Poll 28: Buying discs

We’re going to discuss buying discs for this week’s poll.

But, as per normal, we’ll get to that later on.

After all, we have some interesting things to discuss in regard to last week’s poll. Courses played … how many have you all done?

I had built myself up on this one to be shocked with the answers, but in the end it appears it was quite tame.

We had 113 people tally a vote in this poll. The top spot, which garnered 37 votes (33 percent) was the 10-24 range. That was followed by 1-9 (20 votes/18 percent) and a tie between 25-49 and 100-249, which each drew 17 votes (15 percent). Taking fifth was 50-99 (15 votes/13 percent), followed by 500 or more (four votes/four percent) and 250-499 (three votes/two percent).

I actually expected more votes toward the bigger amounts, but it doesn’t surprise me that reaching the big numbers — 250 or more — only accounted for seven votes.

That’s a lot of disc golf courses, after all.

Let’s see what some of the readers had to say.

Steve Huebner said:

I have really increased my courses played this year. After a year off with a elbow injury I have brought my whole family into the disc golf craze and we have visited a bunch of new courses this year. From Cincinnati to Lexington, then to Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, we have really enjoyed this experience.

Morgan Kelly says:

There are more than 30 courses near me. But I am slowly edging out to play in them. I have played at 6 courses within 30 miles of my house and played one that was 112 miles away. I plan on playing all the courses in my state of Virginia and then progress outward on vacations and such.

Joe said:

22 is my number. Being from the Chicago area, there, unfortunately, are not a large number of courses (especially quality ones) in the area, though I do live 10 minutes from a decent course, so I can’t really complain. Last summer I planned a disc golf trip to play Flip City and other Michigan courses with some friends. I also managed to play a handful of courses while on vacation in Colorado. I make a point to play any local courses if I have the opportunity while traveling.

Blue Andy said:

33 is my number, but that should change to 35 later this week. I’ve been playing for almost two years. I live in Atlanta, GA. There are 12 courses within 25 miles of home, and 9 more within 40 miles. I have played in GA, FL, SC and NC, and hope to add AL, TN, KY, OH and WI before the year is out. I travel a lot and take my discs with me every time, even if I don’t think I’ll have the chance to play (because that can change at any moment). A number of my recent trips were primarily for disc golf, including my 2nd trip to the I.D.G.C. last month.

I’m hoping I’ll eventually get the chance to see at least 100 courses. I always find something good about the ones I visit and though there’s sometimes bad stuff, a course to play on is a good thing!

Now back to this week…

I’ve noticed more and more online disc golf stores. And there’s a lot more, it seems anyway, actual stores selling discs.

So where do you buy yours?

Online? Stores in person? Clubs? Other?

In the poll below, let us know where you normally purchase discs. And drop a comment about some of your favorites and maybe why. Maybe some others will find new places to get their plastic.

[poll id=”33″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 28: Buying discs

  1. I voted for Mom and Pop although I am not sure this is the correct response. I am lucky enough to live about 15 minutes away from Gotta Go Gotta Throw. They are a big online retailer, but I go into the retail store (which is outstanding, by the way).


  2. I buy most of my discs off of a friend who gets them from a guy he knows in another province. I have a close-knit group of about 8 guys who tell this other buddy what we want, and when there are about 10 discs needed, he places an order with his buddy and we get a solid deal on them.

    I’ve been giving some serious consideration into starting my own disc golf store (online only) because of the growing demand for the sport. I imagine I’ll get a small start-up company going in the new year (once I graduate from University with my business degree)


  3. I used to buy mostly from discgolfcenter.com because they always have low prices and a good selection, but now I generally use the marketplace forum on dgcoursereview.com. Good prices, new and used discs, and mostly the possibility of trading away some of that surplus plastic makes it a winner.


  4. I used to buy my discs at the Sports Authority and Dicks Sporting Goods. Sports Authority went under in my area and Dicks always had a terrible selection of discs.. 40 wraiths, 10 grooves and 10 monarchs.. just not my favorite discs.. So, I found out that a small camp store in one of my local parks sells discs and while the selection might be small in comparison to the Dicks, they at least have different disc types and plastic types too. they do cost on the upper end similar to Dick’s in price, but I think the extra dollar per disc goes back into the course, so I’m perfectly fine with that.


