Win this great pack for the holiday season!

By P.J. Harmer — Rattling Chains staff

The holiday season is upon us!

And with that, I was trying to figure out a good giveaway for this month. I dug deep into the prize vault for a pretty loaded packet. There’s all sorts of stuff in here as I wanted to have a good prize pack to celebrate the holiday season.

December's giveaway!

December’s giveaway!

But … before that, I need to announce the winner of last month’s giveaway, the glow discs.

The winner of the glow prize pack was Luke Turnbull, whose comment entry earned him the pack! Congrats, Luke! An e-mail will be sent. Please get us the needed info within a week, or we’ll have to re-draw for another winner!

Anyway, on with this month’s giveaway.

This is quite a packed pack, so to speak. We have all sorts of goodies we are giving away. The contents are as follows:

  • 2 Rattling Chains minis (1 Zing Snipe, 1 Zine Aerofoil)
  • Rattling Chains bag tag (only 20 were made)
  • Avery Jenkins signed Topps Allen and Ginter card
  • HyzerFlip t-shirt (Large)
  • Discraft bag (given at the 2011 Ace Race)
  • Vibram Sole (174g)
  • Innova X-Out Champion Sidewinder (170)
  • Innova X-Out Star Mako (180)

Pretty sweet pack, right?

So what do you have to do? The same as each month. To gain entries, you have to do the items below. The first is mandatory — a comment on the blog — and you have to answer a question, which you can see when you click on that option. PLEASE answer that question as last time some people didn’t do so. We do this to make it fun and interactive.

Once you do that, the other items unlock and you can see what is there. You can earn more entries by tweeting each day, too. If you click on the tweet button under that option, there’s a tweet ready to go for you! Just make sure you’re already signed in.

Even better for those of you who follow us on social media or entered last month’s giveaway, the entries should be quicker and easier!

Enjoy and have fun! Good luck!

Enter below!

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If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


37 thoughts on “Win this great pack for the holiday season!

  1. I began discing this summer (2013) because my friend talked about it. I had always wanted to try but never really got around to it. Every time I went I came out with a new memory. The best would be when my best friend and I would go to the course across from the theatre we work at. Since we were beginners we weren’t the best. We had a few guys trailing behind us and once we got to the forest we hear “Hey gurrrrrl, whatchu doin?” Mind you, she just got out of a river to get her disc. We both laughed and that memory has stayed with us and we joke about it every time we go out now.


  2. Oops. I sent it off too soon.

    My favorite DG memory from 2013 was my first ever PDGA tournament. Prior to that, I had only played in one ace race (2011) and an ice bowl (2013). I was nervous to play in my first sanctioned event, even though I felt like I had read a ton about tournament play. The event was on my “home” course though, so I was excited to see how I matched up against the other locals. The first round I played lights out, and shot my personal best for the course, putting me on the lead card for round two. I was more nervous coming back to play round two than I was for round one. I did not know it was possible at the time. I did not do nearly as well in round two, but was still able to place in my first tournament. Even though it was only recreation division, it felt great.


  3. Best disc golf memory this year was winning rec women’s at my first post- baby tournament. Took the 5 month old daughter around with us for the morning round and she was quiet and well-behaved. Got a complete set of prodigy drivers with my voucher too!


  4. I, too, jumped on the enter button early. My favorite disc golf memory of 2013 was playing in my first GBO. Living KC I am no stranger to wind but the conditions of that tournament were like something out of a movie!


  5. My favorite disc golf memory of 2013 was a 5 day disc golfing extravaganza in western PA, eastern Ohio, and West Virginia with my brother. We’ve only been playing for a year and a half, and this was our first serious disc golf road tripping together. We hit ~10 courses, including stalwarts such as Deer Lakes, Orange Crush, and (my favorite) Moraine State Park. It was awesome, super fun, and made me appreciate how cheap disc golfing is! Seriously, we did the thing on a mega budget. We have two trips already planned for 2014 – one to Selah Ranch through Louisiana, with possible visits to Mobile and/or Jackson, MS, and another out to eastern PA via to hit Tyler/Nockamixon/etc via West Virginia (the Whipping Post!) and Delaware (Iron Hill and Brandywine!) – in what promises to become a yearly tradition. This past summer’s trip will always be remembered as the one that started it all.


    • That sounds awesome. My best friend and I went on a major league baseball road trip once, we saw 8 games, in 8 different stadiums, in 8 different nights. I have been talking with him about doing a DG vacation, but we haven’t worked out the details. Hopefully in 2014.


  6. My favorite 2013 memory was when I figured out how to throw a side arm with the correct feel. I am a very kinesthetic person and don’t really get the gist of the throw until I can feel it. This year,late in October I got the feel, and increased my distance by about 50 feet. Now I have to adjust to get more accurate.


