May 5: What’s in your bag?

Kelly's bag carries a lot of things!

This week’s “What’s in your bag?” feature comes from Kelly Littlefield, who calls three courses in Colorado “home field.”

But it’s not the courses that Kelly calls home that makes the bag unique. Nope. It’s that Kelly names every disc. Not only are the discs named, they are after race horses! In fact, it’s a superstition.

The drivers

It can be funny, however. Kelly says someone may call after finding a lost disc and might say “Is Van Gogh there?”

Kelly calls Optimist Park (Fort Morgan, Colo.); YMCA of the Rockies (Estes Park, Colo.) and Badlands (Federal Heights, Colo.) as home courses.

Good stuff, Kelly. And thanks for sharing what’s in your Fade Fly or Die bag!


  • Innova Pro Valkyrie 174g – Chocolate Candy II (Me like some Valkyrie!)
  • Midranges

  • Innova Pro Valkyrie 168g – Chocolate Candy III
  • Innova Pro Valkyrie 150g – Ghostzapper
  • Innova Champion Valkyrie 171g – Dust Commander
  • Innova R-Pro Wahoo 169g – Bumble bee (Best swimmer in my bag!)
  • Innova Pro Beast 167g – Bee Bee Bee
  • Innova Pro Vulcan 167g – Van Gogh )My newest addition and instant favorite!)
  • Innova Pro Destroyer 172g – Dobber
  • Innova Star Spider 175g – Real Quiet
  • Innova Star Skeeter 175g – Winning Colors
  • MVP Proton Ion 175g – Dotted Battle Cow
  • Vibram Soft Summit 174g – Blue Man
  • The rest of the stable for another day!

What else?

  • Two aluminum Tampa Buccaneers water bottles
  • My cell phone with Avery Jenkins wallpaper
  • One pack of Eclipse spearmint gum
  • One large Shamwow towel and one small Shamwow towel
  • One 18 Rabbit Nibblin Apricot granola bar (It’s a wifey thing, don’t ask!)
  • Four Trails Best Beef and Cheese sticks (Reason for the flossers)
  • Bag of Bigs Zesty Ranch Sunflower Seeds (The best seeds, period!)
  • Golden retriever, sharpie and pencil
  • Kleenex, sun screen, ibuprofen, Napoleon Dynamite vanilla lip balm and Hot Spot hand warmers
  • Usually three pounds of change (I scrounged up enough change to buy a disc once!
  • Official Rules of Disc Golf & Competition Manual

Want to submit your bag and contents? Here’s what we need: A couple of photos of your bag and discs. Put together a list of everything you carry in the bag — from food to discs to anything else. Then maybe give a paragraph or two about your bag and if there’s anything you do between casual and tournament rounds etc. Finally, don’t forget your name, location and home course! Cell phone photos are fine, but please try and make it as high quality as possible. Grainy shots might not be able to be used. E-mail all of these things to pj [at] with the subject “What’s in my bag.”


6 thoughts on “May 5: What’s in your bag?

  1. I carry the Gorilla Boy Simian. 16 inside, 6 in each side pocket and a total of 4 outside the bag in the Velcro strap/pouch (2 putters, Buzz, Star Coyote). One 32 oz water bottle in one of the bottle holder spaces, a bunch of Jack Links beef jerky, pencils, rules, chamois in a ziplock bag, travel size tube of ibuprofen and keys, bag tags (2), golf towel… that’s about it. Yes I carry toooo many discs but, if I lose one or want to try something new, I have backup discs to use when I need them. I LOVE the Simian with the built in seat!!!


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