Pro Columns

Periodically, professionals will have guest columns on Rattling Chains. So far, that includes 2009 PDGA world champion Avery Jenkins and Ricky Wysocki.

You can see their columns by clicking on the links below.


March 9, 2012: Looking back at 2011 and forward to 2012

March 30, 2012: The 2012 season gets underway

April 6, 2012: Getting aggressive at the Memorial

November 14, 2012: Trick-shot battle: The making of Avery Jenkins vs. Brodie Smith


October 3, 2012: Cliff jumping and playing strong in Ithaca

October 17, 2012: Words with Wysocki: Exploring Philly and winning the Yetter


0 thoughts on “Pro Columns

  1. Texas disc golfer- 4 years

    started in Tyler Texas and now I play in the Houston area.

    Whenever I get the chance I play disc golf.


  2. Avert,
    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for the sport of disc golf and helping as many as you and your sister along with nate have done. Along with the support you have given to get more women involved it is great. My brother and I introduced my fiancee to disc golf and she fell in love with the sport and since she has started she hasn’t looked back she has been moving along great in the sport and has made great improvements from your videos along with help from everyone in the disc golf community here in Oklahoma. Thank you for the great work you have done.


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