Poll 31: Do you make the putt?

I know not everybody is into the pro tour. And, as the sport is continually growing, that is understandable with coverage just starting to expand as well.

This past weekend was the Players Cup, a match-play style championship. On the line was more than $20,000 in prizes for the men and $2,000 for a smaller women’s field.

That got me thinking about the way these guys play.

No matter the sport, being at the professional level goes beyond skill. It’s also mental. You have to constantly be thinking about shot selection, disc selection, your score, what you might have to do etc.

And you have to remain calm!

Let’s also remember that disc golfers aren’t paid the highest in the world. They often travel together in cars or vans from tournament to tournament, sometimes competing for small purses. The National Tour events, majors and events such as the Players Cup give the players a chance for bigger paydays.

So below, after we check in with last week’s poll, I’m going to put you in their shoes. Check out the situation. It’s a yes or no question. But I really want to see some comments and see why people chose what they did.

But first, let’s take a quick look at last week’s poll.

And I do mean quick look.

Last week, we wanted to know how much time you spent at the course in a given week.

The winning number was 4-10 hours per week, which garnered 45 votes ( 53 percent) of the 85 cast. In second was 11-20 (23 votes/27 percent), followed by 0-3 (10 votes/12 percent), 21-30 (5 votes/6 percent) and more than 30 hours (2 votes/ 2 percent).

So it sounds like some people are getting out to the course at least!

We didn’t get a ton of comments on this one, so let’s check in with a few.

Frank Garcia said:

I live in the Midwest and after 24 years of playing DG I no longer have the urge to play in late fall/winter, but I put myself in the 4-10 hours average. I play about two rounds a week during the season and more on tournament weeks. Played the tough Idlewild course and spent 13 hours in just 1 practice round and two tournament rounds!

I figured people would have different times for different weeks. Tournaments are a bump in course time for most people. I know if I am at a tournament, I’ll be at a course for a good 9-10 hours.

Kyle New said:

I started like 6 months ago. I play most days unless I’m hurt from discing too much. Usually get out there at 6:25 and play until it gets dark (usually 2-3 hours after 6) Then I play double rounds on the weekend.

I love playing disc golf, it gets my mind off stressful situations. When I’m not playing I replay the rounds in my head, when I’m not doing that I’m practicing putting in the yard. Winter is coming and I’ll have to play later if I want to keep playing after my brother gets off work. Night golf is upon us.

When somebody is new and there’s a course close by, I definitely think the amount of hours is high. If there was one closer to me, I think I’d be in a bracket of many more hours. Keep it up!

DY says:

I’m in the 4-10 per week group – Daily practice at work on breaks plus solo practice rounds on Wednesdays plus Saturday’s with my boys.

I’m lucky enough to work at a place that has a pretty good size front lawn. Long enough where I can grip it and rip it. The lawn affords me the opportunity to practice techniques in drives and approaches without worrying about losing a disc. Another added bonus is the lawn has several trees, so even though I don’t worry about losing a disc I still have to focus on accuracy to avoid the obstacles. It’s like having a tame, manicured DG course outside the office. What’s better is when I pop open the practice basket, I can create my own mini hole to shoot for.

And what a way to spend breaks, huh? Throwing discs!

Like anything else, to get good at disc golf requires time spent playing and practicing and it sounds like those who voted like to get out and play, which is always a good thing!

And now for this weeks poll.

Let me set up the situation for you.

It’s a major tournament. You are tied entering the final round. Winning is going to give you a paycheck of $2,500.

Not bad for a weekend of disc golf, eh?

Second place is $1,000. Sure, still a lot of money, but a difference of $1,500.

You have a 20-foot putt with a slight wind coming at you. Nothing major, but enough where you have to think a little.

There’s also a gallery of about 150-200 people who have been following along, watching and cheering.

Your opponent has already missed his (or her) putt to par. Your par putt wins the tournament. (Yes, I realize a miss means a playoff, but let’s say the opponent has been playing amazing and came from five strokes down to tie you heading into 18. You don’t want to go into a playoff with said person).

Do you make the putt?

And why do you think you do or don’t?

I’ll look forward to some comments on this one as I think there could be some fun answers!

[poll id=”36″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 31: Do you make the putt?

  1. I have this remarkable ability to putt in wind. Lethbridge, AB is probably the windiest place on the planet, so I’d actually be a little more comfortable putting in the wind than not.


  2. It would probably fall just short off the front of the basket. This sounds like a make-able putt, however, under the circumstances it becomes increasingly difficult. I think in my mind the importance of making the putt would take over and cause me to not make it. That’s the only reason I say i wouldn’t make it. I hit one the other day in an insane head wind, I barely put anything on it, and it wobbled 30 feet or so to the basket. It was awesome.


  3. I answered yes, but I’ve certainly had rounds, weekends, weeks, where it would be a no, though those are always about over-thinking and shaken confidence. If I’m in second place, that means it isn’t one of those times. When I’m not having a terrible session, a 20′ putt would barely make me break my stride, even with the wind. That’s what the hours on my basket have earned me.
    Though, let’s be honest, if I’m in second place at the Player’s Cup, I’ve probably been making a fair number of 150′ putts, so that 20 footer is definitely going in 🙂


  4. Of course I make it! You have to believe in yourself and your ability, if you step and you mindset is “don’t miss this” then the odds are that you’re going to miss. See yourself making it in your mind, get that “movie” clearly in your mind then step up and hammer it home.


  5. With the assumption that I am a pro, a 20 foot putt should be nothing more than a Tuesday afternoon warm-up. Aim a little lower with a heavy putter and it’s in the bag. And if you think of it as the Tuesday afternoon warm up that it should be the mindset will keep you calm and focused on all the hours you put in to get to this point. FTW! Cha-Ching! (double meaning, cash and chains)


  6. I seem to remember how to throw when I’m Instructing others. I believe,if I use the idea that I’m teaching these hundreds of people to play, I would make it. Now, if it is just me and one other and a camera guy I’m doomed. 20 ft on a good basket….just cram it on in


  7. I would make the putt only because my opponent had already missed theirs. If I were putting first, It could be an 8 foot putt and I’d still miss it.


  8. I make it. I practice 20′ putt all the time at my house. I have always excelled in tense competitive situations. This would just be one more notch. I wouldn’t be thinking about the money, or the fact I had to make It to win. I would just focus on the fact I knew I could make, and I need to nake putts I know I can make.


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