Poll 20: How strong is your arm?

I know, I know… drive for show, putt for dough.

Here’s my issue — I can’t drive and my putting is a love/hate relationship with the chains. What’s a rec player to do?

So, this week, we’re talking arm strength. But we’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s revisit last week’s poll when we asked how close you all lived to a course.

Turns out a lot of you are way luckier than me.

As noted last week, it takes a while for me to get to a semi-decent course. More than 70 miles one way.

Of the 123 people who voted in this poll, 93 of you (76 percent) live within 0-10 miles of a course!

Talk about lucky! Sheesh!

The next one was 11-20 miles, which received 14 votes (11 percent). That means, 87 percent of the voters live within 20 miles of a course. I am so jealous!

From there, 21-40 miles took third (7 votes.6 percent), followed by 41-75 miles (6 votes/5 percent); 101 or more miles (2 votes/2 percent) and 76-100 miles (0 percent/1 vote).

For the record, I was the one vote for 76-100 miles.

Hopefully, I’ll eventually get to join the legions who are so close to a course. That would be a nice thing.

Let’s see what some of you had to say from last week, too.

Luke says:

I have three courses within 15 minutes so I go play random draw doubles 2-4 times a week at just those courses. On Mondays I have a 25 min drive to leagues if I feel like playing and that’s the farthest I go during the week.

Well heck, that’s just rubbing it in, Luke!

Kevin King said:

There’s only one course within 2 hours of me, and it happens to be a few blocks from where I live. It’s also a 4.5/5 at DCGR so I’m pretty blessed to have such a solid course within walking distance. To be honest, I think it’s spoiled me – If I move anywhere where a course is more than a 10 minute drive away, I’ll be like ’15 minutes away?!? That’s just outrageous!’

Now that’s just wrong!

That seems to be the best of all worlds — a top-notch course that you can walk to. I’d be in heaven!

Nyles J says:

It’s forty-five minutes to each of two courses that I’m the closest to. I try to play about 3 times a week. The drive is not too bad. I wish there was a course closer. I would love to go 5 minutes down the road and play.

I feel your pain, Nyles!

Marley notes:

I live across the street from, Lums Pond, my home course in DE. This allows me to get a round rather quickly.

OK, I think I need to find a place where I can have a course across the street from me. That would be awesome. Some of you guys are so lucky!

Baker Helton said:

There could be a sweet par-5 hole from my house to the first basket of my local course.

The question here, Blake, is do you ever “make” that hole when heading to the course?

One day, I really am hoping that disc golf will be big enough where more courses show up in some areas. Or, I at least hope one day I live closer to courses. Then I would be in a much better disc golf place!

Before we get to this week’s poll, we like to give something random away to those who comment on the weekly poll. This week’s Randomizer selection is Seth. Send me an address as well so I can get something from the prize box out to you!

Anyway, let’s hit up this week’s question…

In some tournaments I’ve been to, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how far they drive the disc. Sometimes, it’s a rec player who can throw far, but has no idea where the disc going. Other times, it’s a pro-level player who doesn’t need to say much and let’s his arm do the talking.

I’ve watched pro tournaments and it’s sick how far they can throw. I’ve seen the world-record throws on YouTube, as well as when people throw discs off sides or tops of mountains and they go forever.

But how about all of you?

How far can you throw a disc? We’re not talking about a tree-lined fairway here. We’re talking about you in an open field and unleashing a drive.

So let us know. How big of an arm do you have? Vote and leave a comment below so we can see what y’all throw! (And, for fun, how about letting us know what disc you can throw as far as you are saying you can chuck)?

[poll id=”24″]

Note: As much as I hate to do this, we’re going to skip the weekly giveaways for a little while. I have to still catch up with mailing out a bunch of winners (I’ve been bad about it, I admit, but real-life stuff has been quite hectic lately) and I need to figure out how we want to proceed with giveaways. Also, I’m working on a larger giveaway and want to focus on those parameters.

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 20: How strong is your arm?

  1. I can get my max distance with a ESP Nuke SS 171g. I can get over 300 ft with my Nuke ESP 171/173g. Begining of the year I was maxing 300-310, 1 of every 10 throws. But with practice I can consistantly throw over 300 getting near 340 on my most powerful throws…


  2. I threw my 149g Starlite Roadrunner 420 on hole 5 at Brown Deer yesterday. That is where I’ve maxed out. The interesting thing is, up until last year my max was 300 at the most. Footwork and release changes as well as correcting grip issues have made all the difference!


