January 20: What’s in Your Bag?

This edition of What’s in your bag comes from Josh Rogers, who calls Dacey Fields Disc Golf Course in Franklin, Mass., his home course.


Rogers, of Bellingham, Mass., said he gets better each time he plays the par-62 course, a tightly wooded and low-option one. The tees are all natural as the course is still young.

As for his bag, he uses a Bass Pro Shops Extreme Qualifier 360 Angler backpack. It’s not fully converted, but it holds a lot of items with minimal impact on his shoulders.

The bag carries 14 discs. These include:

  • Latitude Test Material 2 Bolt (168 grams)
  • (4) Innova Beats in three plastics (randing from 162 in DX to 164 in champion and 168 in star)
The contents in the bag of Josh Rogers.

The contents in the bag of Josh Rogers.

  • Latitude 64 Trident (170)
  • (2) Latitude 64 Opto Rivers (172)
  • Vibram Obex (174)
  • Discraft Buzzz X (175)
  • Discraft Buzzz Z (177)
  • Latitude 64 Pure Eze Line (172)
  • Latitude 64 Zero Soft (172)

Also in the bag:

  • PDGA Rule Book/Competition Manual
  • 2013 inBounds Flight Guide
  • 2012 Marshall Street Flight Guide
  • Scorecards for the Pyramids Course at Marshall Street
  • Marshall Street Mini
  • Two Towels
  • One multi-knife
  • Two golf balls
  • One blue, one black pen
  • Permanent marker
  • Innova Pencil from my first tournament
  • Coin purse
  • Rain jacket
  • Umbrella

Want to submit your bag and contents? Here’s what we need: A couple of photos of your bag and discs. Put together a list of everything you carry in the bag — from food to discs to anything else. Then maybe give a paragraph or two about your bag and if there’s anything you do between casual and tournament rounds etc. Finally, don’t forget your name, location and home course! Cell phone photos are fine, but please try and make it as high quality as possible. Grainy shots might not be able to be used. E-mail all of these things to pj@rattlingchains.com with the subject “What’s in my bag.”


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