entering one, in an effort to somewhat familiarize myself with all that’s going on. DG is so new to me that I’m constantly learning new things all the time, whether it be nuances of the game or simple etiquette. My thinking is, for a beginner who’d like to eventually enter events this is a great opportunity to mentally take notes and prepare.


  3. My first ever live event watching the pros was this year’s KC Wide Open. I watched the first round and followed the final nine and it left a lasting impression ! And I’ll tell you, having the men and women all playing together was an incredible way to showcase both divisions and I thought it was a wonderful way to make people more invested in the sport rather than just following the MPO. Plus seeing those discs go a mile and hearing the sizzle those things make as they flash by just can’t be captured on video. I would love to go to more around the country but until i can devote the finances I will stick to the more local events. But rest assured, I will be in the gallery at next year’s Wide Open and the Glass Blown Open.


  4. I watched the Disc Ithaca Open at my local course because I was injured, as I mentioned in another post. But before that my first spectator event was day 2 of the Vibram Open, the NT finale event. It was like playing an awesome round of disc golf without actually playing. We followed a group for about 11 holes (then doubled back to see the top cards for a few holes). As this group took their shots, especially on such a technical course, I found myself thinking about each shot as if I were going to throw it myself. Then I would be amazed at how well “I” did when the shot would go exactly as I had planned! Other times I was surprised at the shot taken, because the shot never would have occurred to me.

    For example, on hole 2 Jeremy Koling was behind a stand of trees and was taking a long time to look over his options. He looked like he was going to do an overhead through the trees (definitely what I would have done). Then, after walking around and looking things over one more time, he knelt down on one knee and threw a huge anhyzer forehand completely around the trees, which landed a few feet from the basket. Afterwards I went to the spot and imagined what I would have done. I never would have thought of going all the way around the trouble. But NOW I will … This sort of thing happened multiple times. I learned a lot, and I highly recommend attending this event or any other big-time event that you can.


  5. A few years back when I was still playing numerous tourneys a year I never would have considered attending one as a mere spectator- unless I was also volunteering for the AM version of one of our local Masters Cups. But now that my only events as a player are small, one-day local tourneys, I find myself going out to see the top players when it’s convenient.

    During the Masters Cup, or in 2011 the Pro Worlds, I enjoyed seeing how to top guns from around the world played the same holes I play all the time.


  6. I live so far away from any events. I would not travel 4-5 hours to watch an C B or A it would have to be the usdgc or vibram or pro worlds for me to watch in person and not play.

    Maybe If it were a multi day tournament, with pros on a day I’m not playing and if I were around for that day I’d gladly watch.

    I only play one event a year due to family and distance and I would not waste my trip on watching others play.


  7. Even if you don’t play in tournaments go and watch a local event to meet all the local DG talent. Or ask the TD if there is anything you can do to help him out. That’s a great way to introduce yourself to your local DG club & players.

    Or fix a picnic lunch and find a great spot to watch the action and enjoy the day. Any day enjoying disc golf is better than sitting on your butt watching TV.


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