Poll 8: Rounds per week

It appears disc golfers don’t overdo it when it comes to PDGA-sanctioned tournaments.

In last week’s poll, when we asked our readers how many PDGA tournaments they would play in this year, the winning answer was 3-6.

It makes me wonder if we should have just said tournaments? After all, there are doubles tournaments, non-sanctioned local tournaments and other ideas. But, it’s also interesting to see how many PDGA tournaments, because one pays the membership fee to be part of the organization.

Maybe we’ll re-visit this later in the year and make it overall tournaments and see how many tourneys people actually played in.But for now, let’s see how the vote turned out. A total of 86 people voted.

The winning selection of 3-6 tournaments received 29 votes (34 percent). In second was 1-2 tournaments with 19 votes (22 percent). Third was 7-10 with 13 votes (15 percent), followed by none (11 votes/13 percent).

It’s interesting to have the “none” vote that high. Is it that people are not playing in PDGA tournaments or none at all? Either way, it’s intriguing to me as I think it might show the more casual side of this sport and how beneficial it can be etc.

Let’s see what some people said for last week’s poll.

Ben said:

I have yet to play in any tournaments but I have a growing desire to enter into a few. 3-6 is a good goal for 2012.

That 3-6 mark seems to make more sense, as I read comments and look deeper. If you figure the good “season” is about five or so months long, give or take, and somebody plays in a tournament every month or two, 3-6 works out well.

Aaron C makes a good point about tournaments being good for experience, and I wouldn’t disagree.

I’ve played one tournament so far and only plan on playing a few more at most just because of my schedule. If I could play more, I definitely would. Tournaments are always a good experience.

Brian Buller brings up an interesting point, too — not having PDGA tournaments near where he is.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any PDGA-sanctioned tournaments near where I live and I don’t have the money or the flexibility with my job to travel to a tournament. However, there are a lot of tournaments put on by the locals throughout the year. I played in my first-ever tournament this January and had a great time, so I hope to be able to attend more of them in the future!

With the economy the way it is, I’m sure many people may not be looking to hit up tournaments where they have to travel. At least the more casual players. If you consider entry fees from 20-50 bucks, gas, food and anything else, and it could be an expensive weekend. So that’s something people probably keep in mind when thinking about tournaments.

We’ll definitely re-visit this topic at some point and it will be interesting to see the end results.

And — as always — we’ll give a little something away to a random person for commenting on the poll’s page. This week’s winner is Brian Buller! Get me an address so I can send you something from the prize box!

Now, on with this week’s poll.

We want to know — How many rounds of disc golf (on average) do you play per week?

By round, we mean playing a full course once around. So, if the course you are playing is 18 holes, that’s a round. If it’s 27, that’s a round. If it’s a 9-hole course, that’s a round.

Let us know!

[poll id=”12″]

Vote away and let us know in the comments your thoughts about the amount of rounds you play per week. A random commenter will be selected for a prize, so make sure you leave your thoughts! (Remember, to be eligible for this, you must leave the comment here, not in other places!)

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 8: Rounds per week

  1. It usually varies week to week for me, but on average I would say about 5-6 per week. If I could, I would have a minimum of 3 rounds per day but it’s hard getting out there very often without a car.


  2. The local course I play most is a 9 hole that I can get around twice over lunch (say 3x a week) and then weekend play brings me to between 7-9 or so.


  3. I usually go out 2-3 times a week and try to play at least two rounds most days, but it doesn’t alway work out like that. I think I land in the 5-6 rounds a week category at this point, but with the weather getting nicer and schoolwork slowing down that number is definitely going up.


  4. Depends on weather and esspecially how much stress I have at work…I have a course five minutes from my work, so I can fit a round on that course into a one hour lunch break if I don’t daddle around too much 🙂


  5. I play a great 9 hole course on my university campus. Its such a short drive from my house, I usually make it out there five out of the seven days a week, and probably play at least two rounds every time I go out. So I get at least 10 rounds in a week, if not more.


  6. Me and some of the guys play two to three rounds of 18 a week. I like playing and I would play more if I could. Work schedule dictates how many rounds I get in, but it’s also great exercise playing that many rounds.


  7. I play between 3-8 rounds a day 7 days a week. I play from sunrise to sunset if I can and will play in rain, snow and tornadoes. I just can’t get enough!


  8. I’m brand new to disc golf, and I love it. I may play 5 rounds in a week and I’m always trying to find others to play with to try and gain some pointers!


  9. I’m currently super busy but do get out to the course like twice a week. The closest course is about 25 minutes away. But that doesn’t stop me from practic which I do twice a day for putting and about once a day for field work.


  10. Since the days are longer and Panama City has two, 9 hole courses, I get to play 10 rounds or more a week. The courses are short enough that I can play 9 holes in about 25 minutes on the short course and 35 minutes on the longer course. I walk fast and there are any players here on my level (942 rating) so I usually am alone. I can play 3 full rounds on many days. I travel to other courses on the weekends and get to play 3 or 4 rounds on “real” courses. 10 complete rounds a week would be the minimum.


  11. Monday and thursday is league nites.one hour a day putting practice in the back yard + 2-3 rounds aday or more.plus 1-5 glow rounds a week to.so between 25-30 rounds aweek..wish I could play more..


  12. I voted 1-2, but it varies a lot throughout the year. Right now I’m focused on trying to finish the semester and graduate college, so it’s only been several times a month the last couple of months. Earlier in the year it was more like once or twice a week, and in the summer it’s usually more like 3 or 4 rounds a week.


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