Poll 6: Why do you play disc golf?

You disc golfers really do enjoy carrying plastic when you play some disc golf, eh?

Last week’s poll, “How many discs do you carry during a round?” really showed that golfers like having discs with them.

We had 468 voters cast a ballot in the latest poll and the winning selection — with 155 votes (33 percent) — was carrying 16-20 discs. In second — with 140 votes (30 percent) — was 11-15 discs.

That’s a lot of plastic!

To show more proof of that? Third place with 21 or more discs, which garnered 86 votes (18 percent). In fourth was 6-10 discs (71 votes/15 percent), followed by 2-5 discs (15 votes/3 percent) and one disc (1 vote).

The reasons for how many discs are carried differ — some carried more in tournaments, some in casual rounds (to test/break in discs). Some just carried a lot of discs. Other didn’t carry as many.

This is definitely a personal preference!

Reader Heymo says carrying 10 discs is all that can fit in the bag for now.

I’m trying to keep my bag simple and learn how certain discs fly first. … Once I have the feeling that I actually know what I’m doing with those discs I will probably branch out, but this might be a while.

Geoff raises a good point about the amount of discs, based on the course that is being played.

At my local course I know all the pin positions well and know exactly which discs I will be using. Therefore I often carry 6-10 there. When I do sanctioned tournaments, I usually bring 20+ just in case.

Trey notes that sometimes, the best things can happen with just one disc:

I’m a casual player only. I carry about 5 drivers, 3 mids, and a couple putt & approach discs. However, I must say a few of my lowest scored rounds came from playing with only an approach disc! Guess my arm isn’t quite ready for the maximum distance drivers I like to use.

Says reader Sonny, who carries four discs (putter, mid, fairway driver, distance):

I started doing this for the fun factor of being able to just carry my discs in my hand without bothering with using a bag. The fun factor part worked out great and I was surprised to find using just four discs actually improved my game.

I think there are two reasons this minimalist approach worked so well for me: I really learned what I could do with each disc, which gave me a lot of confidence in my shots, and the reduced decision making allowed me to concentrate on the shot in front of me without having doubts about disc choices.

That last part is food for thought, isn’t it?

Thanks to everyone who commented and voted. As usual, we like to send a little something out to a random person chosen from those who commented on the site.

This week, the randomizer over at Random.org selected Sam Thompson as the winner. I’ll be contacting you via e-mail for your address so I can send you a prize!

And now for this week’s poll…

We want to know why you play disc golf?

Is it the exercise? The fun? Hanging with friends? The competition? Something else? With this poll, you can select up to two answers.

Let us know!

[poll id=”10″]

I’m sure there are a few things we’ve missed in this, but we tried to capture as many things as we could. If there are different reasons, share them with us!

Vote away and let us know in the comments your thoughts about why you play. A random commenter will be selected for a prize, so make sure you leave your thoughts! (Remember, to be eligible for this, you must leave the comment here, not in other places!)

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 6: Why do you play disc golf?

  1. I had a hard time limiting my reasons to play to vote only 2 and ended up voting “Exercise” and “Family activity” because I enjoy working up a sweat in the summer and playing rounds with my son. I also enjoy “Watching the disc fly”, most of the time. Finally I enjoy “Relaxing” “Being out in nature” “Hanging out with friends” on an “Affordable” course.


  2. I voted relaxing and being out in nature. I would say those are my main reasons I play, because I love playing just for the chance to unwind and have fun. Often I play solo, but other times I play with friends which is also a good reason. Competition is fun sometimes also, but it tends to stress me out a little too much so it definitely isn’t the main reason I play.


  3. I voted “other” along with “being out in nature”: The “other” is recovery from some health issues that forced me to only do light exercise instead of something strenuous…


  4. As we all know, life can be stressful. Disc golf for me, is a time during my day where I can relax and enjoy something that I love to do. Whether I’m on the course, putting in the backyard, out by myself, or with a bunch of good friends, disc golf is my way of relaxing after a long day or week. Thank you disc golf.


  5. i chose enjoying nature and being with friends, though i do enjoy the competitive aspect of the game. I love exploring new courses and walking through the woods, and i love spending time with my friends while we play. What’s not to like? other than the trees that get in the way!


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  7. Wow, what a great question. For me, the reason that I play disc golf is because it’s my passion. It’s the one thing in my life that just feels right like it was meant to be. I enjoy every aspect of it: the exercise, competition, sportsmanship, adventure, relaxation, and time spent with awesome people. Not to mention it’s the one thing that I’m actually better than most people at doing.


