Rattling Chains is a disc golf blog that covered all aspects of the game. We publish stories about professionals, amateurs, courses, product reviews and more. Our stories range in length from quicker reads to in-depth journalistic-style feature stories.

The site was founded in late 2011 by P.J. Harmer and launched March 2012. Early in the planning, Darren Dolezel joined the group to help with other aspects of the site.The two upstate New York natives pushed forward with the quest of making the site a popular place for disc golf enthusiasts.

Since the launch, several writers have joined the staff of Rattling Chains, giving readers different views and voices on the game. The blog continues to grow and strives to give readers the best disc golf content possible.

Unless noted, all stories are exclusive to RattlingChains.com. All rights are reserved. If you wish to use anything on the site, you may not do so without permission from RattlingChains.com. Please e-mail pj@rattlingchains.com is you are interested in using something from the site.

Staff members

If you would like to read about members of the staff, hover over the “about” page at the top of the site and you’ll see each person’s page listed.

Want to contribute?

RattlingChains.com is always searching for contributors. If you are willing to write stories or submit photos, please contact us. Further, if you just have some cool ideas, please contact us as well. If you have cool things going on in your club, or know of something that would make an interesting story, please let us know.

Please note that the site does not make money, therefore we can’t pay. We offer full credit and links, where applicable. If we get logo gear in the future, regular contributors will receive these items as well.

Touring professionals who might be willing to write a regular column about playing and anything else with be on tour are also encouraged to contact us. We have several ways you could file your blog entries/photos.

Comment policy

We will not do much in regard to moderating comments on the site.

We won’t, however, tolerate a few things:

  • Profanity, especially in excess;
  • Racist or sexist remarks;
  • Posts that speak about other people without facts or merit;
  • Insulting posts with an obvious made up e-mail address (We put our names on things, so if you want to comment, please do the same).

Please note that the staff of RattlingChains.com reserves the right to delete any comment left on the site. Also, all comments are in the public eye and can be used at any time in posts on this site.

E-mail: pj@rattlingchains.com with your ideas or thoughts!


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  1. Looks great guys! I look forward to reading the blog on a regular basis. Check out the Circle3 blog which discusses Vermont DG. Happy Huckin!

    ~Chris Young


  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! If you can, will you please give a shout out to this great disc golf idea! It’s called “The Brotherhood of the Traveling Disc” http://discgolfer.ning.com/forum/topics/the-brotherhood-of-the-traveling-disc?id=1809917%3ATopic%3A2426430&page=1#comments! And it records the travels of a disc named “Dad”. The disc belongs to a man named Victor, who lost his father too early. Victor put his Dad’s likeness on a disc and this disc travels the U.S. visiting all the places Victor and his Dad never could. It’s part of a web-based community called “Disc Golfers R Us” http://www.DiscGolfersRUs. It’s an awesome site for disc-minded people to chat and swap ideas, tricks, discs and stories. If you can not get into the Brotherhood link you may have to sign up for the site. Thanks for the consideration!



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