Poll 3: What other sports do you play?

It sounds like many disc golfers don’t like to worry about music playing to get through a tough round.

Last week’s poll produced some excellent comments and thoughts about whether or not one listens to music when playing.

Some do it during casual and not in tournaments. Some seem to need it to really prepare. Others won’t have it at all.

The interesting part is it seemed like a couple people might be talking about having music without headphones. Now that would be crazy and I would not be able to deal with that. Not because of the noise, but because of music preference. If I am in a situation where somebody has a genre of music playing that I don’t care for, I’m just going to get upset.

I’m not playing to get all upset and I’m sure most others aren’t as well.

Well, outside of that missed putt or two.

I personally voted no as I’ve never listened to music when playing. I have, however, kept the iPod in my pocket in case I needed it to block something or someone out. I haven’t had to use it.

Some people had some interesting thoughts, however, so I wanted to share a few of the comments.

Reader Aupps said:

If I’m playing by myself, I find that it’s a great time to catch up on podcasts. I once tried to listen to music during a tournament and thought that I was being rude, so I haven’t done that since.

Podcasts caught my eye in the comments as some people mentioned them. I’ve never thought about that as I personally I don’t know if it would help me concentrate, as I would get engrossed with that over the disc golf! But if it’s a casual round by yourself, I imagine it would be a great time to catch up on podcasts.

Jenny C says:

I’ll listen to music during a solo casual round and often times during tournaments. Most of the time, I only have one ear bud in, so I am always aware of what’s going on around me. Always.

I would say that’s a good way to do it, as long as others can’t hear it as well. I’ve played with people that listen to music and it doesn’t bother me. But one time someone had it so loud — and doing the one ear bud thing in — where I could hear from the other bud. So we had to ask him to turn it down. It worked out OK, so it was never an issue. But this can be a good way because the music can work for you, yet still make one part of the group etc.

Bruce L says:

One reason I love this sport is the beauty of nature and the banter of those you’re with, so why would I ruin that with music? I know one person who listens to static when competing, sheeesh!

It’s a great point to be out in nature and with friends. As for the static? That would drive me nuts in, oh, about two seconds. But, to each their own, right? If it helps this person play, then awesome!

Along the same lines with nature, Kyle chimes in with an excellent comment:

Maybe when I’m practicing, but definitely not when I’m on the course. I listen to music when I study, drive, cook, clean, workout, etc. The course is a place to unplug. When I’m playing it’s just me, my group, the course, and the game.

That’s something I always loved about ball golf. Proper etiquette is a great excuse to shut off your phone and ignore the outside world for 4 hours. We spend enough time being plugged in. The music and phone calls can wait.

This is really good food for thought. I know a couple of solo rounds I have played, I have thought about music. Then I just grab my bag and go play. The sound of nature or whatever else is really nice to relax. I also like to carry my camera on solo rounds, so if I am stopping and snapping shots, it’s good to be able to hear if people are coming near me.

Disc golf, indeed, is a nice way to unplug. Excellent thoughts, Kyle.

Thanks to everyone who commented. As always, I like to give a little something away for those who commented, so the winner this week is Bandit. Congrats and thanks for being a reader. Please e-mail me your mailing address so I can get something out to you.

The final tally for last week’s poll? Out of 131 votes, 62 percent (81 votes) said no to listening to tunes when playing. That left 50 votes (38 percent) who do listen.

And now for this week’s poll…

With so many sports out there set up for adults, we want to know — what else do you play? Or maybe disc golf is the only sport you play. There are 11 options (including “other” and “disc golf only”) to choose from and we’ve set it up this week so you can answer up to three things.

[poll id=”7″]

Vote away! Let us know what else you play and feel free to expand in the comments to have a chance to win something from the prize box! And let us know, too — does the other sport help or make you do things differently when playing disc golf?

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 3: What other sports do you play?

  1. I was at the Shelly Sharpe Memorial course in Scottsdale last year and saw somebody combining a run with a round of DG – running from hole to hole, carrying just a few discs. It actually looked kind of fun.


  2. @Mark Woods: I knew a guy who always ran the course while carrying just a driver and a putter. He would do it barefoot too! He was a serious marathon runner and I guess he combined the training with his love of the game. I used to see more people do it in Huntington Beach, CA. a while back and I’ve seen an old YouTube video with footage of an event where people would throw and run a specially designed course. I’ll try to find the link.


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  4. I voted disc golf only. However, if the poll had been what did you used to play before disc golf, I would have voted ball golf, racquet sports, and baseball/softball. My love of disc golf and time constraints crowded out all the other sports I used to do.


  5. I used to play college baseball, it wasn’t until I was done that I realized I needed a new hobby. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to play disc golf. I have went only a handful of days not playing since. The rest is history.


    • Basketball was on the original list. I totally blanked on that one as I know many who play both. As for ultimate, no reason it’s not on there. But I could have put so many others on the list I had to cut somewhere. The hoops one I regret not having on there. At least there’s an “other” so people can put those down though! 😀


  6. I find that tennis helps my disc golf game because I seem to use the same muscles fore hand and backhand. I also like a little cardio. The only time my heart rate increases in dg is when I flub a short putt or tag a tree on a drive. But back to tennis, the muscle movement I produce durring a casual round of tennis is very similar to dg, if you dou something enough you develop muscle memory which makes you repeat the same swing or stroke and promotes consistency.


  7. I use to play baseball but don’t have the time to join a league now-a-days. Most of my free time is spent snow shoeing in the winter and fishing or kayaking in the summer. I disc golf year round, which is quite the adventure in Montana.


  8. I answered just disc golf but then realized that I do get in an occasional game of Ultimate here and there in the summer, but not very often. It’s pretty much just disc golf for me. Why on earth would I want to do anything else???


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