Women’s Global Event attracts more than 600 players

Angelie Hill gets a high-five from her father and tournament director Ray Hill at the JTown Disc Golf WGE on Saturday. (photo by Jenny Cook)

All signs point to the first PDGA Women’s Global Event being a resounding success.

Paige Pierce, who won the 2011 World Championship, earned the overall Open title, according to unofficial results on the PDGA website, as of late Sunday afternoon.

Pierce, who played in the Central Texas Hyzer Honey’s WGE, had rated rounds of 983 and 991 for a 1974 total. Her average was 987.

The Daisy Chains Tournament in Watsonville, Calif., which had 52 players, put on its WGE event with a serious woman’s touch. Everything from men acting as scorers, hand sanitizers, candy, daisies all over the course, poker tables, player bags with interesting items and, basically, a fun atmosphere.

Tournament director Christine Hernlund said the tournament had 18 scorekeepers, four men manning the grill, many volunteers and the group used 48 pounds of meat at lunch.

Women from this event placed in the top two in three classes — Open, Advanced Masters and Intermediate.

On the other side of the country, Jennifer DeVries served as a tournament director for the first time at the Disc Chicks Throw Down at New Quarter (Williamsburg, Va.)

“Wow was it an experience that I really enjoyed,” DeVries said.”It was such a great time for everyone involved.”

The field from the Daisy Chains Tournament. (photo contributed by Christine Hernlund)

The tournament had 12 women, with seven playing recreational and five in advanced. On top of that, 23 men played to help support the women.

DeVries said the tournament had a lot of local support and donations and that many people helped with the running of the event.

Forty-one tournaments were held throughout the country and the world.


Following Pierce, Sarah Hokom, who played in the Daisy Chains Tournament, placed second overall with rounds of 956 and 981 for a 1937 total (968.5 average). Liz Lopez, who competed at the Bartlesville Spring Fling +WGE, finished third with a 1932 total (986-946) for a 966 average.

Sylvia Edwards approaches the basket during the WGE event in Williamsburg, Va. (photo by Kevin Morrow)

Three-time world champion Val Jenkins had the highest-rated individual round with a 1016 first round at the Daisy Chains Tournament. Her second-round 910 gave her a 1926 overall (963 average) to place fourth. Sarah Cunningham, who played in the Southeastern WDGC – WGE in Charlotte, N.C., rounded out the top-five with a 1923 total (956-967) for a 961.5. average.

In the Masters division, Susan Stephens (Mid-Michigan WGE) won with rounds of 934-973 for a 1909 total and a 953.5 average.

Trophies at the JTown Disc Golf WGE. (photo by Jenny Cook)

The Grandmasters division was won by Suzette Simons, who competed in the LaMirada WGE (California). She shot a 927-880 for a 1807 total and a 903.5 average.

Linda Chandler won the Senior Grandmasters with a 725-749 — 1474 and 737 average. In the Legends division, Sylvia Voakes won with a 770-762 — 1532 and a 766 average.

In the Advanced division, Debbie Scott’s 880-892 — 1772 (886 average) gave her the championship. Cindy McMahan won the Advanced Masters with a 912-859 — 1771 (885.5 average).

Marla Tuttle competed during the WGE event in Williamsburg, Va. (photo by Kevin Morrow)

The Advanced Grandmasters title went to Elfiede L.F. Eberly, who shot an 897-858 — 1755 total (877.5 average).  Loretta Ellery won the Advanced Senior Grandmasters title with a 725-713 — 1438 (719 avg.).

In Advanced Legends, Leslie Charles shot a 604-638 — 1242 for a 621 average and the championship.

McKayla Thomas won the Intermediate title with rounds of 877-890 for a 1767 total and an 883.5 average. Denise Gentry earned the Recreational division title with an 840-835 — 1675 for an 837.5 average.

Sara Santos prepares to putt during the WGE event in Williamsburg, Va. (photo by Kevin Morrow)

In the age-group divisions, Sai Ananda took the Junior <=16 title with rounds of 755 and 838 for a 1593 total and a 796.5 average. In the <=13 division, Mykelli Taylor won with an 805-780 for a 1585 total and a 792.5 average. In the <=10 division, Azrielle Rogers earned the title with a 591-608 — 1199 total and 599.5 average.

For full results, visit the PDGA’s WGE results page.

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