Poll 54: Your game and where you’re at with it

Let’s realize something when it comes to sports — and it can be a hard truth to accept.

Sometimes, you reach a point where you will not get too much better — the peak. Whether it’s because of age, talent, physical ability or whatever else, sometimes you just get to a point and that’s it.

weekly_pollThere’s a reason we have professionals and amateurs in sports.

If everyone could get to a certain level, there would be many more millionaires in our society. How many of you dreamed of being a professional baseball, football or basketball player at some point of your childhood?

Odds are quite a few.

Alas, reality set in. Now we do whatever we do to get by in this world and disc golf is part of that.

Disc golf is no different than any other sport in the regard of peaking.

But we’ll touch on the rest of this poll below. First, let’s head back to last week’s poll and get some results and see what some people had to say.

We asked you if regulars at your course present a good image of disc golf to newbies and other park users. The high majority of the votes pointed to yes with 73 (70 percent) of the 104 voters saying yes. However, 31 (30 percent) of the vote went to no, which isn’t a good thing, folks.

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Poll 53: Giving a good image

We’ve been dealing with some interesting topics this week.

And, being we covered the family and cliques last week, we’re going to keep on that same page a bit and talk about how the old regulars give off the image of this sport to newbies or non-players.


But, as always, we’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s go back to last week and see what people had to say about that poll.

We wanted to know how you perceive disc golf.

There were 100 players who voted in this poll. Of that group, 63 (63 percent) said the sport is made up of cliques. The other 37 (37 percent) said it was one big happy family.

This was definitely quite a gap.

Let’s get some people’s opinions on this to expand on this vote.

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Poll 52: Family and Cliques

Before we get rolling with this week’s poll, we’ll clear up yesterday.

We hope you all enjoyed the story and everything. With how April Fools’ Day is now, it’s hard to slip things past people, so we wanted to have some fun. The thing about that day, in this day and age, it’s hard to truly pull something off. So the goal was to have fun and make people smile and laugh.


There will always be critics and skeptics, but we hope most of you enjoyed the story and everything else.

Now, on with the poll.

We’re going to tackle something many of us have seen. The inner-circle, or “old boys” sort of network in disc golf circles. Or, if you’re lucky, the lack thereof.

As the game grows, there will likely be situations like this. And, with society, it can often be a norm. So, we’ll tackle that in a moment.

First, let’s get back to last week’s question and see what some people had to say.  We asked you how many disc golf-related clothing items you owned. We had 197 people vote.

Of those voters, 91 (46 percent) said they owned 1-10 items. That was followed by 11-20, which garnered 41 votes (21 percent). None came in third (34 votes/17 percent), followed by 21-30 (16 votes/8 percent), more than 50 (11 votes/6 percent), 31-40 (2 votes/1 percent) and 41-50 (2 votes/1 percent).

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Poll 50: Booze during tournaments

To continue our series of polls of items on the course and about the rules, we’re going to touch on a pretty interesting one here.


weekly_pollIt seems like this discussion has likely come up many times before. And in the end, the result is often the same — no alcohol during tournament play.

Let’s clarify this, though.

These questions are more about PDGA-sanctioned tournaments. After all, it’s tough to police the non-sanctioned tournaments, especially if it’s an extremely lax setup.

So having your cordials during an event is illegal by PDGA standards. Never mind that many courses are in public parks and might have already made it illegal for you to have alcohol on park premises.

But for here, we’ll stick with tournaments. In the player Code of Conduct, a part of the PDGA rulebook, Section 3.3.10 says:

“Possession of alcohol from the start of play until the player’s scorecard is submitted is not allowed. Such possession shall result in immediate disqualification at PDGA events sanctioned at B-Tier or higher. The Tournament Director may, at his sole discretion, elect to issue a warning to the offending player in lieu of disqualification solely at PDGA events sanctioned at C-tier and below. If a player has been previously issued a warning for alcohol possession at the same event, all subsequent violations shall result in immediate disqualification.”

That’s pretty implicit, no?

So let that stew for a bit. Before we get to the question and its merits, let’s go back and check last week’s question, which asked: Should people be allowed to smoke while playing in leagues and tournaments?

It was a lot closer than expected, that’s for sure.

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Poll 49: Smoking on the course

With such a good discussion with our last poll, it seemed like a good time to tackle this subject.

And it is quite a hot topic.

Now, at some point down the line, we’ll cover the wacky tabacky. For this poll, we’re sticking with the legal stuff, such as cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

weekly_pollThis is quite the topic in many places and it can get emotional. So it’s understandable that there could be different sides and thoughts to this poll question.

But, we’ll hit that up in a moment. First, let’s revisit our last poll, when we asked you about bringing dogs on the course.