  3. I can generally reach 350′ with my Surge SS in an open field on a regular basis. On occasion I can hit 375′ but that is rare and it has to be a good throw. Although I have been playing about 4 years I am really relearning to throw this year after an elbow injury kept me from throwing at all last year. My goal is to get to 400′ with some accuracy. I think if I can do that I will be super happy.


  4. I can hit 350-400 pretty consistently, 450 if I really put my weight into it but not as accurately as lesser distances. However, if the wind is cooperating, I’ve hit 500 a few times with my Nuke SS. It’s not a real common occurrence but it is an awesome feeling when you’re able to crush it farther than usual.


  5. I used to throw roughly 350 or so on my open drives with an Archon, but ever since picking up my Blizzard Boss, it has become my number one distance driver. I’m routinely clearing 400 ft at my course’s par 5 first hole. My home course is the longest in Canada, so I have about 7 or 8 drives where I get to really pull back and reef on the disc. I think that playing on such a long course so frequently has really helped my arm over the 3 years I’ve been playing.


  6. Pro Boss and ESP/X Nuke in the mid 160 range, 450 isn’t much of a problem, i’ve thrown over that far more than several times, I voted for 401′ – 450′ because I can hit this distance consistently throw after throw.


  7. It’s not arm strength – it’s technique. Most guys are “stronger” than Catrina, Paige, or Liz but cannot throw farther than they.
    The ladies’ technique is stellar. Many players, including me, have hit a wall on distance simply because our technique blows it out the ass.


  8. A moderate arm am I. Smart play, accuracy, and putting make up for the lack of monster drives. If I get a good head wind to assist a good throw, I may get close to 400 ft, but not much more 300ft for me on the average.


  9. 350 plus but never over 400, when the cyclone first came out I could hit 360-370 then the X-clone and XS as I get older the the discs get faster I still can throw 350+ with the Destroyer


  10. I never really thought I would be able to throw 400′ especially since I couldn’t do it at 30 and now I’m closing in on 50. But then the manufacturers kept coming out with better discs and plastics. The Pro Destroyer and a Champ Boss are my max drivers but I’ve hit awesome drive with Champ Wraiths and Star Sidewinders. I know you said not to think about a tree-lined fairway but with discs like the Mamba and Roadrunner I’m not afraid anymore to rip one on those holes too. I’ve tried some Blizzard discs and haven’t found the power boost yet but looking forward to trying a Boss and Ape to see if they get me some of that near-mythical distance.


  11. I can get 300-350 pretty regularly but only slightly accurate in an open field. I usually throw about 260-275 on a course accurately. I haven’t found my sweet spot just yet. 😀 WITH a favorable wind I can chuck my 132g blizzard krait forever 😀


  12. I’m in the 251-300 range normally, (80% of the time). But I can give it a 300+ every now and again. And it’s becoming more common! I have a Blizzard Boss 157g and a Pro Nuke 170g that I use most often. But my A.J. Star Destroyer is getting a little longer each week. Hope it hits 300 soon.


  13. I throw my KC pro roc and my z Buzzz between 250 and 280 feet.. i’m working on accuracy now and i’m working on the two working class discs that I own. trying to get them to 300-350, but accuracy before power.. i did power before accuracy and well, i’d hyzer the hell out of those discs..


  14. i can throw 700 ft plus with a 152 Gram Blizzard ape.. althought that sort of distance is rarely needed when i leave other then to help me win our local gambling games, but our average whole here on the island is 300ft so my type arm makes it alot more difficult then need be, haha. but i can sure cannon it out there, i threw a 600 with a Tee bird, 2009 aloha sushi classic tourny disc.


  15. I do not have massive arm speed or power like most people. That is why I wanted to give the Star Vulcan a try when it came out and it was labeled as being able to throw “the shots you’ve always dreamed of.” And boy, was that true. I hadn’t been able to throw over 320′ until I picked up that bad boy. Now that I have the ins and outs figured out, I can huck it upwards towards 380. For anyone who doesn’t have big arm speed, don’t be afraid of the 13 speed, it has -4 turnover which helps tremendously! Hope I help someone find a new favorite driver!


  16. I cna pretty consitently throw a disc to around 360 feet.
    im a great fan of the champion boss and the z line nuke bot great maximum distance drivers.

    just got a PD2 and im looking forward to seeing how far i cna get it 🙂


  17. I easily throw 475 to 500 with proto destroyers and champ bosses, and have been getting the blizzard boss and destroyer almost 600 but dont have the consistency with them yet but cant wait due to the fact that my home course has 3 holes between 575 and 625 that i just cant get to…. YET


  18. I throw 480 on a regular basis i throw star destroyers i have been playing about a year and a half my farthest drive is 615 but that was with a pretty good wind


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