Poll 4: What kind of disc golf bag do you use?

Turns out many disc golfers are active in more ways than on the course.

At least according to the poll conducted on Rattling Chains last week. Each votes was able to choose up to three other sports they participated in besides disc golf.

For me, it’s only a couple of things. I like to ride my bike when I get the chance (albeit probably not as much as I should!) and I play softball as much as I can during the spring and summer months.

Outside of that, it’s the occasional hike and disc golf for this guy. And that works well for me. I could probably use a trip to the gym sometimes, but who couldn’t, right?

We didn’t get every sport listed, which kind of stinks with “other” receiving the most votes for the week.

Ninety-two voters took part in this past week’s poll, giving us a total of 178 votes.

Other earned the most with 27 votes for 29 percent of the vote. It was followed by cycling (23 votes, 25 percent). Baseball/softball, ball golf and just disc golf followed with 20 votes each (22 percent).

Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee, as well as sports such as tennis were mentioned in the comments.

And maybe all one needs is disc golf, eh? Said Brian Buller:

I answered just disc golf but then realized that I do get in an occasional game of Ultimate here and there in the summer, but not very often. It’s pretty much just disc golf for me. Why on earth would I want to do anything else???

And one of the beauties of being out playing disc golf is being outdoors, at least in my eyes. So it didn’t shock me that someone mentioned other outdoor activities mixed in with this. From reader @inourdr:

I use to play baseball but don’t have the time to join a league now-a-days. Most of my free time is spent snow shoeing in the winter and fishing or kayaking in the summer. I disc golf year round, which is quite the adventure in Montana.

Thanks to everyone who commented and voted. As usual, we like to send a little something out to a random person chosen from those who commented on the site.

This week, the randomizer over at Random.org selected John as the winner. I’ll be contacting you via e-mail for your address so I can send you a little something!

And now for this week’s poll!

Avery Jenkins, who also blogs here at Rattling Chains, recently did a review in conjunction with DG Squared about the GripEQ bag he wears. So it got me thinking — what kind of bag does everyone out there wear?

I started with a small Fade bag, which was nice as I could put three or four discs and a bottle of water in there with no issues. But I grew out of it, not just with discs, but with other things I wanted to carry. I’m now carrying a Revolution bag and I really dig it. But I’ve seen so many other interesting bags — including the GripEQ bag Jenkins carries — that are intriguing.

I’ve done my best to get all bags listed here and I apologize if I’ve missed one. Hence why I’ve added the “other” selection again.

[poll id=”8″]

So vote away and let us know in the comments why you have the bag you do. Maybe you upgraded as well? What did you used to use? A random commenter will be selected for a prize, so make sure you leave your thoughts!

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 4: What kind of disc golf bag do you use?

  1. I started with a small Innova bag holding under 10 discs and a water bottle. After I got more discs I updated to a bag holding about 15 discs. Currently I’m happy with my Fade Gear Tourney Bad holding 20+ discs and TWO water bottles. After carrying the Fade bag for a season I got the back straps!


  2. I started with an Innova DISCarrier for that the simple fact that it holds a LOT of stuff. I was told to get bigger then you think, because your going to fill it quickly. I had that bag stuffed with so much plastic it was insane. After I grew tired of that I picked up a Gorilla Boy Kong, which I can’t say enough positive things about. My current and last bag was bought as a Christmas present for me two Christmas’s ago. That bag is the Mystery Ranch Golf Mahal, and let me just say it’s arguably the best bag on the market today.

    If you are looking into upgrading or just purchasing a new bag, I would highly suggest looking into a back pack style bag. The ride is amazing compared to carrying around your bag with quad or shoulder straps. My back doesn’t hurt like it used to, and I don’t feel as tired after the round as well.


    • I just peeked that that online… holy crap! I’m not sure I could carry something like that for a whole round/tournament, but wow is that some piece of equipment!


  3. Fade Tourney for me. Bought it used with Innova quad straps. Used to use a Lighting bag, but grew out of it and it started falling apart.


  4. I have both a Revolution Pro w/ Phenix Quads and a Grip Eq. I much prefer the Grip because of how it rides on my back. It sits much higher and doesn’t sway side to side and slam into my lower back while walking like the Revolution does.
    I’ve definitely noticed a major improvement in stamina and back pain during and after the round after getting my Grip bag.
    The only thing I actually miss about my Revo is the large side pockets.


  5. Started with a small Innova bag too. Then I bought a friend some discs for his PDGA tourney bag. Now I’m in the market for a new one. Thinking about hitting up No Excuses Disc Golf.


  6. Started with a small Innova bag like the rest. Been using a Fade Tourney for about a year and a half with Quad Shocks. It’s been a great bag so far but I plan on upgrading to a Mystery Ranch Golf Mahal next winter. Hoping to win one this summer though.


  7. I’ve got the Innova Deluxe right now, but I think I may be the only person who posts here who is thinking about downsizing. I am going to pick up a Fade Lite and try and dial my molds down for a bit. Either that, or a NutSac, but I don’t think I want to spend that much right now.


    • I am actually thinking about downsizing, as well. As I try and improve and such, fewer discs are needed and carrying a big bag with too many discs doesn’t help me. I’ve been looking at the NutSac line of bags and it might be worth downsizing, if not just for casual rounds.


  8. I voted Gateway because my secondary bag is the Gateway backpack bag. I’ve been playing for 9 years and I’m on my second one. My primary bag is the Wallaby bag which straps on a piece of plywood and rests on a ball golf pull cart.


  9. I started out with the Revolution Carolina bag, then upgraded to the dual pack soon after. I really like the room it has for a lot of discs as well as compartments for personal stuff (cell phone, keys, etc.) It is a great bag that I have used for 3 years. It is a great bag for mountain courses as well. I would really like to try the grip equipment bag to see how it holds up to the revolution dual pack.


