Poll 26: Is disc golf really a cheap sport? Spending habits on notice!

Is disc golf really a cheap sport?

We know that most courses are free. And once you have a couple of discs you should be good to go, right?

I mean, how much more could this game take in regard to spending money?

That’s what we’re here to find out. I’ve talked to so many people recently about the money spent on this game. Equipment. Tournament fees. Travel expenses. Leagues.

It all adds up if you are highly into the game.

We’ll get back to all that in a moment, though. First, I’d like to re-visit last week’s poll to see what people thought about a little football.

Turns out not many people change their disc golf routine because of football season.

Of the 87 people who cast votes this week, 63 percent (55 votes) said no. The other 37 percent (32 votes) said yes.

Personally, I don’t plan anything around football. If I’m home, I’ll flip it on. But if there’s something else I wanted or planned to do, including disc golf, I’ll catch the score/highlights and everything else later on.

Let’s see what some readers had to say.

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