Women to take over Rattling Chains from May 12-18

Women’s Week has returned to Rattling Chains.

Before I continue, allow me to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all you discin’ mothers and any others who happen to come across the blog.

If you have been a follower of us since the early days of our blog, you’ll remember us declaring one full week last year as Women’s Week. Our plan was simple — to dedicate a full week to write about or have stories written by women.


We did it in conjunction with the PDGA’s Women’s Global Event. For the week, we changed the look of our blog and ran stories that seemed to be a hit among disc golf fans.

Still, we did it in our early days. We had only been going at it for about two months and didn’t have the connections or contacts we do now. We had some pretty solid stories, but there were some about the Women’s Global Event and things like that.

The PDGA decided it wasn’t going to hold the WGE this year. It’s not a permanent thing, though. After all, the WGE drew more than 600 women worldwide playing in these events and it is a smart and strategic move for the PDGA to be involved in the advancement of women’s disc golf.

Despite that, we made a conscious decision last year to make this a permanent part of our site. As long as Rattling Chains is an active blog, there will be Women’s Week each May.

This year, we’ve started the week on Mother’s Day, which seems like the most fitting time to start our week to honor the women in this game. We’ll, once again, be changing the look and colors on our site and our stories this week are about or written by women.

Being more established has helped us as well.

We’re going all out for Women’s Week. We’ll have a full week of stories, running the gamut as we cover pro players, amateur players, and anything in between. You’ll read about international players, tattoos, life-changing events and learning the game.

We’re quite proud do be doing this for the second year as it’s something we feel strongly about. The reality is this — if disc golf is going to continue to grow, it has to be with more than just men. Women are an important part of this game and it’s important to showcase them, too.

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing tournaments was when I was paired with women. That’s the bonus of being one of the bottom feeders in the men’s divisions — sometimes you get paired with women because they usually have fewer players.

I remember walking to the tee a few years ago for the second round of a tournament. I was paired with four amazingly good women. How did I break the ice?

“And they say I’m the unlucky one?”

Mild chuckles. I’d already made a fool of myself. Oh well, play on.

The round was a blast. They were really good players (and each thoroughly thumped me).  But they had fun. They were without worries. On one hole, I got a disc stuck in a tree. As we tried to figure out how to get it down, one of them came over to me and said “lift me up.”

So I did. I soon was throwing said disc.

We can all learn from the ladies who play this game — no matter their skill level. They can be just as competitive as the men, yet they bring a bit of refinement and a different outlook to the course. I like that.

With that in mind, sit back and enjoy this week’s stories. We have a wide range of subjects and hope you like the offerings. We’ll do other women’s stuff throughout the year, but this week it’s all about the girls.

P.J. Harmer is the founder and executive editor for Rattling Chains. E-mail him at: pj@rattlingchains.com.

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