Poll 30: Time at the course

I know some people out there live at a disc golf course. And I say that figuratively and, well, literally for some.

But there are some of us who just can’t do it — despite maybe wanting to.

That will be the topic of this week’s poll and we’ll get to that shortly.

Until then, let’s kick back and check out last week’s poll.

Not many people voted last week — a whopping 66. Maybe that’s why people aren’t watching the game? They are out playing!

We asked you how many events you watch per year as a spectator. I didn’t see any this year and I was disappointed to miss the Vibram Open as it’s quite the event. Alas, this might be something that needs to be worked on as a game. If people think the game is going to expand a lot without people watching, it just won’t happen.

To be fair, some may be very happy with how the game is right now — and that’s perfectly fine, too.

So how did the readers vote? Twenty-six (39 percent) of voters said they don’t spectate at any events. That was followed by 1-2 (25 votes/38 percent), 3-5 (11 votes/17 percent), and a tie between 6-10 and more than 10, which drew two votes (3 percent) each.

Maybe down the line we’ll try and figure out why the numbers are this way. Until then, however, let’s see what some readers had to say.

Kevin King said:

Here in Alberta, there aren’t any high-tier events that roll through town. The province has a series of C-tier events, but if I’m going to attend, it’ll be as a participant.

That is fully understandable. If there aren’t bigger tournaments, most people who go will be playing.

DY says:

My interest in DG started in January, so I have yet to enter a tournament and haven’t gone to event as a spectator… Yet. I’d definitely like to attend an event first, before entering one, in an effort to somewhat familiarize myself with all that’s going on. DG is so new to me that I’m constantly learning new things all the time, whether it be nuances of the game or simple etiquette. My thinking is, for a beginner who’d like to eventually enter events this is a great opportunity to mentally take notes and prepare.

That seems like a good way of thinking. Going to the tournament, you just don’t have to spectate. Maybe even think about volunteering — that way you spectate and get to help out!

Tim J noted:

I watched the Disc Ithaca Open at my local course because I was injured. But before that my first spectator event was day 2 of the Vibram Open, the NT final event. It was like playing an awesome round of disc golf without actually playing. We followed a group for about 11 holes (then doubled back to see the top cards for a few holes). As this group took their shots, especially on such a technical course, I found myself thinking about each shot as if I were going to throw it myself. Then I would be amazed at how well “I” did when the shot would go exactly as I had planned! Other times I was surprised at the shot taken, because the shot never would have occurred to me.

It really is quite amazing to see what kind of things the top-level players can do and being there live gives you way more of an appreciation than watching it on a computer screen.

Kevin said:

Even if you don’t play in tournaments go and watch a local event to meet all the local DG talent. Or ask the TD if there is anything you can do to help him out. That’s a great way to introduce yourself to your local DG club & players. Or fix a picnic lunch and find a great spot to watch the action and enjoy the day. Any day enjoying disc golf is better than sitting on your butt watching TV.

I love the idea of packing a lunch and finding a perfect spot to watch, especially if it’s an NT or high-tier tournament. You get the chance to see some awesome play, be outside and enjoy the game.

And now to this week’s poll.

Are you a junkie when it comes to being at the course? Do you spend more than a full day in hours at the course per week?

Let us know. While your at it, drop a comment and let us know your breakdown!

[poll id=”35″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 30: Time at the course

  1. I live in the midwest and after 24 years of playing DG I no longer have the urge to play in late fall/winter but I put myself in the 4-10 hours average. I play about two rounds a week during the season and more on tournament weeks. Played the tough Idlewild course and spent 13 hours in just 1 practice round and two tournament rounds!


  2. I started like 6 months ago. I play most days unless I’m hurt from discing too much. Usually get out there at 6:25 and play until it gets dark (usually 2-3 hours after 6) Then I play double rounds on the weekend.

    I love playing disc golf, it gets my mind off stressful situations. When I’m not playing I replay the rounds in my head, when I’m not doing that I’m practicing putting in the yard. Winter is coming and I’ll have to play later if I want to keep playing after my brother gets off work. Night golf is upon us.


  3. I’m in the 4-10 per week group – Daily practice at work on breaks + Solo practice rounds on Wed. + Saturday’s with my boys.

    I’m lucky enough to work at a place that has a pretty good size front lawn… Long enough where I can grip it and rip it. The lawn affords me the opportunity to practice techniques in drives and approaches without worrying about losing a disc. Another added bonus is the lawn has several trees, so even though I don’t worry about losing a disc I still have to focus on accuracy to avoid the obstacles. It’s like having a tame, manicured DG course outside the office. What’s better is when I pop open the practice basket, I can create my own mini hole to shoot for.


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