Win some glow plastic!

By P.J. Harmer — Rattling Chains staff

It’s that time of the month again — our giveaway time!

As daylight gets harder and harder to see, we wanted to give something a little different. So how about some glow plastic?

The discs, glowing.

The discs, glowing.

First, though, allow us to announce the last winner — of the MVP plastic.

The winner of the MVP prize pack was Tricia Lafferty, whose Facebook entry earned her the pack! Congrats, Tricia! An e-mail has been sent. Please get us the needed info within a week, or we’ll have to re-draw for another winner!

And now, back to the task at hand.

This month, we’re handing out some glow plastic. That includes an Innova Aviar (big-bead), with some custom art by Rattling Chains crew member Darren Dolezel. We also have two glow minis — a Rattling Chains one and one from the 2011 New Jersey Jam, donated by professional Bob Graham.

I don’t have the weight on the Aviar, but if I remember right, it’s about 172.

The winner will be chosen at random by RaffleCopter at the end of the giveaway.

The discs, not glowing.

The discs, not glowing.

How it works: To gain entries, you have to do the items below. The first is mandatory — a comment on the blog — and you have to answer a question, which you can see when you click on that option. PLEASE answer that question as last time some people didn’t do so. We do this to make it fun and interactive.

Once you do that, the other items unlock and you can see what is there. You can earn more entries by tweeting each day, too. If you click on the tweet button under that option, there’s a tweet ready to go for you! Just make sure you’re already signed in.

Even better for those of you who follow us on social media or entered last month’s giveaway, the entries should be quicker and easier!

Enjoy and have fun! Good luck!

Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Win some glow plastic!

  1. There is something about walking around in the woods with your friends at night. How often do you actually do anything but sleep in the dark? I’m not just talking about the semi darkness we encounter with all the city lights, but the darkness that is only broken by glowing plastic and a couple of headlamps. There is something very special about seeing ONLY your disc flying and not seeing the normal obstacles. It’s really quite magical! I actually play better at night as all the distractions disappear.


  2. Glow rounds allow you to completely forget about the obstacles (trees) and just run at the chains on every throw. Plus the discs look awesome flying through the night sky.


  3. Glow discing is a great way to make sure I get my disc golf fix now that the days are shorter! I also like how there is nothing to think about beside the basket, no trees to fret over, just the disc and the basket


  4. I have never had the privilege of playing a glow round, but I want to. I have some glow discs already, just need to get an uv black light flashlight and charge and throw.


  5. I have never played a round of disc golf in the dark (except the courses that I play when I dream at night). I might have to organize an event myself.
    I do have one glow disc. A beautifull european open 2013 fundraiser Discmania PD2 bear by Skeet scienski.


  6. I have never played glow disc and didn’t realize you could do that! I have seen people throwing around a glowing frisbee. It looked difficult to play.


  7. Would love to play some night golf, but don’t have any glow plastic yet. Have a course about 2 blocks from the house, but have not played after dark yet. Could be a tough course to play at night though. Wooded with some steep hills.


  8. It lets me slow the game down to the pace I played before the days got way too short. It’s really hard to get worried about running out of darkness.


  9. Glow disc or lit rounds are a whole new course and usually you can entertain options or safari holes that wouldnt happen otherwise. playing your local track backwards, that sort of thing.


  10. My favorite part of glow golf if the privacy on the course. At my local course only a few guys are out there playing glow. So we have the course to ourselves and no one around to disturb us.


  11. Glow golf is generally the domain of the post dinner slightly drunk entertainment for nights during tournaments here. Even then, it’s not usually at the course given the distance most of them here in Aus are away from decent accommodation!


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