  8. Only 2 choices were hard…I went with Family Activity (I love taking the kids out) and affordability. After I hit the vote button I realized just how much I have invested in plastic for the 3 of us and laughed at that choice.


  9. Had a hard time picking just two! Just being outside and taking my mind off all of life’s little worries were my two top ones. I also think disc golfers are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet in any sport and I always enjoy meeting new people on the course and talking plastic.


  10. I played ball golf on my college campus course for $5 a round and in ’86 when they shut the course down for maintenance I discovered Disc Golf and never looked back. My fist disc was a 185gr beach frisbee.


  11. Where is the ballot choice of “Playing for fun”? Yes, disc golf is a “fun” form of exercise. I find it “fun” to watch the graceful, colorful discs fly, as well as try to throw them farther each time, while improving accuracy. It’s “fun” to have the choice to share time with family and friends in such a “fun”, absorbing, activity. It’s “fun” to have entertaining and puzzling challenges within such a variety of surroundings, natural or manmade. It’s “fun” to have so many choices of discs to carry and methods to carry them. It’s “fun” because of so many places to play and practice, whether it’s a backyard, an open field, a local park, or even a vacant beach. It’s “fun” because players can choose to have relaxing games or intense competitive contests. It’s “fun” because the cost of play accommodates any income level. We don’t have to have prestigious affiliations, expensive clothing, drive golf carts, drive fancy cars, or join expensive organizations, unless, of course, you can afford these things and/or pursue tournament travel and play. The point I”m making is that the sport is accessible and accommodating to most anyone. If you can’t buy discs, you can even start building a collection by finding them. It’s “fun” not to have to lug a heavy bunch of golfing irons around or struggle to hit and direct a little ball with the end of expensive sticks. Somehow, “throwing” seems more “natural”. I think disc golf is also more “fun” in that it offers more advantages than regular golf. For example, I believe it’s easier to find a bright colored disc than it is to find a little white ball. It’s easier to buy a new disc than pay for new grips on golf clubs! We have the freedom to throw using shoes without cleats. Disc golfers can play in lower-light environments using LEDS! Another “fun” advantage is that disc golf has to be one of the safer sports. You
    don’t have to be a “Goliath” to play. I’ve been out-thrown by a 10 year old! It’s fun to meet new people who enjoy the same rewards, and almost everyone has been super-friendly and willing to help anyone get started or find a disc. The list goes on… Golly, now that I’ve written all of this, maybe I’m wrong! Truth is, I believe we’re all playing because of the “freedom of choices” and the “rewards” the game offers! …And I guess that goes back to the basic love for freedom and acceptance that most of us crave and enjoy. End of story!


  12. I had same issue, limiting it to 2. I started play after injuries limited some of my other pass-times. No more ball golf, mountain biking, rock climbing, or snowboarding for a few. Disc golf gets me outside exercising, out with friends & competition. A good day is 18 holes, a great day is 36!


  13. Although I initially began playing because it looked fascinating, I find the most rewarding rounds to be the ones played with friends and my students. The affordability of the sport attracted me to it initially, as well.


  14. Only two choices is tough. I think all of them are true. I enjoy meeting people with the same interests. I like to find out how long people have been playing so I can gauge my progress since I’ve only been playing for a year. Most of the players are also general sports fans. Plus disc golfers are just plain friendly.


  15. Great poll! It definitely was tough to narrow it down to two choices, but just as the current results show as the top two, I selected relaxing and being in nature. It’s the best “out” that I have from the world!


  16. I voted for hanging with friends and watching the discs fly.

    I love the game. I enjoy playing disc golf solo, it becomes me against the course. I prefer to play with friends and random disc golfers because that’s where my technique improved and I learned a lot about getting better. when I play with friends its always a fun game with lots of riffing on each other and having awesome/random/problem-solving conversations.


  17. I originally got into discgolf through a friend. I had played frisbee/object golf back in college. His job was soo stressful that discgolf was a way to blow off steam. So it was a great way to spend to spend time with my friend. He eventually got wrapped up in work and now hardly plays.

    I eventually realized that my sedintary life was taking its toll on my physical fitness. I decided to see if playing discgolf could help. I started just playing at least one round a week, rain or shine. I eventually uped my outtings to two and three times a week. Without changing my diet, which wasn’t very good, I was able to loose 65lbs just playing discgolf. I still continue to try to get in a round a week to keep fresh but have been able to get back in the gym and back in some of my better fitting clothes.

    Through playing weekly I have made many new friends. Most of whom do not live close enough to see on a regular basis. However, through discgolf tournaments and local minis I have been able to keep in touch. I look forward to my rounds now not only for the exercise but as kind of a hang out session with all my discing friends.

    Great Poll!!!


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