Poll 23: What’s your longest break?

This next poll kind of goes out to the more avid golfers. Maybe not so much to the casual golfers who go whenever, but the ones who play on a regular basis.

Maybe you’re the one who plays in a weekly group. Or in leagues. Or every chance you get. You’ll be the ones I’m talking to.

But, for a moment, let’s go back to the last poll.

We had asked what your main throwing form is and the result, in my eyes, was not shocking.

Of the 129 players who gave an opinion, 82 percent — or 106 people — voted backhand. That was followed by sidearm (14 percent/18 votes) and then overhand (4 percent/5 votes).

To be honest, when I put this poll up, that was the kind of response I expected as it’s like a lefty in ball golf — it seems so rare when you see it. I know a few people who are mainly sidearm, but for the most part, the majority of people I know or have seen are backhand.

Maybe a few years down the line, as the game grows, this could change. But for now, the backhanders have it.

Let’s see what a few players had to say:

Kevin King said:

I throw pretty much exclusively backhand. Each year, I tell myself “this season, I’m going to develop a flick” and then never do, for whatever reason. It’s funny too, because I grew up playing baseball for like 12 years, but can’t figure out a forearm shot. My shoulder somehow can’t move like that anymore.

As someone who still plays softball, I can say that I’m attempting to do it well. But even with the activeness in softball, if I throw too many side or overhand shots, my arm goes nuts.

Jeremy G said:

I go with the backhand MOST of the time. My anhyzer throws on longer shots (especially in the woods) are pretty unpredictable though and that’s when I go with the forehand. So to sum it up, I usually let the course dictate how I throw.

That is probably the best way, but that was the point of this poll — to see what one threw most of the time. I think most would say that they do different things in different situations. But if the conditions are perfect …

Trey said:

I started with sidearm because I had better distance than backhand. By the end of the second season I started reading throwing techniques. I switch to backhand with more distance and better accuracy. My side-arm shots still have a habit of being too low or high.

That’s interesting to see that someone went from a sidearm release to a backhand. It’s good that you found what you needed though!

Kyle New shared:

I’m a backhand dominant player, my brother is a sidearm dominant player. We started at the same time, I found more videos on how to excel in backhand. He just liked sidearm better.

That’s pretty cool that you each started at the same time and each found your own “style.”

Joe said:

Since I played baseball through high school, when I was introduced to disc golf my freshman year of college (grad student now) I found forehand a much more natural and comfortable motion than backhand. I always got much better distance and accuracy throwing forehand, and only ever threw backhand for approaches/putts. This past summer I decided to really try and learn to throw backhand, and it has been a great experience. Being able to throw both ways effectively is a great feeling.

That’s why I want to develop a good overhand/forehand shot. It’s a natural motion for me. It’s nice to be able to do both shots well!

It’s definitely fun to watch people throw differently and see what’s out there. One thing I’ve figured is it’s best to find that comfort zone and go with it.

Now, on to this week’s poll.

I’m curious about breaks. Talking recently with someone, I realized I haven’t played a real round — tournament or casual — in a good three or four months. It’s just tough when you don’t have a course close and have so many other things going on.

I’ve talked to other players who have noted longer or shorter breaks, for whatever reason. It got me wondering what the longest break people have taken from the game, for whatever the reason.

So let us know what your longest break has been. And feel free to elaborate in the comments section. Maybe it was an injury or a move or something else came up. I’m interested to see what people say.

[poll id=”27″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 23: What’s your longest break?

  1. Before I was completely obsessed, 2 winters ago, I just didn’t think it was worth going out to a course at the risk of getting sick, so I went at least 1 month in between playing. Luckily last winter in Southwest Ohio it was awesome weather. Hoping for the same this year!


  2. 2-3 months is about the longest break I’ve taken from playing disc golf. With my strong throwing arm (right) that is. My “breaks” are usually attributed to needing to give my elbow a break. So, instead of going longer with out disc golf, I switch to my other side and work on my lefty game 🙂


  3. I have been playing for almost 12 years and, being that I have a somewhat obsessive personality, have always tried to get at least one round per week in year round. However, after my father passed at a younger age in ’05 I separated myself from a lot of those types of activities (disc golf, cycling, martial arts, etc.) to focus on family responsibilities. It was a good two years before I picked up a disc again but when I finally got back out on the course I haven’t gone a week without throwing.


