Some shoutouts and looking ahead

We'll always look for sweet disc golf photos -- so rattle those chains!

First, allow me to say we won’t be doing posts like this too often. I wanted to do it now because it’s the end of the first week of this blog and we were blown away with the reaction the blog got.

I won’t lie when I say we had very low expectations when it started. But as a former sports writer, getting back into regular writing and interviewing and coming up with ways to make this blog exciting, I really had the itch to continue.

The disc golf community has fully amazed me.

Between the tweets, comments, e-mails and ideas that have been sent in — as well as all of the comments on the posts and such, it’s been quite a wild first week here at

And, of course it would go without saying that we were blown away when 2009 PDGA World Champion Avery Jenkins agreed to join the small crew and offer his amazing insights, thoughts and everything else about the National Tour and disc golf.

So thank you, disc golf community. I can express my thanks enough.

We are going to try and keep the pace up of some sort of new content on the site each day — whether big or small. There will be days that go by without something, but our goal is to make that few and far between.

Now we need to keep it up!

We’ll have our weekly contests, polls and results that will be part of the regular rotation of things on the blog. There are some people who have expressed interest in writing as well and we encourage that. We also have a good list of things coming, but we want to mix the blog with in-depth stories, features, interactive things and fun stuff.

I’m going to have some things from my crazy world of disc golf as well (as I continue my quest to break the 700 rating barrier — yeah, I’m no pro)!

But I don’t want to write about us too much. This site needs to be about you as well.

So we need your help!

The first thing we are trying to do is put together a list of people who are willing to be contacted for stories. Basically, we would contact you to make sure you feel comfortable about the topic we are writing about. If so, you will getsome questions through e-mail. Simple enough, right?

If interested, drop an e-mail (my e-mail is at the end of this post) with your name, location and home course. That way if I am going regional, I know people in certain regions etc.

The second thing is we have two weekly features we are starting to work on. There are a few submissions, but we want to get as many as I can so there’s always some ready to go!

The first is “What’s in your bag?”

What is needed is a photo or three of your bag and discs. Then a list of what you carry when you play (discs, drinks, food, extras etc.) and maybe the one, two or three discs that you would never be without in that bag of yours.

If you submit this, all can be done via e-mail and please include, again, your name, location and home course.

The second is the photo of the week. These photos can be taken from whenever. Anything disc golf. A great shot, an odd landing, a basket in a cool setting — whatever. Just please give me the story behind the photo, when you took it, where and, when possible, some technical info (camera used, lens, anything like that) for people who might be interested in that sort of thing. Of course, please add your name and location, as well as the names of anyone else in the photo.

Other things we’d love to see? YouTube videos. Point us to some of your favorites. I’d be more than happy to try and contact some of the people who do these videos and see what happened, how they made it and see if I can get a good story.

So e-mail us and help us make this blog about you!

I’m also currently trying to work on a post about dying discs. A few people have responded, but I need a couple more. If you are willing to share how you dye and if you have some photos, please contact me!


Look for results from this past week’s poll coming later today as well as a new poll. And this week, we’ll be giving away some plastic!

(Hey — disc golf stores and companies — we’d be more than happy to give away some of your stuff if you are willing to send us some! Anyone who donates will be mentioned and linked when we give that stuff away! Please contact us if interested!)

Thanks again to everyone for making this first week so fun and successful and we look forward to growing with the disc golf community!

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Some shoutouts and looking ahead

  1. Congrats on getting your site up and running.

    Also – I meant to write you last week and let you know that you are always more than welcome to link to any of my YouTube links for any of my Disc Golf Guy Video Blogs.

    Keep up the great work!



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