  5. I would love to buy from a local mom and pop store, but the ones in my area are very out-of-the-way. I buy from Sun King Discs at local tournaments, and occasionally from them online, but I buy most of my discs online from Disc Golf Values because they have great deals on x-out discs.


  6. Initially I bought all of my discs on-line. But lately I do that rarely. Now I get most of my plastic from local sellers. Folks who sell them out of the back’s of their cars: AceRun; Discusting Discs; Rocket Dawgs… And I also buy a good number of them from a local Disc Golf pro shop, Discology 101. And at Discology 101 there is a pay to play and well worth it disc golf course, Hawk’s Landing. Try it, after you buy it.

    There are 2 really good reasons for this change of buying practice. First we all know that there are differences in runs and inconsistencies from one disc mold to another. Now I can get a good look and feel for what I want. And then there’s wanting to try something new. Its much better to put it in your hand to get a feel for how it lays in the hand. That’s very important in my mind.

    And second and perhaps more important, I like supporting the local community. Lots of folks want to see meaningful growth in our sport. I think support comes from within. The bigger these cottage businesses grow the more local community interest they generate. That means more exposure, acceptance, and interest. More communities will then consider the recreational & financial benefits in building and maintaining courses.

    Win/win for everyone!

    Fair winds


  7. I buy most of my discs online from Marshall Street Disc Golf in MA. They have an amazing selection, bigger than most other online retailers I’ve come across. Their customer service, communication and shipping are outstanding. Their selection of custom artwork discs is amazing and changes frequently. I appreciate that they weigh every disc. I have also purchased from Disc Golf Center and Gotta Go Gotta Throw.

    My favorite local shop in the Atlanta, GA, area is Disc Stalker in Lawrenceville. The folks there are incredibly polite and will spend as much time with me as I need, even if I’m not buying anything. Their selection is vast, and they’re conveniently located next to Alexander Park.

    When I travel I like to purchase souvenir discs, for which I seek out local clubs (including their weekly/monthly competitions) and mom-and-pop stores. They usually have a better selection of regionally relevant discs (i.e., local artwork on the discs).


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  9. Marshall St rules. I like real weights. I like the large selection. I wish I didn’t have to order 50 bucks worth to avoid shipping. I end up buying too many discs!! Trey (if I remember the name right) is awesome at helping with questions about discs as well. And the descriptions are just funny.

    For an alternative, take a look at communitydiscs.com. There is less selection than MS St, but they weigh all of their discs and will ship for a buck per order, regardless of size.


  10. I’m lucky enough to live 30 minutes from Marshal Street, which is the fantastic pro-shop (and online retailer as mentioned above) on the grounds of Pyramids in Leicester, MA. I voted Other because I don’t consider it a “Mom & Pop Sporting Goods Store.” To me, Sporting Goods goods implies more of a “Jack of All Trades,” mentality. Marshal Street sells discs, disc golf apparel, and some random disc golf knick knacks and accessories (bug spray, hand warmers, clock shaped like a disc, etc). Of all my discs/disc golf equipment, the only 2 discs I haven’t bought from Marshal Street were 2 custom dye jobs through SickDiscs.com. (Guy did an amazing job BTW).

    If anyone is ever traveling through MA, I cannot recommend both the course and shop on Marshal Street highly enough.


  11. We have to stores that sell plastic here in Marquette MI. One is a local store which I try to support and the other is a chain sporting goods retailer. Both of these store charge top MSRP for discs and carry a very limited and very beginner friendly selection of which I find useless. I only get to play in one tournament a year which is 6 hours from here and there selection of plastic is well …. crap too. So i buy online Gotta go gotta throw is 2 days via priority mail and Marshall street they make me have pants problems 🙂 I’d open a store but I know it wouldn’t be profitable on just discs. If you wan’t me to buy local carry more discs and be a but more reasonable on the pricing a champ/z shouldn’t cost me 17 dollars or lower the price if i buy 5 or something like that like the internet does


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