One of the ideas a couple of us had when we initially started this disc golf blog was to do some urban disc golf.

We thought it would be fun to take a portable and explore, and to see if we could come up with some fun video.

It might be around here. Elsewhere. Travels. Whatever.

But urban disc golf is new to a few of us. We’ve tried a few things and screwed around with some videos. And there’s going to be more, hopefully. Especially now that the weather is turning good.

But what makes for a good urban disc golf video?

A few months back, four of us got together to do a little testing of the urban disc golf idea. We have ideas on how to expand it and such, but we wanted to do a few things to see what kind of reactions we could get.

We started in downtown Albany (N.Y.) and wandered around. It wasn’t the busiest day, so that made it nice to be able to move around and see what we could get away with.

And get more ideas.

This is one we did. The lady in the bus stop definitely seemed to wonder what the heck we were up to.

Is this the best urban disc golf video? Of course not. But we are working to try and make things better. Maybe get some more people. Maybe try a couple of crazy spots. Maybe things can get better.

We hope.

This whole thing got me thinking, however. What is urban disc golf to others?

My view of it doesn’t mean you always have to do it around people. Though I think having unsuspecting people to view what is going on is fun, I don’t believe taking someone off guard is a “must” ingredient in an urban disc golf video.

Maybe it just takes being somewhere different and have a cool vantage point. And if there are people, even cooler.

Take, for example, this video we took at a local skate park.

The idea, originally, was to just utilize the graffiti and the terrain of the area to take some shots of the baskets and the discs and such. But then a couple of kids started skateboarding and wondered what we were up to. Soon enough, they were into trying this out with us.

And they got into it a bit and were giving ideas, which made the “urban” setting a bit better.

Now, back to the day in the Albany area.

The goal was to just try and find some interesting places on a quiet Saturday to test what we could do. And, the hope from this day was to get ideas (of which we got many). The initial video in this post was one of the things we did.

The next video shows a few of the other places we hit up. The stops included a small building, a train (not live!) and a downtown area with some old military artillery.

And, you’ll see, the camera isn’t always safe in these situations!

I really enjoy the urban aspect of disc golf and I’ve looked at a bunch on YouTube videos about it, but we’d love some ideas and suggestions. Do you have any thoughts on some things we should try? If so, let us know. Also, if you’ve done some urban disc golf, let us know in the comments below. And if the videos are online somewhere, put the links in the comments as well!

P.J. Harmer is the lead blogger for Rattling Chains. If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


Taking disc golf to the streets (and anywhere else you can set up a basket)

0 thoughts on “Taking disc golf to the streets (and anywhere else you can set up a basket)

  1. Urban disc golf is a blast! We tried some here at my school this past weekend. We have some really narrow corridors and some low overhangs, and it basically turned into pinball disc golf. We are thinking of having a special urban disc golf-style fundraising tournament that will utilize the whole campus for some crazy shots. We just have to be ready to fish some discs off the roof!


  2. Cryin’ Seamus! I was laughing my head off watching these videos. Hilarious! Especially the skateboarders and the dude ON the train trying that highly improbable shot! I didn’t think he’d ever get one in! Fun stuff! See you all at The Jersey Jam in August if not before! Peace, Love and Underparring! – Deucebag McMulligan!


  3. i live in bellville texas it is a small town verey small town id like you to come here and try some of the
    shots iv liked to try iv got a basket.


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