Poll 23: What’s your longest break?

This next poll kind of goes out to the more avid golfers. Maybe not so much to the casual golfers who go whenever, but the ones who play on a regular basis.

Maybe you’re the one who plays in a weekly group. Or in leagues. Or every chance you get. You’ll be the ones I’m talking to.

But, for a moment, let’s go back to the last poll.

We had asked what your main throwing form is and the result, in my eyes, was not shocking.

Of the 129 players who gave an opinion, 82 percent — or 106 people — voted backhand. That was followed by sidearm (14 percent/18 votes) and then overhand (4 percent/5 votes).

To be honest, when I put this poll up, that was the kind of response I expected as it’s like a lefty in ball golf — it seems so rare when you see it. I know a few people who are mainly sidearm, but for the most part, the majority of people I know or have seen are backhand.

Maybe a few years down the line, as the game grows, this could change. But for now, the backhanders have it.

Let’s see what a few players had to say:

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