A shot from last year's Relay For Life in upstate New York.

I am not going to take liberties too often to post my own photos on this weekly feature. (Note to others, however, send us your best disc golf photos to use here! Info is  at the bottom of the post about what we need etc.)

But, last night was our area’s annual Relay For Life. The 10th straight year, actually. The Relay is the American Cancer Society’s biggest yearly fundraiser. I’ve been involved with the Relay for several years now, doing so when my father passed away from this awful disease.

Every year, we attempt to do something different the day of to raise a little extra money.

Last year, we brought disc golf into the equation. With one lighted basket out front to get people interested and a 6-hole course in an open field, we sold CFR Glow Aviars to raise money. We then gave away prizes for the winning cards, putting etc. It was quite the success (despite having a bunch of the discs left over).

This year, with very cold temps and even some snow floating around, we didn’t go as big. We only had a few baskets out and didn’t really charge people, but tried to show people the game of disc golf.

This shot is the basket, lit up, with all the luminaries in the background. The luminary ceremony is the highlight of the event as bags with names of those who have fought and, either beaten or lost the battle to cancer, are lit during a pretty powerful ceremony.

Techie info:

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • Shutter speed: 5-second exposure.
  • F-stop: F/10
  • ISO: 400

Why we chose to use this photo:

Because this weekend was the annual Relay For Life in this area, I wanted to share this image. It’s one of my favorite shots — disc golf or otherwise — that I’ve ever taken. That it has a disc golf basket in the shot is just an added bonus!

NOTE: We’ve received some photos for the photo of the week feature, but there’s no information attached. We need info about the image to the best of your ability. Also, if you have a good shot — please send it in! We can’t continue these features without the help of disc golfers!

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Rattling Chains Photo of the Week: April 28

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