Poll 60: Putting style

So how do you putt?

Do you fire it away and hope for the best? Straddle? Push?

weekly_pollMaybe something totally different?

Heck, maybe it’s even something different we didn’t include in the poll?

We’ll get back to that in a moment. First, let’s re-visit last weeks poll, where we asked you if those of you who had a three-day weekend played disc golf over it.

And it sounds like most of you made it a disc golf weekend. Of the 95 people who voted, 83 (87 percent) said they did. Then there were 12 (13 percent) who said they didn’t.

Now let’s take a peek to see what a few people had to say.

BenT said:

The last 3 years, I have been scheduled to work over Memorial Day weekend. I just happened to trade a Monday for a Friday so I got to play doubles before the LCO. I didn’t get to the pro clinic, but spent the entire morning with the family and ended up with a great experience playing on an extremely amazing course. I was off Monday (Memorial Day) and spent the day working on projects at home enjoying the weather without a disc in my hand. It was a glorious partly cloudy day and couldn’t have been better.

That actually sounds like a great way to spend an extended weekend!

Morgan Kelly said:

I played on Memorial Day. I always play Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I’m an Army vet and I always throw an extra disc for an MIA/POW, a fellow vet or otherwise, some way to remember my fellow veterans etc. On the 27th, I played at Pohick Bay Park in Lorton, Virginia with my wife. She shot her best round ever at +4. She came very close to getting a few birdies, too, but they either just barely missed or one even went in and bounced out. My favorite throw of hers was on hole 5. Last Veterans Day, I aced that hole. On Monday, she missed the ace by 2 feet. It was amazing. It was by far her best shot ever. She was so happy. I was so happy, too.

It sounds like you do an extra special round and that’s an excellent way to do it. And thanks for your service!

John said:

I played a bit of disc golf all three days. On Sunday I played my 22nd course since moving to Washington. Shelton Springs in Shelton, Wash., was one of the best courses I’ve played so far. It rained on us a bit, but the weather didn’t ruin the experience.

That is a true disc golf extended weekend if you got out each day. And it’s always nice to add a new course to the resume!

TimJ said:

36 holes on Saturday in 35-45mph winds and 45-degree temps. 36 holes on Memorial Day with beautiful conditions. No tourneys. Nearby courses. One course was a 9-hole I hadn’t played before.

A lot of holes played, for sure! At least you got some solid weather on Memorial Day!

Sweet Bang said:

I played 6 whole holes on Sunday. My step-dad and myself geared up and took my brother and cousins to the course. My brother and cousins had never played before, so we briefed them with some basics and headed to tee box one. Their first challenge, a short 240-foot hole that quickly worked to the right. I hit CTP with an anhyzer, with my step-dad immediately behind me with his forehand drive. My brother and cousins with all their effort tossed their discs that quickly finished left into the brush and creek. We finished the hole with two birds and four bogies.

With a little more instruction and a few tosses under their belts, it didn’t take the guys long to level out their throws with more distance and better accuracy. My brother was even getting a consistent anhyzer by hole 4.

At that time the winds began to pick up and, by tee 5, the sky opened up on us. We finished what we could but were forced to call it. The next morning I got a text from my brother at 8:15. It read, “Let’s finish that round.” Even though we got rained out, all the guys are looking forward to our next outing.

A little disc golf and maybe some new players. That definitely sounds like a winning weekend!

Now, let’s get back to this week’s poll.

We’re wondering what style you use when putting. There are many, it seems. So what best do you use or identify with? Many people use different ones depending on the situation, but choose the one that fits you best.

So vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[poll id=”65″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter andlike us on Facebook!



0 thoughts on “Poll 60: Putting style

  1. I tend to switch between styles. My favorite and most consistent right now is straddle. The downside being that it only works on closer putts. There should be an option for “always chooses the wrong style.” That probably more accurately describes my game 😛


  2. I do a touch/lob putt on short attempts, but definitely more of a spin on longer putts. The lob usually works well, but can leave the putt short if I don’t nail the height. The spin is the only way I can reliably get the distance on longer 40’+ attempts.


  3. I putt like Ricky Wysocki. Straddle/push with a little step. My consistency and accuracy has jumped immensely since changing to this style of putt. It provides the power needed to reach 40′ and even just a slight change with a bigger step for even further putts.


  4. I prefer to use a push putt whenever possible. However, depending on the situation and the wind I may us a spin putt or maybe what you are referring to as a pitch. I found the deep in the game videos very helpful with putting.


  5. I use what is called the Super Flip Putt. You flip the disk end over end at a downward angle into the basket, the more flips before it goes in the cooler you are! I will often yell “Boo-Yahh, or Take that!” and point menacingly and a fellow player after a Super Flip Putt.

    I only suggest this putting technique if you are within 2-3 ft. of the basket. Although farther attempts can be successful and if successful will allow you to yell louder and point even more menacingly at whoever you like.


  6. Within 20ft., I straddle. Outside 20ft., I spin it with my front shoulder pointing toward the basket. If I’m having a really bad putting day, my putter gets ‘grounded’ and can’t come out of my bag again until the next game. 😛


  7. For anything outside the circle I use a step-pitch putt. Inside the circle, I use a combo of pitch and straddle depending on what is in my way. I consistently miss with all of these putts but have been getting better. Getting the bad putts out of the way early in my career is a good strategy I think.


  8. I picked other because I use the same right hand backhand throw for putting that I use for drives and approaches. I do not use a different throw so I do not have to choose which throw to use. I putt in disc golf with just enough speedabd just enough spin to getthe disc to the basket. I do not see any need to use a special putt in disc golf. In ball golf putting is alot different than the full swing or the finesse shots. There is nothing like a putt needed in disc golf.


  9. I’m about 50/50 between spin and push. Spin works way better in the wind, but I find push putting is way more accurate. I turbo also, but mostly just in my backyard on my practice basket.


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