  4. Basically, it comes down to weather. Living in Canada, we usually get a few weeks each winter where it hits -40 and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone outside, let alone playing a whole round of disc. But once the weather comes back up to -20 or bett, you’ll find me out for at least 9 holes in a heavy jacket. Understandably, I don’t expect to set any new pb’s for me between Nov-Feb, but it’s good to head out there just to stay loose and stay sane.


  5. I generally play a few rounds per week, but had to lay off this Spring and Summer due to a torn bicep. I’m just getting back out on the courses now.


  6. In Logan Utah we have this thing called bitter cold winter… Snow is one obstacle, extreme cold is the other. Combine the two, and you go months without playing disc golf.

    Sure it’s possible to play a round once in a while between December and February, but it’s usually not fun, especially on hilly courses.


  7. I started throwing this January as a way to strengthen my recently repaired ruptured Achilles. That was 6 months after my surgery. My play was weak, but the elevation changes and sometimes awkward terrain helped in my range of motion, strength and mobility. Since then, I’ve only missed 2 weeks in a row, due to illness and vacation. We’ll see how the rest of the year goes with football season beginning and the holidays approaching.


  8. I just started playing back in march, after a 6 year hiatus from discgolf. i found my original 2 discs a viper and a shark and told my wife that i wanted to go out and play a round.. she asked me if she could join me.. we’ve lost a collective 65 lbs since then.. not bad for 5 months of having fun and enjoying each other’s company.


  9. I play as often as I can since starting 1.5 years ago. The only times I’ve taken a break is during a sore back episode and a tweaked knee.


  10. I am currently on my longest break since I started playin. It’s partially due to an injury but also due to the fact I just needed a break to get my head back together and stop getting angry with the way my body and my game was going because of it. It’s been very hard, I threw today in a field for the first time in 2 months and 4 days. I am going to continue to take time off until I have more surgery and then heal totally from it Rehab included. It’s been a hard few months but the results will be the best for me in the long run.


  11. The longest break I’ve taken in the past few years has been a 2 month break the past few summers to work at a youth camp. That still wasn’t much of a break though. I would throw drivers accross the big fied we had and eventually made a course out of posts we had around. I guess I just don’t know how to take a break.


  12. I just played my first round in almost four years. I used to play 4 or more rounds a week plus tourneys on weekends. My knee surgery put me on the sidelines, and the doc telling me when I plant my leg and twist it would just increase the chances of destroying my knee permanently. I enjoyed that round so much and miss playing so damn bad. I will just settle for casual play, but that’s better than nothing right.


  13. The longest stretch I’ve gone is actually less than two weeks. I’m a bit of a fiend. Funny thing is, this topic just came up between me and some friends and I realized that this past Monday was the first day I hadn’t played any disc golf in well over a month. You’d think for all my time on the course I’d be putting up better scores. 😦


  14. I only clicked 2 weeks because 3-4 days wasn’t an option. I don’t go too long without playing a round. I’m overly addicted, and I strive to get better. I couldn’t imagine waiting more than 5 days.


  15. The longest break I’ve taken was 9 years reason was working two jobs has a Postal clerk and Longshorman 16 hour days,there was just no time.Around my eight year my step dad would go to this restraunt allmost everyday for lunch,he would see this disc golfer name Jar i use to play with and drive him home after club,Jar would tell my step dad to tell me to come back and play.The urge was there and when i adopted two brothers Travis and Azize, I gave up one of my jobs and been back playing the last 3 half years, i took them out they loved the game,2010 We went all around to play differnt courses the older boy Travis said can we play all the courses in Ontario they were hooked :)we did it .2011 The following year they wanted to play all the courses out west i took my holidays way we went with our bags what a beautifull trip it was the fun we had playing all the courses out west.2012 Travis and Azize wanted to play all the courses out east i booked my holidays early Aug,we just got back ther goal was completed yehaa amazing trip.

    If it was not for these boys i don^t know if i would be back playing disc golf,thanks to Travis and Azize i love these kids im back playing this great game.


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