Poll 29: Out watching events

Several of us often talk about bigger events — you know, the ones you might not be willing or can’t play in? Ones like A-Tier or National Tour events.

As normal the conversation will shift to whether or not people have been to one, how entertaining it is etc.

So, of course, I needed to figure out a poll about it. But we’ll get to that in a bit. First, let’s take a peek back at last week’s poll. We were curious where you all got your plastic (or rubber, if you’re a Vibram thrower).

Only 18 of you voted in this one, but the results were quite overwhelmingly online. That choice garnered 56 percent of the vote — 48 votes! Following that was other (14 votes/16 percent), Mom-and-pop sporting good stores (12 votes/14 percent), big-box stores (5 votes/6 percent), clubs (3 votes/4 percent) and tournaments/leagues (3 votes/4 percent).

I think the one that shocks me the most is the tournaments/leagues one. I guess, because it was listed as where you buy most of your discs, maybe not. But I played in an Ace Race on Sunday and the line of people sifting through the local club’s discs at the tournament was quite large. It seemed like quite a few bought, too. But looking at it, I imagine not many people run out and purchase a dozen discs at a tournament.

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