March 24: What’s in your bag?

Note: This is the second of two weekly features we’ll be running at Rattling Chains. Both features — the Photo of the Week and What’s in your bag? — give readers the chance to submit to the site.

Until we build up several of each of these, we’ll be swapping these every other week. Once we build a good amount of them, we’ll run one of each every Saturday.

For the first week, I’m going to run what’s in my bag to show the items we are looking for. See the end of this post for information on submitting your bag and contents! We look forward to seeing what you have!


Here's what's in my bag

I have a bigger bag than I need, but it was a gift and it’s hard to turn down a revolution bag. So in a given round, here’s what I carry in it:


  • Innova Katana Blizzard (132g) — new to the bag
  • Aerobie Epic
  • Innova Beast (150)
  • Innova Valkyrie (150)
  • Innova Pro Leopard (166-yellow) — this one is beat in really well
  • Innova Pro Leopard (166-orange) — still working in
  • Vibram Trak (171)
  • Vibram Ibex (173M)
  • Discraft Buzzz (171)
  • Innova JK Aviar (175 — carry two).

What else?

  • Usually two 32oz Nalgene bottles of water, but carry one per 18.
  • Granola bars/trail mix
  • Waterproof scorecards
  • PDGA Rulebook
  • Two minis
  • Camera (during casual rounds, I usually bring my digital SLR)
  • Notebook (for notes about discs etc.)
  • Several pencils

My bag is a Revolution “Carolina” Team Bag with Innova gel straps. It’s the most comfortable pairing I’ve found to carry discs (and other items).

The straps make the bag lighter, it seems.

During tournaments, I’m more apt to make things as light as possible — so no camera etc. If it’s hotter, I’ll carry both water bottles as I tend to drink as much as possible when out playing. I hate getting to like hole 15 or 16 and feeling like I’m immensely dehydrated because I didn’t drink on a regular basis. So, two bottles per 18 becomes a must in the warmer months.

I used to carry more discs — but realized I didn’t use them all. During tournaments, I take a few out as well so I’m not tempted to do something silly. This helps eliminate a little weight so I can carry both water bottles etc.

That’s what’s in my bag.

What’s in yours?

Want to submit your bag and contents? Here’s what we need: A couple of photos of your bag and discs. Put together a list of everything you carry in the bag — from food to discs to anything else. Then maybe give a paragraph or two about your bag and if there’s anything you do between casual and tournament rounds etc. Finally, don’t forget your name, location and home course! Cell phone photos are fine, but please try and make it as high quality as possible. Grainy shots might not be able to be used. E-mail all of these things to pj [at] with the subject “What’s in my bag.”


0 thoughts on “March 24: What’s in your bag?

  1. my bag:
    2 black yeti’s 170
    4 dx rocs 180 (from new to beat)
    2 champ eagles
    1 champ teebird
    still working out the drivers
    pro destroyer 171
    p-line frenzy 170
    blizzard destroyer 145 (just got it today)
    champ sidewinder 172
    star teedevil 171
    star archon 171


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