Poll 9: The National Tour

Before we get to this week’s poll, let me say this — some of you golfers play a lot in the span of the week!

And, well, I’m a bit jealous.

See, the nearest “true” course to me is about a 1:20 drive away. And though it’s not too bad if you play a couple of rounds, the economy will tell you that it’s not something that’s feasible to do every day!

So, I go when I can. There are talks, hopes and plans of a course or two in our area, though, so I can hope one day I’ll be playing as much as some of you!

Anyway, let’s check out the results of last week’s poll

We had 126 voters and the winning choice was 3-4 rounds per week, which received 32 percent of the vote with 40 people making that their choice. Next was 1-2 rounds with 33 votes (26 percent) and then 5-6 rounds per week with 26 votes (21 percent). The next was 7-9 rounds (12 percent/15 votes) and 10 or more (9 percent/12 votes).

Brian Buller notes:

It usually varies week to week for me, but on average I would say about 5-6 per week. If I could, I would have a minimum of 3 rounds per day but it’s hard getting out there very often without a car.

Three rounds per day? That would be a lot of disc throwing if you could pull that off!

Heymo said:

Depends on weather and esspecially how much stress I have at work…I have a course five minutes from my work, so I can fit a round on that course into a one hour lunch break if I don’t daddle around too much

A course five minutes from work. I could handle working at a place like that!

Duchess noted:

I play between 3-8 rounds a day 7 days a week. I play from sunrise to sunset if I can and will play in rain, snow and tornadoes. I just can’t get enough!

Just having that amount of time to do something like that is amazing enough, let alone actually doing it!

I think it’s pretty wild to see the results in polls like this because people really do take things to different levels. Though I love this game, I have several other outdoor hobbies and I try and balance them so as not to burn out with one or the other. Luckily, with disc golf, I can combine a couple of my other hobbies with this sport when doing casual rounds.

Now I just need to be closer to courses to play more often!

And — as always — we’ll give a little something away to a random person for commenting on the poll’s page. This week’s winner is Thomas Branham! Get me an address so I can send you something from the prize box!

Now, on with this week’s poll.

The National Tour Elite Series is the PDGA’s professional touring series. It’s presented by Vibram Disc Golf and, this year, features six events where professionals earn points to try and be crowned the tour champion.

There’s a tour for men and women.

The question is — Do you follow the National Tour Elite Series? Vote in the poll and let us know what you think.

[poll id=”13″]

Vote away and let us know in the comments your thoughts about the National Tour. A random commenter will be selected for a prize, so make sure you leave your thoughts! (Remember, to be eligible for this, you must leave the comment here, not in other places!)

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 9: The National Tour

  1. I’m aware that there is a tour. It’s just not something I follow. I do live about an hour from where the GBO was held so I went down and checked that out.


  2. I love following the Pros Now that all the pros have blogs/facebook/twitter its great to follow along. And the guys at discgolfplanet.tv do a great job too!


  3. I saw this mentioned on a disc golf site but can’t remember which one. I will be following now. Any televised disc golf would be fantastic.


  4. Love watching the Pros. I enjoy watching a tourney and then trying to play the course as close to their lines as possible. Doesn’t work out on the holes where you need a 400+ throw to clear their line, but fun trying the shorter stuff.


  5. I try to follow as much as a I can. Every weekend I usually check scores on the past weeks pro tournaments. I mainly follow McBeth & Locastro. Their my “ideals” in the DG world. With new sites such as discgolfplanet.tv I was able to watch the whole entire Glass Blown Open 2012. So as the sport keeps expanding I think the more I will follow. Reason being is actually being able to watch tournaments live.


  6. I do follow the tour as closely as I can. Work gets in the way and so does my disc golf addiction! I have dreamed of being good enough to tour since I played my first Tallahasse Open… I LOVE Disc Golf!! I am so glad that the sport is gaining more notice and momentum. I can see a day when Disc Golf is on ESPN!!


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