April 21: What’s in your bag?

Kevin Morrow's bag, filled with his orange discs!

This week’s What’s in your bag? feature shows us the contents of Kevin Morrow, who keeps his discs easy to find with them all being orange.

Morrow, of Fredericksburg,Va., calls Loriella DGC his home course.

Now let’s take a peek at his bag contents (in Kevin’s words) …

I began playing in 1986. Around 2002, I stopped playing and began playing again in 2010. So much had changed in those few years.

First, I ended up cracking all my old DX plastic and needed to replace my discs. Then I went online and discovered all the disc golf sites and e-stores selling everything you could ever want.

It’s not like the old days when you had to wait for the local pro to show up so you could buy your plastic out of his trunk. They still do that but now you go online and the latest plastic can be at your door the next day. So, I had to learn discs all over again and the different plastics. I have bought just about every mold and tried it out to see how it fit my throw.

My bag:

It is a little different than most. I got the idea from a member a DGCourseReview who found this backpack on Cabela’s website. It looked like a great option and I always wanted to find a backpack style that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Kevin's bag and discs.

My bag is a Cabela’s XPG Pro Series angle tackle backpack. It lists for 69.99 but I was able to get it for the online sale price of 49.99, with free shipping.

I had to make a few modifications. I built a half-inch PVC frame to keep the bottom compartment that held the tackle boxes rigid. With the frame, I can carry about 19 discs. Without the frame, even more can be stored. I only carry 14 discs.

The top compartment has plenty of room for my extra stuff. I also drop an orange or some kind of snack, too. The top flat pocket, behind the sunglasses case, makes a great putter pocket that can carry two putters, but it can’t be zipped up with discs inside. So I put the putters in the top compartment when I’m traveling. I like personalizing my stuff. Most of the patches were given to me by friends and family.


  • Classic Roc (145)
  • San Marino Star Roc (172)
  • Comet Elite-Z  (170)
  • Cobra DX (169)
  • Champion Super Stingray (171) New
  • Champion Leopard (150)
  • Star Leopard (163)
  • Glide Elite-Z (170)
  • Avenger SS Elite-Z (163)
  • Star Sidewinder (150)
  • Champion Sidewinder (173)
  • Champion Mamba (166) New
  • Nuke SS Elite-Z  (172)
  • Star Vulcan (162)

As far as the discs go I usually lighten the bag depending on the weather. If there are no high winds for the day I’ll take the Vulcan out since I only throw it in headwind situations. The Nuke SS I’ll keep if I need to make a hard hyzer shot.

Orange is the name of the game!

I have tried many putters but I always come back to the Classic ROC. I’ve had one in my bag since I started playing in 1986. It’s also great for easy anhyzer shots around tight corners. My most popular discs are my Leopards and Sidewinders.

But my new Champion Mamba fits my arm speed great and can throw it 40-50 feet farther than my Sidewinders.

The first thing everyone notices is that all my plastic is orange. I had just got so tired of searching for blue, green and white. I guess it’s my eyes getting old but orange is easy to see. Some warned me about playing in the fall but it poses no problems for me. If I can’t find it in orange, I don’t need it.

What else I carry:

  • Two minis
  • Two 24oz bottles of ice water or Diet Mt. Dew
  • Blood glucose meter
  • Med kit – glucose tabs, chap stick, band aids, Aleve, antibiotic ointment, Visine and Aquaphor creme
  • Two Micro-fiber towels
  • Pen, Sharpie & pencils
  • Ziplock bags to wrap iPhone and wallet if it starts raining
  • PDGA rule book

I carry my iPhone every round. I use the Footstep app for tracking how far I walk. The Discasaurus app is for keeping score and I take a few pics when I think about it. I also use the PDGA app when scoring a tourney.

Want to submit your bag and contents? Here’s what we need: A couple of photos of your bag and discs. Put together a list of everything you carry in the bag — from food to discs to anything else. Then maybe give a paragraph or two about your bag and if there’s anything you do between casual and tournament rounds etc. Finally, don’t forget your name, location and home course! Cell phone photos are fine, but please try and make it as high quality as possible. Grainy shots might not be able to be used. E-mail all of these things to pj [at] rattlingchains.com with the subject “What’s in my bag.”


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