Poll 16: Are you fair weather?

I have to admit this — I’m a bit of a fair-weather disc golfer.

This might be coupled with the fact that there’s not a decent course for a good 1:20 drive from me, but still.

I look ahead as far as I can when it comes to tournaments. Is it supposed to rain? Be too hot? It makes me consider if I want to play or not. Especially taking into consideration the terrain of the course.

But we’ll get to that in a second…

First, let’s take a peek at last week’s poll and see what we have.

Of the 72 voters who took part in the poll, 29 percent (21 votes) said they had lost 11 or more discs!

Eleven or more!

Knock on wood, but I’m lucky to know I’ve lost none. Of course, I also search for as long as possible to find my discs, but still. And, I’m sure, I’ll eventually lose a disc or two. It happens.

The next spot went to 5-6 discs, which garnered 22 percent (16 votes). Next was 3-4 discs (21 percent/15 votes), followed by 1-2 (13 percent/9 votes) and none (6 percent/4 votes).

To think people have lost so many discs!

Let’s see what some people have said:

Justin Allen says:

Why is it that my favorite discs are the only ones I lose?!

That’s always my worry. I have 2 or 3 discs where I would probably cry if they were lost for good!

Now, there are some great stories on this poll. I don’t want to give ’em all away, though, because…

NOTE ON THE CONTEST FOR THE DISC: Readers have until Wednesday (June 27) to post a comment on last week’s poll and have a chance to win the disc. We’ll announce the winner Thursday!

So get over to that thread and fill out your story! Give yourself a chance to win a disc!

But before we get to this week’s poll, we like to give something random away to those who comment on the weekly poll. This week’s Randomizer selection is Roger Abbott. Send me an address as well so I can get something from the prize box out to you!

Now for this week’s poll…

This one is supposed to be fun, as shown by your poll choices. I know so many people who will play in anything. But some will only play excellent weather. Rain won’t scare some off, but snow does. Or vice versa.

Personally, I’m one who will play if the temp rests anywhere from, say, about 25 degrees to 80 degrees. Colder or warmer than those and I’m not comfortable. Add in Mother Nature (rain, snow etc.) and I’m less likely to play.

It’s not that the weather scares me, it’s that it takes away from my enjoyment. And if I’m not having fun, what’s the point?

So what kind of disc golfer are you?

[poll id=”20″]

Vote away and make sure to comment as we’ll, as always, give something away to a random commenter. You can’t win if you don’t comment here. (In other words, comments on Facebook or other places where this poll might be linked won’t count… it has to be here).

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 16: Are you fair weather?

  1. Sometimes you drive to a tournament and it ends up beeing rained out – what do you do then, just don’t play??? And how would you train for a rained out tournament if not in the rain?

    All competitiveness aside, playing in the rain is fun!


  2. The first tournament I ever played in it rained. The tournament was The Mother Lode on the Mother Road, it was in Springfield, IL in may of 2010. The forecast leading up to the event was 70s and sunny, but that was not the case come tee off. And snow bring it I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life snow is a way of life. My least weather is the high temps but the benefit to high temps is the air moves faster allowing your discs to move at a higher velocity.


  3. Being a Canadian disc golfer, you just learn how to play in the cold/snow. Where I live in particular, the rain and snow aren’t the biggest problems – its the crazy wind. Playing in 50 km/h winds (30 mph) is routine. I’ll take the rain and snow before the insane wind any day.


  4. Hey,
    I live in Fla. for a reason. (Certainly not the politics!) Fair weather all the way. I work on getting a grip on life in general, why worry about getting a grip on plastic. Bring on the sun, heat and humidity!


  5. I’m new to the sport (Started in January) and since then, I’ve played in the cold, cold + rain, rain, heat & heat + extreme humidity. I live in Central Texas so I don’t have to worry much about snow, but if we got a day or two of powder I’d definitely hit the course for some fun and I hate the cold.

    By the way, now that it’s Summer and we’ve already had several 100+ days, I try to get on the course before 9am if I’m playing with a group, otherwise I’ll play at any time in a solo round. If I’m solo I can finish pretty quickly and not have to worry about someone slowing me down or if I need to break and breath I can do that too without holding my crew up.


  6. I’ll play in any weather but prefer dry. heavy winds are the worst for me. But getting to play as often as possible is what it’s all about!


  7. If I want to play DG for more then 4 months of the year I have to play in snow, rain and cold temps. Just how it is in Montana. There was over 2 feet of snow on the ground for our last ice bowl. Some people even wore snowshoes for it! For love of the game.


  8. As they say here in Texas, “If you don’t like the weather just give it a minute.” I originally would only play while the weather and temps were nice. That meant early rounds only during the summer and often rained out plans in the spring. That was just too much missed time.

    Then I went to my first tourney. It was pouring. I figured they would cancel the round and I’d just head home. NOPE! The TD started handing out tee assignments. I asked about the weather. They said, “I hope you have towels.” I didn’t and my scores showed it.

    It was at that time that I realized that disc golf was played no matter what. If I wanted to be competitive and improve my game I was going to have to learns to play in all conditions. I started playing weekly, no matter what. My casual player friends stuck around while the weather was nice and then disappeared in the summer. But I stuck it out.

    Now I play in 110 degree heat, showers, down pours, snow, sleet (which sucks the most), windy, cold and even potentially tornadic weather. Perfect weather for me is whatever it is when I tee off.


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