Though we didn’t get as many voters as we hoped, this really had a great discussion. So, before we get to the discussion, let’s see the poll results.

We asked if people should bring their dogs with them when playing a round of disc golf. This was extremely close with 76 voters (52 percent) saying yes and 69 (48 percent) saying no.

So it seems like people are slightly in favor of it.

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Poll 48: Pooch patrol on the course

When you’re out for a day of discin’, many people have different thoughts on what the perfect day is like.

Some want to hang out with some pals and throw plastic. Some are solo and wanting to enjoy nature. Others are serious about doing different things to improve their games.

weekly_pollSome like to go out with their canine pals, giving a reason for both to get out for a nice walk.

Any way you look at it, people have different reasons for being out playing.

But if you’ve been to a tournament or a course where there’s a decent crowd, there’s a good chance you may have heard people’s thoughts about playing a round and having to deal with dogs.

There are some people who bring their dogs with them (though it’s not something you can do in a PDGA-sanctioned event), sometimes leashed, sometimes not.

And, with that, people have different feelings on whether or not these four-legged friends should be out there during rounds.

We’ll touch more on that in a moment. First, let’s go back to last week’s poll and see what people had to say.

We asked how many discs you planned to likely buy in 2013 and 205 of you answered.

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Poll 47: Buying discs in 2013

For those of us in states where there is actually a true winter, the season is somewhat approaching.

For those of you with great weather all year, well, the “official” season seems to be coming upon us.

weekly_pollThat’s right — disc golf season.

And with that will likely come many releases of discs from all sorts of companies, big and small. Some new plastic from Innova and Discraft, perhaps? Maybe a nice new rubber disc from Vibram? Or how about something from Latitude 64? Maybe you’re even salivating to see what this whole Prodigy thing is about?

Oh so many new discs will likely be coming at some point!

But we’ll get back to that when we talk this week’s poll.

First, let’s go back to last week’s poll and see some results.

We wanted to know how old you were when you first started this wonderful sport of disc golf. We received 227 votes for this poll and the results were close.

The winning age group was 21-30 years old, garnering 65 votes (29 percent). Right behind was 11-20 years old with 63 votes (28 percent). The group 31-40 years took third47 votes/21 percent).

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Poll 46: When did you start playing?

So many times at tournaments and such, there will be stories about when and how somebody started playing this wonderful sport we call disc golf.

Whether via parent, stumbling across the game, your friends, etc., you had to have started somewhere.

weekly_pollEven more incredible is the age somebody started at. Some kids were extremely young when they were playing disc golf.

As the sport continues to grow and age, will there one day be stories of a kid and his or her father throwing a disc at a basket such as stories about having a catch with their father?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s still interesting to know.

We’ll get to that below in our weekly question. First, let’s go back and check out the responses from last week, when we asked if you had ever broke a disc while playing.

We received 114 votes for this poll (but, unfortunately no photos!) and there are some people who have broke a disc.

The no vote won this one, garnering 72 votes (63 percent). There were 42 people (37 percent) who said yes, though.

Let’s check a few of the comments.

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Poll 45: Busted up plastic

In parts of the United States, Canada, Europe and elsewhere, it’s winter.

By winter, we mean snow, ice and cold.

weekly_pollSo while playing a round of disc golf in Southern California in the low 50s may be cold to some, that’s not really winter, per say!

The frigid weather in the Northeast has been tough for some to get out and chuck plastic. But one thing that seems to pop up with some who play in that weather is photos of broken discs.

That’s the topic we’ll cover in this week’s poll.

First, let’s check back to last week when we asked if you every had been part of building a new disc golf course.

Those who responded were split.

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Poll 44: Building disc golf courses

OK folks, it’s poll time.

The sport of disc golf is something that people look at on different levels. There’s the one-disc player, casual players, kids, tournament players, local pros and top pros.

weekly_pollThere’s probably more there, too.

But the essence of furthering this game goes beyond playing or beyond giving somebody new a disc. The game has to be out there to grow. Though this is a fast-growing sport, there are still a lot of people who have no idea what the game is.

One big thing is the lack of courses in some places.

Despite being able to tell people what the game is all about, or have them throw a disc in an open field or to a portable target, there needs to be more courses. Because as fun as this game is, if you show somebody and they then have to drive an hour or more for a course, the odds are probably more against that person not playing again than going and playing.

All courses have a place. Whether it’s a 9-hole pitch-and-putt to a well-designed 27-hole championship course. Still, they have to be built.

But we’ll touch more upon this below with this week’s question.

First, lets check back to last week’s question when we asked what your favorite type of disc to throw was.

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