Does it rattle the chains?


It’s awful nice out this weekend. Everything I’ve seen is great weather.

In other words, as much as we love for you to be reading us, get outside and play some disc golf! We’ll be here waiting when you get back!

I’m actually playing in a tournament this weekend (eek! First of the year) and being that’s the case, I wanted to get something fun up.

Last weekend, I did some photos of disc golf things. And I was trying to capture certain things. But a series of shots I got with this Vibram putter of mine really came out cool.

So I ask to you — did this disc go in the basket?

Or, should I say, did it rattle the chains or fall to the ground?

What say you?

For those who comment and get the right answer, we’ll give something to a random selection. It won’t be anything big, but we’ve recently gotten a few logo things and I’ll send one out to the winner.

Comment below. Rattle the chains or no? Feel free to say why you think it did or didn’t go in, too. I’ll announce the results and the winner when I do the results of the disc giveaway next week.

And I’ll have photos to prove what happened to the disc!

Have a great weekend!

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Does it rattle the chains?

  1. Definitely went in. I did some very unscientific calculations based on shadows, angle of flight, distance between disc and basket shadows, distance between disc and basket, your PDGA rating, your camera skills, and then came to this illogical conclusion. You banged the chains!


  2. I think it rattled the chains, but it also shimmied and slid right through to the other side and fell out. It’s one of those putts that make you jump up and down screaming to the world that you’re going to design a better basket one day.


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