Sept. 30: What’s in your bag?

(Editor’s note: We are bringing back the “What’s in your bag?” feature to Rattling Chains. It will run once a month or so. If you would like to submit what’s in your bag, please check the details at the end of this post)

This edition of “What’s in your bag?” comes from Kris “Professor” Mickelson, who lives and manages a disc golf club in El Granada, Calif.

He’s played disc golf since 2010, and competed in the open division since 2010. Mickelson participates in the San Francisco Disc Golf Club weekly, which is held rain or shine each Sunday.

He also co-wrote a feature-length film script based on disc golf and is the owner of Half Moon Bay Disc Golf.

Besides disc golf, he also coaches little league baseball.

As for the contents of his bag, there’s a bit of uniformity. See, he notes, that he’s been there when trying to find a yellow disc for 10 minutes, just to realize it’s in his bag and he should have been looking for a blue disc.


So, Mickelson eliminated that by having all of his plastic custom stamped with a shield on them. He’s used the same person since 2005.

Take a peek at his discs:

Kris Mickelson's discs.

Kris Mickelson’s discs.

From the bottom center (Blizzard Blue) and going clockwise:

  • 159g Blizzard Katana
  • 175g Boss (Signed by Gregg Barsby)
  • 175g Spider
  • 175g Wraith (understable 2009 Star — just beginning to get sweet)
  • 175g Wraith (New and overstable — into a gail!)
  • 175g Leopard
  • 178g San Marino ROC
  • 175g Avair (signed by Gerard Butler of 300- King Loenidas)
  • 169g Champion Omega
  • 150g Star Omega
  • 165g Beast
  • (Yellow Center Disc) 159 Champion Gummy KC 11-time (For pre-tournament catch/stretch out only)
  • 2- 36oz. Blue Nalgene Bottles with the Half Moon Bay Disc Golf Club Logo on them.

Want to submit your bag and contents? Here’s what we need: A couple of photos of your bag and discs. Put together a list of everything you carry in the bag — from food to discs to anything else. Then maybe give a paragraph or two about your bag and if there’s anything you do between casual and tournament rounds etc. Finally, don’t forget your name, location and home course! Cell phone photos are fine, but please try and make it as high quality as possible. Grainy shots might not be able to be used. E-mail all of these things to with the subject “What’s in my bag.”


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