Product Review: NutSac disc golf bag

By P.J. Harmer — Rattling Chains staff

I love my disc golf bag.

I have a Revolution bag. It’s loaded for so many things and I even have it personalized with a few patches. There are two plus-sized water bottle holders and room for many, many discs.

The reason I accepted the bag when it was given to me by a friend was because it could hold so much — my camera included. But here’s what I quickly found out — when I was playing, most of the time I didn’t carry my camera.

The craftsmanship of the NutSac is quite impressive. (photo by P.J. Harmer)

Instead, I had a lot of dead air in my bag — where the 8-10 discs I carried rattled around.

Comfort wasn’t an issue. Quality wasn’t an issue. Practicality was.

Several months ago, I was at a sporting goods store in New York’s Capital Region. This store accepts trade-ins and such. Hanging on the rack was a NutSac, priced at about 20 bucks. I had a gift card and I thought about it. In fact, the person with me pointed out that I should grab it because I had been thinking about it.

I looked at it. I stared. I thought about the NutSac.

After debating, I realized if I was going to get a NutSac, I didn’t want one that has been used. I don’t know what they did with that NutSac, did I? Exactly. I likened it to buying a new baseball glove and having the chance to break it in and make it your own.

Plus, why do I want to play with somebody else’s NutSac?

After recently getting a single-sized NutSac, I’ve had the chance to use it on the course and I have to say it’s fantastic.

The quality of the bag is unmatched. It’s small, compact and comfortable. The strap to throw it over your shoulder is nice and, even with discs, it doesn’t feel like you are carrying anything.

The NutSac is supposed to fit about 6-7 discs. However, I found I could only fit four comfortably and five if I squeezed it in. The four discs I chose to carry were my Leopard, Buzzz, Ibex and JK Pro Aviar.

I found having those four discs was about all I needed anyway.

There were times I didn’t even take the ‘Sac off when shooting. Though sliding it on/off with the shoulder strap is quicker than having to deal with the backpack straps I have on the Revolution bag.

The good

This bag is all quality.

American made and with excellent materials, it’s a perfect bag if you don’t carry a lot of discs. When I first started playing, I had a Fade bag that held several discs. But it wasn’t the most comfortable at all times. It was a decent starter bag, but looking back, I think I’d have been better off with the NutSac.

American made and high quality. (photo by P.J. Harmer)

Being slightly larger than a disc, the bag is nice to carry. It doesn’t get in the way and the strap is adjustable so you can make it as loose or tight on your shoulder as you want.

The weight is also a bonus. It’s a light bag, so consider the weight of your discs and add a slight bit more and that’s what you’ll be carrying. That makes life easier. I found myself, at times, throwing without taking it off. It doesn’t get in the way and sometimes I forgot it was there.

Now that’s a disc golf bag.

NutSac also offers a bottle holder (purchase separately) that you can attach to the strap. I haven’t used mine yet, but I will be putting it on soon for the next time I  go out and play.

This bag really is excellent.

The bad

Nothing is perfect, the NutSac included.

But the “cons” to this bag are quite minimal and pretty much at personal preference. My biggest is the size. When I got the single NutSac, I was figuring I could fit six discs. However, when I got it and tried to put my six discs in, I found they wouldn’t fit.

Fitting four discs was quite snug, but hopefully over time, the bag will loosen a little and allow me to carry two more. (photo by P.J. Harmer)

That was slightly disappointing.

If I could do it all over again, I might have considered a double-NutSac, if not just for the fact that I’d be able to put the discs I want in there, and maybe a backup or something. Or a pair of gloves etc.

Let us remember the analogy I offered at the beginning of this review — breaking in a baseball glove. As with that, the NutSac usually needs some time to break in as well.

Said NutSac owner Greg Kise:

The bag should stretch out some. I routinely carry 2 – 3 drivers, 2 mid-range (Aviar, and Shark), and one Polecat putter. The discs are snug by design, so they don’t fall out when you put the bag down. When you put a disc into the bag there should be a “thunk” feeling as the disc sets into the bag.

Over time, it has conformed some. Depending on which six discs I choose, I can fit six in the NutSac. Still the double might be good if you want to carry something else besides six discs (as I mentioned, gloves, a cap etc.), but this will be all personal preference.

Based on the tournament, I may consider wearing the Revolution during tournaments because I often will carry a spare disc or two. I don’t throw too crazy where I lose discs all the time, but sometimes one has to be prepared. But, it will depend on the tournament and what I feel I need that day.

In the end, this isn’t really a negative, rather a personal thing. Others might not need to worry about these things. Consider the sizes and widths of your discs, and how many you want to carry, when considering a single or a double.

Overall thoughts

I love this bag.

I used it during a local Ace Race so I could carry a couple of bottles of water and the discs (though I carried them most of the time). I often times forgot I had it on. It was quick and easy to take off, toss aside, grab and move along. I can’t speak highly enough about the usability of the bag.

I used it recently in a weekend where I played two tournaments. I got some chuckles for having it, but people admitted having a NutSac wouldn’t be bad because they didn’t use the majority of the discs they carried in their bigger bags.

It’s a sharp bag and easy to tote around, helping to simplify the game. (photo by P.J. Harmer)

The game of disc golf is simple as well as complex. For those of you who enjoy carrying 20 discs and debating which disc to use every shot, this bag is most definitely not for you.

But if you are among many like myself who only carry a bunch of discs to fill a bag, thing about the NutSac. It will simplify your game. I, for one, am looking forward to having the game be simple again. And using the NutSac will be a good way to do that.

P.J. Harmer is the founder and executive editor for Rattling Chains. E-mail him at:

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