  7. My best memory of 2013 was getting my dad hooked on disc golf. We have always had something to do together; hunt, fish, shoot, but those were slowly fading away. Disc golf was a chance top for me to bring something new. I took him out once last year and he enjoyed it. This year we went out more and he started calling me up about playing every month. He was fully hooked. We are still working on his funny forehand style, but I was most proud when he parked his first drive under the basket at our local course.


  8. Great giveaway! My favorite DG memory of 2013 was playing disc golf with some buddies on Thanksgiving morning. It was pretty cold, but we had a blast and it was a terrific start to the day.


  9. My favorite discgolf memory of 2013 was playing Pyramids with my older brother and my nephew (coming from 3 different States). The blog published a photo and brief story from that trip:


  10. So this year has been a big one for me in disc golf. My second season, and I hit the tournaments hard and early.

    I started with the Vineyard Social in March, Bowling Green Am Championships in April, and I made it to a PDGA tournament every month after that.

    I was offered the opportunity to play as a state representative for New Hampshire in the USDGC Performance series and was fortunate enough to have enough rated rounds, and some connections in the area to stay with.

    Seeing a course that I had only ever watched on youtube, and professionals that I had idolized online was a strange experience. I was thrilled with the competition, and still amazed to be a part of such a large event. I’ll be forever thankful for the places Disc Golf has brought me, and people I’ve met because of it.

    My favorite memory would have to be meeting Feldbeard after the USDGC and commiserating about infamous hole 18.

    Second favorite memory would be landing the 17th green for the first time at Winthrop.


  11. My favorite 2013 disc golf memory has two parts that go hand in hand. First, I qualified for our Freestate Doubles League finale. Second, my partner and I finished in third place overall!


  12. Looks like twitter is trying to stop repeat posts. You may have to take off the post to twitter every day option. You have to change something about the post to send it.


  13. I started playing disc golf this year with all of my co-workers. We call if Frolf. It’s just more fun that way. My favorite moment is playing Roscoe Ewing, the oldest course in Ohio, 30+ years old. We had a great time.


    • Oops I forgot to answer the question…

      It is so hard to pick a best disc golf memory for the year, but it was probably managing to get my first ever ace back in the Spring. Its hard to beat the sound of chains on your first throw for a hole.


  14. Attended and played in my first A Tier sanctioned tournament this year. It was awesome to watch the discs fly from pro’s like Jay Reading and Sarah Hokom.


  15. My best memory of this season was starting to play! I finally got into disc golf this year, and I’ve loved almost every moment of it, minus the many trees I’ve hit. My favorite individual moment was hitting a 30 foot birdie on a hole at my local course (Crane Hill Disc Golf Course) on a hole I had never even gotten a par on before.


  16. I have two. Taking 3rd place in the performance flight of the USDGC. It was a great experience to play Winthrop Gold and the whole tournament was awesome. The other was caddying for my girlfriend at her first ever disc golf tournament, the 31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships. She had a blast playing against the other women competitors.


  17. My best memory of disc golfing 2013 was getting back into the game after stopping after undergrad. My brother-in-law started playing again and gave me motivation to pull out my old discs. Helped me realize how much i enjoyed playing and made me recommit to playing more.


  18. My favorite moment was when I won the ring of fire at a B-tier. Winning this was so cool because I beat a field of about 20 pros, even though I am intermediate. It earned me an Eric McCabe Dyemax Judge as well!


  19. Best memory was playing in the Snowball Open this year. Very first time I have even played in the winter months. Cold, snow, and wind all made for a super fun event filled with some surprisingly good shots even with layers upon layers on and boots a size too big. I will now be out more and more in the winter time to practice on the game and just have fun.


  20. 2013 was my first serious year of playing so I did my first tournament and finished 2nd in intermediate. That was in August so I got better, so I’m excited to be moving up to advanced next year.


  21. I’ve already sent an apology through to PJ but also want to extend my congratulations to whoever won the redraw! Guilty of not checking in here often enough!

    My best memory of 2013…

    I think a disc golf road trip from NSW to Victoria (2,200km round trip) was definitely my highlight. A bunch of us (15-20) staying in the same accommodation for some fun and frivolity each night plus a fairly grueling three days of disc golf in crazy strong winds at the fantastic Ruffey Lake Course in Melbourne.


  22. This year I got back into disc golf and fell in love with the sport. SO motivated to get better! My favorite disc golf company right now is Innova, but I am excited to discover great products from a lot more companies.


  23. Being the asst td of the worlds largest b tier, Mi State championships. Being asst td at many jbird series events and helping at USADGC. Met allot of great people and got to see many friends all season.


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