And we’re back … we think

By P.J. Harmer — Rattling Chains Staff

It seems like yesterday that we announced a summer break.

In reality, it was more than two and a half months ago. Crazy, right? But now we’re back and hopefully this break will have given us what we had hoped — a good break to recharge and push forward for the long haul.


We’re not sure how that worked.

See, that break turned into something else — one where we were able to reflect on things a little bit. One where we found other things and such. And one where we put this blog into perspective.

So we’re back, but maybe not as crazy as we once were.

Our goal for this break was to re-charge, write some stories to have a stash and a few other things.

We have a few stories done, some others being worked on and a couple of new writers who should bring some interesting stuff to the table. But our grandeur thoughts kind of fizzled, once the reality of life continued to rear its head.

Such as it is, eh?

So the future is a bit murky right now, but we’re going to push forward and see what happens. I can’t speak for everybody, but since this break started, I haven’t played a real round of disc golf.


And that’s not because I didn’t want to, but it’s because so many other things took precedence. So I need to get back to throwing and get the bug in me again to be able to write about the sport.

With all that in mind, we’re taking a step back as we return as we want to survive and have some longevity.

From this point forward, we’ll be going on a three-day schedule — Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are some other good disc golf blogs out there who generate some pretty solid content, which made it a little easier for us to cut back. We know with how all the blogs are, everything will be covered somewhere.

Our goal is still the same — we want to provide entertaining and quality content for our readers. When applicable, we obviously will keep a journalistic style as we believe in that more than other styles.

That doesn’t mean we’ll always only have three stories per week. There are times we’ll have more things to deliver and to be done in a more timely manner. In that case, you might see something pop up on a Tuesday. Or a Thursday. Or even on the weekend.

I honestly don’t know where we’ll be in a year. Hopefully we don’t burn out again. I’m sure other bloggers and writers can attest to that — especially when it’s not a revenue-generating venture. We do this because we love writing and love the sport, and hopefully it continues.

The reality, too, is we have a strong base of regular followers. But that hasn’t grown for some time. We realize that people involved in this sport often would rather be out playing than reading (understandable). It’s our hope that Rattling Chains — along with other disc golf news/media/blog sites — will continue to grow and gain readership. If not, well, at some point it becomes tough to push forward. That’s often why you see disc golf blogs — or many niche blogs — end up shutting down.

Still, we’re back. And we can only hope it’s for many years to come. But only time will tell. We all have many things going on in life, so you never know.

With that in mind, we’re encouraging readers to help if they can. Send us photos to be used for our Photo Focus. Or the contents of your bag for an In Your Bag feature. Or ideas for stories we should do.

It’s good to be back, though. Now it’s time to rattle some chains.

P.J. Harmer is the founder and executive editor for Rattling Chains, and Steve Hill is the associate editor. E-mail them at and

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