Polls Archive

Here are the archives of previous polls.

Poll 1: Disc count

Poll 2: Tunes or no?

Poll 3: What other sports do you play?

Poll 4: What kind of disc golf bag do you use?

Poll 5: How many discs do you carry during a round?

Poll 6: Why do you play disc golf?

Poll 7: How many PDGA-sanctioned tournaments do you plan on playing in this year?

Poll 8: How many rounds of disc golf (on average) do you play per week?

Poll 9: Do you follow the National Tour Elite Series?

Poll 10: Are you a PDGA member?

Poll 11: In the given situation (read the post), how would you react?

Poll 12: What do you think will propel disc golf into the mainstream of sports?

Poll 13: What would make disc golf be worth paying $5-$10 per round?

Poll 14: How many people have you introduced to disc golf?

Poll 15: How many discs have you lost?

Poll 16: How fair-weather are you?

Poll 17: In a tournament, have you called someone out on a rule or courtesy violation?

Poll 18: How hot is too hot to play disc golf?

Poll 19: How far are you from a disc golf course?

Poll 20: How far can you throw a disc?

Poll 21: How were you introduced to disc golf?

Poll 22: What is your main throwing form?

Poll 23: What’s your longest break?

Poll 24: How much is too much for a disc?

Poll 25: Does football season change your disc golf routine?

Poll 26: How much do you spend, per year, on disc golf?

Poll 27: How many disc courses have you played?

Poll 28: Where do you buy most of your discs?

Poll 29: How many disc golf events do you watch per year as a spectator?

Poll 30: How many hours per week are you at a park playing or practicing disc golf?

Poll 31: Do you make the putt?

Poll 32: How many aces do you have?

Poll 33: If you could only play one brand for the rest of time, what would it be?

Poll 34: If money were no object, what/where is your dream course to play?

Poll 35: How often do you visit Rattling Chains?

Poll 36: What content is your favorite at Rattling Chains?

Poll 37: How long have you been playing disc golf?

Poll 38: How old is the oldest disc in your bag?

Poll 39: What was your best disc golf memory of 2012?

Poll 40: What is your top disc golf goal for 2013?

Poll 41: Does it matter, to you, that so many pros jumped to Prodigy?

Poll 42: Should there be a dress code at tournaments?

Poll 43: What is your favorite type of disc to throw?

Poll 44: Have you ever been part of building a new disc golf course?

Poll 45: Have you ever broke a disc?

Poll 46: How old were you when you first started playing disc golf?


0 thoughts on “Polls Archive

  1. I saw a guy during a league match,threw a bad tee then second shot hit a tree 20′ in front of him and started cussing, then threw his 3rd shot and hit another tree 15′ in front of him. He took his bag and threw it in a manner so all of his discs went flying out all over the place. LOL he spun around with his hands on his head not saing a word. Damn it was funny!!!


  2. Was out playing a round with my dG crew. When we made it to the chill out tee pad we let this single play through. Off the tee he rips a drive that put him within fifty feet of the basket. The peanut gallery gave him props. We get back to what we were doing when all of a sudden we hear this commotion. He missed his putt and blow up. Tossed his bag disc’s everywhere, stomping, cussing, CRAZY! Needless to say we were all in the mood to laugh and I about pissed my pants.


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