Poll 37: For the longest time…

This week, we’ll be covering your time in the game.

It’s funny because in my short time playing this game, I’ve come across people who have been playing for 30-plus years and still have the crazy love for it.

But I’ve also noticed the generation gap of long-time players and newer players. There’s definitely a different feel. Maybe it’s because it seems like there’s so much to digest when starting now.

Starting way back when, it was more minimalist. These guys (or gals) had the chance to grow with the sport and technology.

Anyway, we’ll get back to that in a moment.

Let’s quickly re-visit last week’s poll. I say quickly because we didn’t get much of a turnout for this one, which is quite disappointing, if not just because as writers we’re interested in what the readers want to see.

As I noted in the post, we won’t necessarily be changing things based on the poll, but it helps us when deciding future things.

I’ll be covering the past two weeks worth of polls as well as some other things about the site in a post later this week.

Last week we asked about the content you, the readers, like best on Rattling Chains. Each person was allowed to vote for two options. We had 65 people cast votes, for a total of 122.

The top spots for this poll were extremely close. The ones that were at the top, I figured would be there as they are usually the ones with the most views.

Instructional posts were in first with 28 votes (43 percent), followed by in-depth stories (25 votes/38 percent) and first-person accounts (24 votes/27 percent). In fourth were product reviews (14 votes/22 percent) and in fifth was Company Closeups (12 votes/18 percent).

The rest of the selections were stories/posts written by touring professionals (11 votes/17 percent), Photo Focus (2 votes/3 percent), Creative Corner (2 votes/3 percent), stories about the pro tour (2 votes/3 percent) and other (2 votes/3 percent).

We didn’t receive many comments, but we’ll tackle a few here.

Ross M says:

I enjoy the emails and read most stories. The whats in your bag feature was very interesting and have not seen that in awhile.

My suggestion would be to stick to 2 or 3 emails a week. I do not have the time or motivation to read a full story every day. Pick 2 or 3 days and make sure your keep those deadlines every week. If I knew a new story was coming every Tuesday I would look forward to it. A little less is often better. As George Costanzo would say “Always leave em laughing”.

The e-mails are an automatic thing. It’s something I can’t control, in regard to how often they go out. When a new story is posted, an e-mail is sent. It’s a plug-in with WordPress. So, it’s basically have the e-mails or not at all.

That being said, we’ve tried the three-day thing (this past summer) and it seemed like readers came and went a little more than when we’re on a five-day schedule. We are debating a lot of different things, including the frequency of posting. I’ll cover more on that in the post later this week.

As for the “What’s in your bag?” feature, I’d love to bring it back. However, not many people sent in their bag contents and photos so we could do it. I will also be covering this the post I referenced above.

Tim J said:

I see that instructional articles has the most votes, as of right now. I enjoy those too, but can find similar on many other sites. I like the variety that is offered here and found it hard to vote only for two!

I think you really nailed something here, Tim. I love having the instructional posts, but I wouldn’t want this to ever become a instructional site. Or a site that is mainly about one thing in disc golf. I hope others enjoy the variety here as well, which is what I think we do so well.

The reality is, we’ll keep doing what we do and we’ll tweak as necessary. But we have to occasionally look in the mirror to see what we’re doing well and what we need to improve upon, which is one of the main reasons behind the past two polls.

Again, I’ll go a bit more in-depth about some Rattling Chains items later this week.

Now to this week’s poll.

So how long have you been flinging discs?

Disc golf, in relative terms, is an extremely young sport. The best part about that is still being able to talk with those who have been playing since the beginning, or somewhere near that. With many sports, it’s impossible to speak with those who were there from the start.

So let us know — how long have you been playing this wonderful game?

[poll id=”42″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 37: For the longest time…

  1. January 28th will mark my one year anniversary with disc golf… Two months after my 30th birthday I ruptured my Achilles, I had surgery, physical therapy and a year later was still limited in strength and mobility. A buddy of mine who had torn some ligaments in his leg a short time earlier had taken up the sport and invited me out once I felt comfortable enough at walking without support or a crutch.

    I started slow, barely getting drives down the course but focused my efforts on mid game and putting. My leg has gotten stronger thanks to elevation changes, uneven ground and the amount of walking that’s involved. My drives are now stronger, not better but stronger, and I am now a competitive threat to my friends.

    I have to say, if it wasn’t for DG I probably would be a 31 year old couch bum, because my leg still is stronger enough for pick-up basketball or long jogs. I love this game, I wish I started sooner.


  2. Wasn’t sure if I should check “A year or less” or “21 – 30 years.” When I was in college in the 1980s I learned the game from friends and we played constantly – usually at trees and lamp posts around campus, but occasionally at a course an hour north.

    Then life happened and the game fell off the radar for a couple of decades.

    This summer, my wife and I were trying to think up ideas to get our computer-whiz high school son out of his room. We brainstormed disc golf. It worked. Even better, my wife is hooked too.

    We now have outings with 3 generations – my in-laws, my wife and I, and my kids.

    The family that drives together, thrives together!


  3. i put 6-10 years.. but honestly it’s only been 3 years of straight play. i played for 2.5 years and then took a 7 year hiatus and now i’m back to play.. so, i still have my first 2 discs i ever bought, a dx shark and a dx viper.. still use them today too..


  4. I started playing disc golf about 4 years ago but took about 2 years off the game after getting a very bad poison ivy rash (after not being allergic to it my entire life) and my daughter being born. Now I’m back on the course and trying to improve my form with fewer discs and better shot selection.


  5. Less than one year. Played my first round in June and man did I GET THE BUG BAD! Now all I can do is think about improving my game. It’s tricky because there are a million discs and as a new player with a medium arm I outgrew a lot of discs I started with only to find myself confused about my bag. Now I have a complete game plan for getting better next year and the best part is I have gotten my best buddies playing as well!


  6. I started in the late 90’s.
    Growing up in Santa Cruz, disc golf was just one of the staple activities I would do with friends. However, back then, I had only a max weight Shark and couldn’t throw over 150ft. It was more about drinking 3+ beers, going for a walk with friends, and bitching about how much easier it would be with an Ultrastar.
    I didn’t take the game seriously until last summer.


  7. I was fortunate enough to have a father who played ultimate frisbee and disc golf. He introduced me to both when I was about 8 years old. I started getting a little more serious about disc golf when i turned 16. I’m 20 now and I am out on the course at least 3 or 4 days a week, I play in tournaments whenever I can. And now my dad asks me for advice on which discs he should get to improve his game.


  8. I’m at the point now that I have become a great coach to new players I meet on the course.

    They seem intimidated because I have been playing for such a long time but bad players make the best teachers. I can spot a bad habit because I usually have had to overcome it.

    The coolest part of Disc Golf is seeing the light bulb go off above their head when I have shown them a simple beginner’s throw and then they throw a 200′ shot for the first time.


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