  10. I spotted the Fade Gear “Zombie” limited edition bag on sale back in September and clicked “Add to Cart,” knowing my son would LOVE it for his 11th birthday present! Then I thought, “Ah, what the hell, the old man needs a new bag, too,” so I clicked “Add to Cart” again and retired my old Innova tourney bag once the 2 zombies showed up on my doorstep. My son thinks it’s super cool not only having a unique (and badass) bag to carry his equipment, but his dad has a matching one! We also have matching MVP Axes, if such digressions are allowed on this bag-only thread.


  11. I mainly use a fade gear crunchbox, but for tournaments I have a fade gear tourney bag (evil pecker) that I use with a Go Cart. Makes life much easier.


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  13. I had a Fade crunch bad until my bag got too big! I just ordered the fade tourney size and cannot wait for that! Fade is the cheapest but I believe is great quality and I’ve never had a problem w any fade bag.


  14. One reason in particular that I like my Fade bag is the fact that the raised ‘foot-pads’ keep the base of bag from getting worn due to contact with the ground. Other than that it’s simply designed but seems pretty rugged and well constructed.


  15. I have two Revolution bags that I switch between, based on the number of discs I want to carry. One is a Texas bag that my son got me as a Christmas gift in 2005. It’s still in great shape and is used weekly and in tournament play. The second is also a Revo bag – a mini that came in the player’s pack for 2007 Am Worlds. Great for carrying 8-10 discs and a water bottle, when I don’t need a lot of other stuff. Both bags have held up extremely well and will probably be OK for a few more years.

    It helps if you don’t kick them.


  16. I got my first bag, and Innova Starter Bag, from a local sports store after acquiring about 4 or 5 discs. After I had just about filled that bag with plastic I decided it was time to upgrade since, being the disc golf addict I am, the bag was starting to wear from too much use. I then purchased an Innova Standard Bag, from the same local store, and found it to be not only more durable but that it could hold an extra disc or two, plus it had more pockets for stuff and a bigger water bottle holder. Now, I have way to many discs to try and cram into that thing so I’ve been doing a lot of research online and I’m thinking about getting a Fade Gear Tourney Bag, not only for the storage, but the price too. Then I saw this blog post and read some comments which made me start wondering if there could be a better choice out there for me. Any suggestions?


  17. I guess I’m a wild card in that I have seen a number of bags which are well-suited for a player’s preference of carrying discs and supplies. My perspective is directed more toward the convenience of carry rather than the quantity of discs or number of bottles of water a bag holds. With regular golf, I found that carrying my clubs caused a lot of back, neck, and shoulder strain over time and I’ve discovered the same to be true about disc golf bags. Most of us can recall the past studies and discoveries that reveal that children’s health can be seriously affected by carrying the excessive weight of school books on a regular basis. Women are known to have back and neck problems by carrying large bags on a daily basis, so doesn’t it make sense to avoid such health risks? I’ve opted to use a cart for carrying my discs, water, and extra supplies. A three-wheeled jogging baby stroller easily converts into an excellent disc/water/supply carrier. I’ve seen some throwers converting regular golf pull-carts into disc golf carts. With a cart, the particular brand of bag is not really as important as the ability to carry the desired capacity of discs and supplies. A player can carry a lot more variety of discs, more water, a lunch, extra clothing, etc. with a cart than with a shoulder bag, plus not have to worry about the influence of muscular strain that may affect his or her throwing ability during play. If anyone is interested, I bought a new (2012) Jeep three-wheeled jogging stroller online for about $165.00 which has been worth every penny. My vote is for disc golf manufacturers to direct their research and marketing efforts toward disc golf carts (preferably, ones with seats) more than worry about their current bag designs. Oh, one last point, please… If you manufacturers pursue the cart idea, please include a bicycle tire pump and rack as on racing bikes in the event one incurs a flat on the 12th hole so a player can put enough air into a tire to finish the round. (The Jeep model even has a tray that perfectly accommodates several mini-disc markers, which is another convenient selling point.) Thank you, kindly, for this topic. Laugh, if any of you wish, but in time, we’ll see who laughs last.


    • I won’t laugh, that’s for sure. I’ve actually seen more and more of people with homemade pull carts for disc golf. It makes sense, to be honest. I don’t think I’m personally to the point where I would need one, but for the players who carry a lot of things, it makes sense. Especially during a long tournament!


  18. I owned a Gorilla Boy Kong for 6 months and loved it, wish I had the evolution series. Then my brother ran it over and I played with it for another 12 months. Shows some good quality manufacturing, but I found myself across the world at the biggest event in my life and the last thing I needed was to be worried about how my torn up bag will fair in the upcoming weather. So I did the best thing and bought a Grip EQ and never looked back. That first round was heavy downpour. I pulled out my rain fly and never worried about slipping a grip because my bag was so dry. This Grip is so durable and always looks clean. No more dusty straps all over your clothes and no more swinging of the bag. Other than that I’m thinking of picking up a casual bag from Gorilla Boy, Evolution Squirrel Monkey, to carry a few Discs for those not so long courses.


  19. I use two bags! I have the Nutsac (double) for just playing with friends. Its great i made fun of them for years but found one super cheap so I gave in and haven’t regretted it! My main bag is a Revolution “Carolina Team” bag With Phonix Qaud Straps on it. It’s my beautiful baby… SO GET YOUR HANDS OFF!


  20. Fade Gear “Fly or Die” limited edition bag with Innova backpack strap, great bag everything fits in it.. at some point i would like a backpack style like a Grip but for now i dont have the money.. .


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