Guest post: Checking out 10 of the top disc golf courses in the country

by Jack Gaddens — for Rattling Chains

When people think about disc golf, they might picture it as something of a college quad-style hobby — and indeed that’s sometimes the general atmosphere for a lot of disc golf enthusiasts.


Of course, you can’t actually play a proper round of disc golf on a quad, but the basic atmosphere is an appropriate description — friends playing a casual, competitive game out in the open. However, many don’t realize just how much disc golf has spread.

In fact, in terms of its general spread and fan base, it’s getting closer and closer to actual golf!

OK, so that might be a little bit dramatic. Golf has worldwide appeal, is considered a major sport, and is constantly televised. Its players make millions upon millions of dollars at the pro level, and at the sports betting blog from Betfair, fans can even take their own risks simply by speculating who might win a match!

You get the idea — disc golf may not reach the level of traditional golf in the near future or create the amount of money ball golf does. But where the two may be more similar than one might think is in the availability of courses. All over the U.S., there are now outstanding disc golf courses made specifically for this sport, rather than acting solely as golf courses that can be messed around on.

The beauty of this game is how people can look at courses so differently. Some people like long, some short. Some may like hilly or a tree-filled course. Others might want it wide open to let it fly. It’s all subjective.

So just for fun — and in case you’re traveling any time soon and want to get in some disc golf — here are 10 of the top courses throughout the U.S., in one writer’s eyes. Enjoy!

Selah Ranch (Talco, Texas): This disc golf park features multiple courses, with the Lakeside and Creekside courses ranking #1 and 2 at

The Grange (Spotsylvania, Virginia): A beautiful private park featuring a number of unique courses, including the unique “Tiki Course.”

Flip City (Shelby, Michigan): This course has been maintained by a single owner for more than 30 years, and it remains beautiful and fun to play.

Base Camp (Moab, Utah): The Utah geography and backdrop makes for a unique course.

Deer Lakes Park (Tarentum, Pennsylvania): A fairly new, but highly rated park, which opened in 2006.

Holler In The Hills (Brownsville, Kentucky): Opened in 2009, it’s a course beautiful in its simplicity.

Highbridge Hills (Highbridge, Wisconsin): Overlooking the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, this course is unrivaled in its natural beauty.

Pickard Park (Indianola, Iowa): A course for serious players, Picard Park isn’t about views or tricks — just good old disc golf.

Shelton Springs (Shelton, Washington): This is undoubtedly one of of the best options on the west coast.

Phantom Falls (Pine, Colorado): A course that winds through pine forests and features 38 great holes, this is a great one to check out if you’re touring well-known courses.

Gaddens is an avid athlete and outdoorsman. He enjoys playing and discovering new outdoor activities.

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0 thoughts on “Guest post: Checking out 10 of the top disc golf courses in the country

  1. Deer Lakes is great – very polished – but I actually prefer a few other area courses. Moraine State Park is number one on my relatively humble list of courses played (23): similar to Deer Lakes, moving through a range of woodedness and elevation, but just a notch higher in terms of consistency. Orange Crush is an amazing and challenging course a few hours south in Fairmont, VA: carved completely out of the woods, it’s one of the toughest courses I’ve played. On the same site as Seth Burton Memorial, too, another quality course. Finally, Knob Hill is another western PA classic: doesn’t have the wow factor of Deer Lakes, but it’s more consistent and has an awesome flow. The area has a spoil of disc golf riches for sure. Worlds 2015!


    • The Gran Canyon in Brooksville Florida is amazing, throwing off cliffs and baskets placed on top of cliffs. Also great views from the top as it’s one of Florida’s higher points in the state.


  2. Certainly there are fabulous courses that have received little play because they are out in the middle of nowhere. I think my favorite is the one in a state park near the Montana/North Dakota border. That was truly the most beautiful and challenging course I have ever seen.


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