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If you are looking to touch base with some of the people who work with, here’s the quick contacts.

For all site concerns and story ideas, please contact P.J. at the e-mail address below.

P.J. Harmer
Founder/Executive Editor

Darren Dolezel

Steve Hill
Associate Editor

Jack Trageser
Instructional Director

Jenny Cook
Staff Writer

Ricky Wysocki

Avery Jenkins

Kevin Morrow
Contributing Writer


0 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. I was forced to take a 6 month break from disc golf due to health reasons. After kidney failure and a cancer diagnosis, I underwent months of chemotherapy in preparation for a stem cell transplant. I last threw in May, was transplanted June 1,and spent the next few months building enough strength and stamina to throw. My next full round was the day before Thanksgiving.


  2. I’d love to have the code for the new Disc golf app. I own a 18 hole course in Colorado…Wallwood Discountry Club and love to play. But we are snowbound right now and unable to play. I have the original Disc Golf game app but it seems quite elementary and not very challenging. I enjoyed your article and look forward to getting a code to obtain the app. As always, Throw often, Greg Wall


  3. Would love to see the game disc golf -3d on the android market as I don’t have a i-phone or an i-pad or a MAC operating system. Is there plans in the works for this? I currently play the Innova disc golf game (old game) by wizard-works on my computer which runs on windows operating system. I’m jealous! Thanks, Jim


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