News roundup: Locastro joins Innova; several new discs out

It was recently announced that Nikko Locastro would be joining Innova this year.

The news seems to be piling up early in 2012.

We’ve gathered some of this news over the past few weeks, but with not launching until this week, we had to keep it as a bunch of briefs. Though much of this is all out there, we still wanted to share.

Locastro now with Innova

One of the top professional players in the world, Nikko Locastro, has left Gateway and joined the Innova Star team for this season.

Locastro is the 12th member of the Innova Star team. He joins Avery Jenkins, Dave Feldberg, Des Reading, Josh Anthon, Paul McBeth, Paul Ulibarri, Ricky Wysocki, Sarah Stanhope, Steve Brinster, Val Jenkins and Will Schusterick on the team.

On his personal website, Locastro said the decision wasn’t anything against any other company and that he was now focused on this year and beyond.

“After trying out new products in the off season and over looking my options I decided to go with Team Innova for 2012. … Having a mixed bag had its ups and down but at the end of the day it was something that happened for a reason.”

Nikko Locastro, on his website.

Locastro won last year’s National Tour championship, edging Nate Doss (Discraft) by one point.

According to a response from the Innova Facebook account on the company’s official website, Locastro must play all Innova products, which also includes Millennium and DiscMania.

Innova’s official website also noted that Locastro is traveling with Feldberg and Schusterick on the Non-Stop Disc Golf Tour with plans of playing in more than 40 events in 2012.

Disc releases

Several discs have recently reached or are reaching the market.

Innova has released several of those discs, including three that came out March 5. Those discs include the Champion Mamba, Champion Super Stingray and Champion King Cobra. The Mamba, a distance driver, also comes in a Star stamp.

Innova Mamba.

According to Innova, the Mamba is designed to give maximum distance with minimal effort. The Mamba also has more high-speed turn than any other Innova long-range driver. And, Innova notes, for those with less driving speed, the disc will add distance. For a medium-armed thrower, it will shape long lines for turnovers and straight shots, as well as hyzer flips and big rollers. (Disc characteristics: 11 speed/6 glide/-5 turn/1 fade).

The Super Stingray (mid-range) is a straighter Stingray, for players with power. It has more of a blunt nose than DX and Star versions. Innova notes it’s not a Champion version of a DX Stingray, rather its designed for straight shots and finesse lines. (Disc characteristics: 4/5/-1/1).

The Champion King Cobra (mid-range) has stability. Innova says it should be straight under full power when brand new and should get straighter with age. Innova said the Cobra falls between the Shark and the Lycan. The Champion King Cobra is more stable than a DX Cobra. (Disc characteristics: 4/5/0/2).


DGA Undertow

DGA released a new fairway driver, the Undertow. The First Flight ProLine version of the disc was slated to reach stores by March 1, according to information released by the company.

DGA said the disc will provide a predictable long, straight flight with minimal effort to all skill levels. The rim should ensure a smooth release from a player’s hand. (Stability rating 1.0/speed 9/weights 164-174 gm). 

PDGA hands out 2011 awards

The Professional Disc Golf Association named its 2011 award winners in late February.

Nikko Locastro won his third straight Male Player of the Year award and Val Jenkins won her fifth consecutive Female Player of the Year honor to top the awards given.

The Rookie of the Year honors went to Ricky Wysocki and Catrina Allen.

The win for Jenkins moved her into a tie with former World Champion Juliana Korver for most Player of the Year titles for a woman. In 2011, Jenkins won three PDGA majors and four National Tour tournaments. She also earned the National Tour points crown.

Paige Pierce, the 2010 Rookie of the Year, finished second in the Player of the Year standings.

Locastro, who won the men’s National Tour points crown, won his third overall Player of the Year title. Ken Climo is the all-time leader with 11. Locastro won two National Tour tournaments in 2011. He also placed second in the Players Cup World Match Play tournament.

Reigning World Champion Nate Doss finished second in the Player of the Year standings.

Wysocki beat out finalists David Wiggins Jr., Seppo Paju, Ben Squires, Teemu Nissinen, and John Tompkins for the Rookie of the Year crown. He played in 44 events in 2011, winning one major and finishing second at two National Tour events.

Allen beat out Emma Rose Hanley, Miranda Fulton, Stephanie Vincent, and Maggie Drews for the female Rookie of the Year title. Allen competed in 38 events in 2011 and was a consistent top finisher.

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