Poll 61: Disc golf plans for the summer

Officially, summer doesn’t start until June 21 in many parts of the world. But for a lot of parts, it’s also already feeling like summer.

Well, some of the time.

weekly_pollSummer, of course, is also the time when disc golf really amps up. With tournaments and casual rounds and road trips… it’s the perfect time to be involved in the sport.

So we want to know your summer disc golf plans. More playing? More courses? A road trip?

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

First, let’s check back to last week’s poll when we asked what style of putt you use. As expected, it was pretty split.

The winning form was a push putt, which received 75 of the 226 votes — 33 percent. Following that was a spin putt (56 votes/25 percent) and straddle putt (31 votes/14 percent). After that was the pitch (30 votes/13 percent), then I don’t know what it’s called, but it works for me (27 votes/12 percent). Other followed with 6 votes (3 percent) and turbo putt (1 vote/0 percent).

Let’s see what some readers had to say.

Christopher said:

I tend to switch between styles. My favorite and most consistent right now is straddle. The downside being that it only works on closer putts. There should be an option for “always chooses the wrong style.” That probably more accurately describes my game.

That option may describe many people!

Jeremy F said:

I prefer to use a push putt whenever possible. However, depending on the situation and the wind I may us a spin putt or maybe what you are referring to as a pitch. I found the deep in the game videos very helpful with putting.

Those videos were definitely a solid addition to the disc golf community and hopefully others found them as helpful!

Ross said:

I use what is called the Super Flip Putt. You flip the disk end over end at a downward angle into the basket, the more flips before it goes in the cooler you are! I will often yell “Boo-Yahh, or Take that!” and point menacingly and a fellow player after a Super Flip Putt.

I only suggest this putting technique if you are within 2-3 ft. of the basket. Although farther attempts can be successful and if successful will allow you to yell louder and point even more menacingly at whoever you like.

Maybe this should just be called the “Boo Ya” putt?

Jim said:

Within 20 feet, I straddle. Outside 20 feet, I spin it with my front shoulder pointing toward the basket. If I’m having a really bad putting day, my putter gets ‘grounded’ and can’t come out of my bag again until the next game.

Do you give your putter dinner when it’s grounded? Or bed without it?

Tyson said:

I’m about 50/50 between spin and push. Spin works way better in the wind, but I find push putting is way more accurate. I turbo also, but mostly just in my backyard on my practice basket.

It seems a combination may be one of the best ways for putting as it gives players options.

BenT said:

For anything outside the circle I use a step-pitch putt. Inside the circle, I use a combo of pitch and straddle depending on what is in my way. I consistently miss with all of these putts but have been getting better. Getting the bad putts out of the way early in my career is a good strategy I think.

There’s something to be said about consistency!

And now back to this week’s poll.

We want to know your summer disc golf plans. We’ve given a bunch of different choices and we’re going to allow you to select three. So take a peek and vote. There’s no other selection because the choices should cover most things. Feel free to expand in the comments below, too.

[poll id=”66″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter andlike us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 61: Disc golf plans for the summer

  1. For me I said more casual rounds. Which no one should construe as not as much or not as seriously. I’m recuperating from that shoulder surgery and taking baby steps continuing to follow the regimen that the Doc & PT set me on. So I’ve been playing every other day since they gave me the go ahead. I’m playing best shot with the wife and we are playing from the short tees. I’ll continue with that till I can get my old distance back. I don’t expect that to happen for quite some time. So no tourneys or leagues this year.

    When I said seriously, I only mean that I have a passion for the game and I like to play my best with every shot. But it also doesn’t escape me that I’m only a legend in my own mind.

    That said There are a lot of quality courses we haven’t played that aren’t far from us and we do like to travel. We haven’t played any of the courses in Canada and we live less than a mile from the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

    Mostly my plan is, heal the arm and have fun doing it. Like I’ve said, just throwing frisbees in the park.


  2. I’m going up to Pennsylvania this coming weekend for my brother’s wedding, and we have some big disc golf plans – 5+ days and 10+ courses in PA and WV, the vast majority of which I’ve never played before! I’m really looking forward to it. My plane gets in at 2 on Saturday, and we’re going straight from the airport to the course. Should be a good time.

    I’m looking forward to the wedding, too, of course. 😉


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